IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Dec. 3, 2021

Question Answer(s) GM from Cape Cod. All my stocks are looking to move up except SNOW. Is this a shake out after great earnings. Yesterday it went down to 328 which was surprising. Beautiful, grew up not too far from Cape Cod! Can we take a look at LI ? live answered Hi 👋 please repeat the tickers, thanks ZIM, MRO, SI, BITF, CDXS What were the morning’s tickers? TY! ZIM, MRO, SI, BITF, CDXS Foggy morning from Houston! Any thoughts on NVDA’s outlook without ARM? Nvidia is so well positioned in so many fast growing markets, I don’t think the stock will react negatively if this merger doesn’t go through. what is that last symbol on biotech company please? CDXS UPST got an upgrade. Time to nibble? Looks like a broken stock to me, especially after 60% pullback. Please list the stocks mentioned by Evan SI, BITF, CDXS ZIM live answered Shoutout to this Dude Evan coming in with with a proper webcam and microphone. Thanks man! Thanks Carlos 🙂 ZIM is looking like it’s taken this week in nice stride, Chris. I got stopped out on the 11/5 week. Closing range looks so far so good for the week. Put call ratio .45! Are you seeing options activity to the upside also? Mahalo Tons of open interest on the calls. Some action this morninng but not enough so far that looks unusual. $DOCU off the ledge Right; that outlook for billings and sales really disappointed Wall St. James, did you notice that drop through the 200-day MA on 11/22, and DOCU failing to reclaim that level? That, plus the downward slope in the 50-day moving average, gave
all of us some really bearish signs. and What do you think about DIOD. Looks like a bounce of the 21-day line could take it above a 114.08 add-on entry, but that would be an aggressive play. It’s definitely extended here from the proper entry. Whooooooaaaaaaah! DOCU dive!! live answered Chris – MRVL You mentioned that this was a continuation gap up move. What is a continuation move ? When a stock that is climbing higher and then gaps up on earnings or other news that is a continuation of the trend, hence a continuation gap. The other type of gap we talk about is a gap out of a base, AKA a breakaway gap. ADBE looks like it is breaking down – does anyone on the panel agree? Looks like a move below the 50-day line and could trigger the 8% stop loss from the entry. CFLT was recently put on leaderboard .. but, seems to correlate with UPST… thoughts on CFLT? Seems to me too early, and may be going down… Looks like it’s ready to form a new base. Support at the 10-week line still in question with shares down 9% so far this week. China tanking live answered Good morning! Do you know whats going on with ADBE? It’s down almost 5% this morning. i’m trying to decide whether to sell and protect my profits A break of the 21-day line is not a great sign since it’s been above this area since well before it broke out. But it’s possible it could bounce off the 50-day as well. Given that earnings is in 13 days, it’s smart to play it cautiously and
really consider if you have enough profit to hold into that. NUE ZIM live answered Comments on the 8-weeks for AMD, NVDA, TSLA We surely are getting close to the end of the 8-week hold rules in all three, good point. From there, you want to see if they are keeping key support levels, such as the 10-week MA. And of course, keeping the general market conditions in mind
is of paramount importance. This Investor’s Corner may help, Francisco? Thank you, Chris. I appreciate that response. I’m tryng to spend more time learning how options reads can help with risk management. I hear the “Unsusual Options Activity” phrase mentioned often and hope to hone the skills necessary to spot
that in the future. Here’s a link to unusual options activity on Barchart. It’s free to download a few times each day: What are your thoughts on SGH breaking out today? Thnx I have a lot of conviction in this stock. Here’s a story I wrote recently on it: ibd today SEC may force them to go through US review or delist China may pull a “you can’t fire me, I quit!” did we talk tesla already? Yes, Ali threw a question to Evan. Chinese Stocks: QFIN -12.51% DADA -11.82% YQ -11.31% YY -11.08% . . . . Lots of destruction. The one chinese stock that looks good is YANG etf LOL what is COMP:GIDS ? How we can look at the Nasdaq Composite on Thinkorswim from TDAmeritrade Was 12-1-21 a distribution day on the Nasdaq? Technically no, because the volume was lower. However, the comparison was to Nov. 30 and I suspect there was some tax-loss harvesting and maneuvering that spike the volume on that day. Certainly had the “feel” of distribution. Hey Ali, at the moment ASO is well below 2% from the 50-day. Right, and volume on the downside has been heavy ARKK is just getting crushed so hard this week. Nearing a one year low back in October 2020. Wow. If this is an indication of how investors are viewing tech it looks rough here. In a Bloomberg interview this week I understand that the ETF’s
biggest inflows are through financial planners/ retail portfolio managers. Portfolio re-allocation at the end if year? Buying beaten-up highly valued leaders hasn’t worked in 2021. And ARKK owns a LOT of software names that are getting hammered. So Evan, which back tested better: stops intra day or the end of day stop? Great question! I did a backtest a couple months back on exactly this, here’s what I found: (there’s no one fits all answer) What’s leader boards thoughts on ADBE Horrible price action today. We are watching. SIMO — Trades about $15mil per day. Broke above a downward sloping trendline this morning. A little on the thin side but that group seems to be one of the better looking ones. I use Hard Stops, I’m almost all out on my newer purchases. Same. Chris – did you say you also own TAN? If so, what’s been your exit plan? A decisive weekly close below the 10-week line, which looks likely today. Also the 40-week. ORLY is holding well as well Yes, Auto parts retailers have been a pocket of strength no doubt. AZO reports next week (Tues). AAP also strong. CHRIS — Instead of opening the Left Panel, I add notes right on the chart, that way when reviewing (charts) it saves me one step. How do you get the note box without opening the left panel? Ed, I’m still watching for the biggest Wall Street Bets short squeeze in history on ARKK. Hahaha. The Roaring Kitty has been cat napping on this one! Jon Najarian was on the podcast and he shared with me that you have SARK out now. Just shorts ARKK. Chris – what was your hedge on SHOP? collar? Short Nasdaq futures. Not a perfect hedge though because sometimes the stock will fall more than the historical delta relationship with the Nasdaq. QQQ seems to have had a shakeout at yesterdays low and pulling back up. Good to see. Taking out the day’s low would not be good. Any of you looking for shorting opportunities? We talked about this on yesterday’s IBD Live a little. The market seems as likely to rise as it does to fall at this time so it may be best to wait a little longer for better clairity on overall market direction. Chris – Is there any percentage for close below 10 week line? 2% below 10-week line is the general rule we use. You don’t seem to need to squint on the chart to see it in that case. Bullard said that could consider raising rates before taper finished. He’s probably the most hawkish member. He also signaled he’s open to reducing the balance sheet – not just ending asset buys. He’s not a voting member in 2021 – but I think he will be next year. Chris – i just caught the end of your comment on best sell signal at 10 week? Can you re state that rule. Missed it. Appreciate it,.. Mike If a leading growth stock closes 2% below its 10-week line, we will exit the stock more often than not. Ken – I don’t see CLFT on Leaderboard? Is it still on there?? CFLT was never on the Leaders list, but it has been a member of the IBD 50 Top 10 recently. Alerts go out when a stock is added or removed from the IBD 50 Top 10. Evan, how would you rank Bitfarm vs RIOT, Hut or COIN, please? live answered What does giving stocks a lot of room to move mean? Does that mean possibly taking more that an 8% loss? Correct. And this is a similar strategy we use with IPO stocks. Say you want to risk 1% of your portfolio on a trade. Adjust your position size smaller to help with the added volatility I know it is early for this question biven the market conditions but, when should I be looking to start buying TQQQ to boost gains? Are there any rules regarding the purchase of TQQQ? I look for a reversal or other buy signal on the daily chart. Nothing like that right now. Does Chris normally hedge IPO? I’ve done it a couple of times and will be more likely in the future when they gets extremely extended from the 10-day, usually 30% or more. Chris, when you hedge an individual stock by buying PUTS, do you buy 1 month out or 3 months out option? I go out at least 3 months and sometimes more. I don’t want time decay hurting the trade. Does anyone remember the episode where Chris showed us how he hedged $ONON? It was either 11/17 or 11/18. There is a clip from an earlier example: TSLA – Where’s the buy point if you missed the last run and are looking to get it at the right time?? I think waiting for a base makes a lot of sense – esp. given market conditions. Mr. Gessel, do you hedge with weekly puts? Or what is your time frame? Would selling calls intead of bying puts be something you would consider or have done for hedging? Thank you I go out at least 3 months so time decay is not an issue. I would not sell calls. That is an income play not a hedge. How does Evan calculates de size of the position according to de volatility of the stock. Has He a formula? or..? Average True Range indicator gives me just about everything I need to know. any comments on AAPL please Still extended from the 5% buy zone. It’s not actionable here at the moment. ALI. would you ask Evan what kind of stop orders does he use? I use both market on open sell orders and sell stop limit orders What trading platform do you use for your automated trading Evan? Interactive Brokers Evan, how do you know whether a drawdown is a nomal drawdown or whether your system has stopped working. Because my and my colleagues’ experience has been that a system works till it doesn’t, and we could not tell which case it was. I’ll always look at the backtest and just see if drawdowns like this have shown up before, especially given the current market conditions. If I see a much larger drawdown than I’ve ever seen, or a drawdown thats happening when I wouldn’t expect,
that’s where I get concerned Evan, is there an AI element to your system? No AI element Evan – I really like your Head of Human Resources at Trade Risk! He’s pretty great 🙂 JUSTIN — I find NUE weekly chart very interesting. Not actionable, but, setting up nicely. While the weekly Price Action has been Wide and Loose, if we can get some tight action during the next couple of weeks . . . . In addition, its getting
closer to breaking a downward sloping trendline. The current market is high risk, but, it appears on a daily to be heading toward support at its 10-day. This is one of the few left in my portfolio. I had an early entry off the bottom and the tight closes on the weekly is definitely compelling. When would Chris sell the SQQQ for a profit? A daily buy signal on QQQ. A reversal or if the correction gets worse, a follow through day. if AAPL rolls over, the market is toast Or TSLA ASO for lightning mode please live answered ZS? live answered FB live answered ASML? live answered RMBS? live answered QCOM live answered BILL live answered Can I enter here DOCU Not our style. PLTR, SNAP? Both at multi-month lows, nearing 52-week lows. Need a lot of repair time. Great insights from David, thank you! live answered Thank you so much, David! live answered Evan, does your brokerage firm do a good job filling your auto execution trades? Because when we did this, IB had problems filling the orders especially at the market open when the orders were piled up, and by the time they got around the
price had moved? I do use their “algo” order executions, I haven’t had too many issues Thanks Evan!! Super helpful/insightful information this morning. Thank you!
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