IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Dec. 6, 2021

Question Answer(s) Chris G – Found this video on youtube this weekedn was a seminar from 2012 apparently. Super helpful That might have been one of the last webinars Bill and did together. Is there a Leaderboard Live webinar tomorrow? Yes. Leaderboard Scorecard 1:30 p.m. Pacific time. Does MarketSmith have a function like other platforms that allows you to measure a pullback like I have seen Mark Minervini do on charts ? On the weekly stock charts below the current price you can find % off 52-Week High. Please share the links that explain “early entries” and “how to draw trend lines” THank you Here’s a helpful link on the downward sloping trendline: Past few times we have seen the Big picture go to market in correction coincided with a market bottom … any comment…? Well, each correction is different. Some may be mild, in the 6% to 9% variety on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, while others go 10% to 19%. Since 2000, however, the Big Picture has certainly noted the major market tops soon after the tippety
top. We just don’t know the size of each correction, and we don’t forecast the size. Good Morning! Since the NVDA/ARM deal looks doubtful, is that a plus (or minus?) for ARM’s main competitors, i.e. SNPS & RMBS? Great Q, Richard; it seemed analysts, for the entire year, expected this acquisition to fail. But today’s sell-off certainly seems like it’s affecting NVDA. Really interesting Q about the impact on SNPS and RMBS; both are struggling some after
their recent breakouts. GM from Cape Cod…….Let’s rock and roll. GM Phil Great article in Investor’s Corner by David Saito-Chung Appreciate it, Charles! For everyone’s benefit, just adding a link to the article landing page to see all the Investor’s Corners. Have a great trading week! Marie Beeren wrote about BEST ETFs for an UNCERTAIN ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT so am looking at PDBC and KRBN Wow, quite a drop for PDBC on Friday. Eden do you know if that was due to a technical adjustment for a capital gain or dividend? Shout out to Scott. He pointed out a week or 2 ago that market was broken live answered TOL, INVH. GRNK trigs GM Leslie; I don’t see any company for GRNK; INVH, interesting how this is a 2nd breakout try in two weeks, eh? Good morning. On Friday there were 200+ stock down at least 10%. In the past 90 days there are 2700 stocks down at least 10%. (Thanks to MS screens). Good stat Mike, thank you; serious profit-taking took place! This is seems so different v all the pulbacks we had earlier this year, im just being patient here and practising my sit out power. I took to many paper cuts recently and have to evaluate my recent actions The market is giving us good feedback on recent buys, for sure! #TSLA back exactly at MA-50 day, should we start a new buy? live answered TSLA down to 970! live answered Choppy live answered TSLA broke 50 day moving average. The weakness in TSLA and NVDA is noteworthy. A weak market eventually brings everything down with it. tsla and nvda look bad live answered Crypto looks bad sure does. Rachel – With options what the per-centage do you sell – for example – sell if you lose 50% (Jon Janraian) or if you up a 100%? Hey Leslie, it depends on the trade but for bull/bear put/call spreads, a good rule of thumb I use is to take profits if 50% of the return has been achieved in less than 50% of the time. Is NVDA to sell if I’m at about 30% profit? Nothing wrong with trimming and then wait for a test of the 50-day line. With the market in a correction, it raises the risk level substantially. But don’t you believe in the Santa Clause Rally? Ha ha! Robert, maybe it arrived in the second half of October, a bit early? Well, we do have four weeks of trading to go in December… Will Santa show? 🙂 I wonder how Jason Thomson is handling DOCU, when might he be on the show again? Hi Brian, he’s not on the schedule for this month, but hope he is in early 2022. Omicron starts with a long “O” sound. Right, that’s what I hear on the mainstream news too Screening this weekend alerted me to ORLY. AAP also fighting a good fight. Auto parts retailers look good. AZO reports tomorrow before the open ORLY trad bp live answered Leader falling NVDA live answered Bill said: “It takes real knowledge and market know-how as well as lots of courage to sell because you will make many mistakes. However, I don’t see how anyone can really do well in the market and protect assets if they don’t learn how, when,
and why stocks should be sold.” THUS, IBD LIVE is not only about opportunistic buys (and their associated formations), but, to LEARN ABOUT HOW TO SELL. So true! and
and I see Sector Leader DR Horton doing well. DHI live answered DSC – still in those TSLA shares? Hi Phil, yes! I have not touched my core position, bought from April through June of 2020; as I said on the show, I added shares at 625, then more in the 700-800 level but sold most of these upper-priced shares before the fast run-up to 1,200
in late Oct. Maybe its time to emphasise taking profits and cutting all losses and going to cash Good point, Neil; I think in bits and pieces, we’ve been highlighting defensive sell signals in the past few weeks on individual names, interspersing them with others that have been trying to break out. What’s also happened is that some stocks
— such as ALB, analyzed by Ed — did not exactly reach the 20%-25% profit goal from their standard breakout points. This is where it’s really challenging, yet important, to be nimble with your winners and to accept smaller gains.
and How do you tell a market top from a breakout from a base? Such a great Q, Marilyn. A few quickies here: 1) many late-stage bases among true leaders will fail, and within a time frame of a few weeks or possibly months. When you see that happen, the market may be topping. March and Sept 2000, Oct 2018,
Feb 2020 may be good periods to study. 2) Leaders in the top industry groups are all melting down fast. 3) Read the Big Picture each day, we note the topping action among the leaders. This column helps all readers get a true feel for what
the market is doing right now. ORLY – just wanted to add that the RS LIne is rocking, as well. Not advocate of buying anything right now, but noting strength… I agree, this one looks like a strong stock and is on my short list. Good eye! How do you ZM with omicron’s rise ZM has continued to slide. Just isn’t acting well at all. ULTA is up 3.4% today and looks to be reclaiming a buy point. thoughts? Nice bounce. I think Friday’s high of 404 would be the earliest possible entry. 417.95 seems like the traditional entry as well. Can you comment on ORLY live answered abbv live answered Hello! when can we expected or what signals must we look for a FTD to appear? Hey Luis! We discussed towards the beginning of the show — check out our explainer article on FTD at our FAQ page at 🙂 Can we take a look at TPH? One of many homebuilders showing relative strength. The group looks good. TOL reports Tuesday after the close. I see RBLX was added to Leader board, but the stock in going down ? It’s on the Leaders watchlist. Just waiting for an entry but it could take some time. AAPL providing cover for the market, but for how much longer? live answered Is Scott ever positive on the market or have conviction? He is so wishy washy. He’s positive when his stocks are working. How about Apple +$5 to $167 today? Great relative strength in this down market vs. QQQ. live answered ABNB is holding up… Airline, travel stocks rebounding today. Any comments on apple? live answered Why tech stocks are so down? Finally consolidating after two years of big gains. on short side high valuation growth stocks like ZS n CRWD on next bounce? I am following all these broken leaders and looking to short if they start wedging. any thoughts on AAPL and ZIM please.? live answered What if you already own DOCU (with 121% gain) and didn’t sell on the way down-sell now or just stick with it? I would be selling. A break like that will take months if not years to repair. ABNB breaking handle from c/w/h (repeating myself) Very steep downtrend, very deep handle. Still below the 50-day line. So not an ideal situation. Is marketsmith having a problem this morning? I am unable to get charts, my other apps are working. Working normally for me. Have you called the coaches? Facebook going up today strangely, have we missed some news HSBC gave it an upgrade from reduce to hold. Repeat after me: Cash is a position. Cash is a postion. Cash is a position. Yes! AAPL is up live answered NUE — Weekly . . . I like this tight action! That’s one of the few stocks I’m still holding for that reason. Doesn’t IBD Digital have a screen for RS Line at new highs? Is it updated daily or intra-day? Daily. If you had to pick one or two IBD subscriptions, which would you pick? Going with 3 or more is pushing it for me. IBD Live and MarketSmith. ED — plus the mental capital loss of a round trip — ouch. That’s very hard. Big reason why I take partial profits. Chris – is the rs line screen on IBD Digital the same field results as the Marketsmith results, but only at end of day? It has some fundamental and technical factors in addition to the RS line. I would pick IBD Digital/Print and MS-IBD 50 stocks in buy zones have paid for my membership over and over! live answered Scott is the Eeyore of IBD live …and that’s ok 😉 But you’ll see him as a Tigger in the right environment. Should we do a distribution day count? With the market in a correction, we no longer count distribution days in the Big Picture. The market had been showing increasing signs of distributin before we changed the outlook. I am in vehement agreement with Scott. We bring him on as a expert and there is no reason why he should say anything what I or anyone wants to hear. He is on the panel because he has an opinion which is the value he is expected to bring to
the panel. He is doing exactly what he needs to be doing. Kudos to Scott and the panel!!! TY Insights on TTD? Making a stand at its 50-day line. Looks OK compared most other growth stocks. Scott, you be you! (I was waiting for you last Monday and this morning to say something about letting stocks tell you what to do, not the indexes.) TY Love the rant, Scott! Always remember: haters are gonna hate. Negative? Puh leese. You are not negative my friend. TY “scott,in a good market you came up with the best and most profitable symbol on mondays, so appreciative” live answered Pretty sure I called the bottom when I sold remaining positions this morning! 🙂 Join the club, Anthony! 🙂 Do this long enough, you get a free membership! Scott’s discipline has always been amazing. Appreciate his perspective. Staying in step with the market with you Scott. Thanks so much live answered Bill built this amazing machine (Investor’s Business Daily) with all its variables and the ultimate goal: To help one another. It’s important for conflicting points of view, because it forces us to all conduct some critical thinking. We are
in this together – To learn, share, and help one another. And, do not forget to have fun doing it. If you are not having fun, it will be difficult to be successful. Thus, let’s have some fun!!! Totally true! Ali – we don’t have access to the updated weekly spreadsheet yet, do we??? Yes, it is on the FAQ page! 🙂 Ali, how can we get to the spreadsheet? It’s at – or will be shortly – how did you get to groups in marketsmith live answered RIVN Thoughts? live answered Alli, thank you for putting the spreadsheet on FAQ before Justin speaks. It helps. If ever she doesn’t, that’s probably my fault for not getting it to her in a timely fashion. Ed, are you completely out of LCID? How did you play that one? I sold some early on – first huge gap up, sold some more. Then I sold my last portion before the open on Nov. 17 – so I actually got above the top! That worked out well. ABNB MOVING live answered Chris – what fundamental and technical factors in addition to the RS line in MS RS Line Screen vs. the Digital paper? Thank you. The Blue Dot is on anything. RS Line at new highs is limited to stocks on the Growth 250. The Stock Screener looks like a Composite and RS Rating over 80. EDR live answered zs live answered sblk? live answered APP live answered zim? live answered Cube? live answered ZIM live answered CSCO — early entry on a Double Bottom ? live answered CDW live answered SBLK live answered UPST – tryna find support at the Aug Gap Price live answered AIP live answered Thoughts on TSN. Chicken is good in pandemic live answered TSCO live answered CLR live answered Where can you find the New America articles? The right side panel of MarketSmith – click on the “news” tap. Or you can look at – click on the research tab and New America. Here’s the story. INVH b/o live answered Chris/Ken – In your opinion, what is strongest screen on the Stock Screener on IBD Digital. Thank you. I would take the tickers from the main IBD stock screens as well as RS at new high and put them in a screen bin that you make yourself and look at all those tickers. is TSLA showing destruction? Yes – or support! It’s a tricky area. I get my cat litter fro Tractor Supply and it’s cheaper ED. Check out their store. It’s fun live answered Costco gas That’s exactly what I told my daughter.
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