IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 11, 2021

“Monday, Monday – so good to me!” So good to be able to listen to the good folks at IBD Live in the morning! Live-ing in Mpls Glad you can join us! Good morning GM Richard. Thanks for joining us! Ticker of the day ACDC She’s back! Good morning. I did not get the IBD Live Recap email on 10/7 and, as far as I know, that is the only place to find the link to the Ready and Watch lists for that day. Is there another way to get to the Q&A and lists for every day and, if not, could I get the link for 10/7? Thank you. Sorry about that. You can find the recap for 10/7 at – next to that day’s archived video. Good Morning from Dallas! GM John! Good morning IBD team GM Steven; just checking if you had received a hat from IBD? Good morning. Can we look at DT live answered GM IBD Live, let’s have a great day & week! GM Tom! Yes indeed G Morning, thoughts on steel stocks on prices still going up? Nearly all them do not look good. Most are below their 50 day or 200 day lines. Keep an eye on TS. It’s the only one looking normal. Good Morning, DSC. Good to have you back. Hope you had a great vacation. Hi Narayanan, thank you! Yes, Mexico was very pleasant! Cheers to you. Can you mention again the ticker for the futures? I believe it starts with a / Thanks! /NQ just pointing out…….*SoFi Technologies shares are trading higher after Morgan Stanley initiated coverage on the stock with an Overweight rating and a $25 price target. Nice start this morning! Good morning Ali are you actually in the office or is that just a zoom background? I am in the office! 🙂 Welcome back Dave “hat man” hope you had a great vaccation Hi Aziz! Thanks so much, nice to be back as well! Puerto Vallarta was hot and humid but a lot of fun! On Scorecard last week, Mr. Gessell mentioned 2018 was a difficult year and nothing worked despite the market rising. 1. How did you make money. Alternative buy points, less money, indexes, more risk etc. 2. What were you able to achieve as far as returns that year 2018. Difficult year for swing trading. Position trading was better. Trading the indexes also worked well. GM from Cape Cod GM Phil; how are the fall colors in your corner of New England? Chris.. Last week , I think Friday you mentioned a stock that did well for you.. would you please repeat the symbol..thax I don’t recall the stock. Do remember the sector or the lesson? One more …… SI (Silvergate Capital) making a great move after one of your guesta mentioned it couple of weeks ago……I bought it Yes, I believe it was Evan Medeiros! Nice job 🙂 Ken…smooth, articulate and informative…..Jeff Newman Ken’s amazing; good morning Jeff! Good Morning and Happy Columbus Day from sunny Liverpool NY GM Leslie high % of cash Me too, James. Good morning. Good to wait and watch. Ed never looked better My wife said the same thing. Ed has to chose the color of the greenscreen in order for that to stop Thanks. Ed is phase shifting Ha ha! So you are sitting on your hands? Thanks Yes, it can be very hard to just sit and wait. I have made just one new buy in the past two weeks in the auto sector (TTM), and it’s a small position right now, to give me real feedback about this sector and the market itself. But we are still in a correction, so it’s the best time to be forming a very good watchlist. But I’m looking to see if my current holdings hold up well enough to deserve more capital. Please take a look at KWEB this morning, which is the largest ETF of Chinese technology stocks. It moved above its 21-day EMA and 50-day SMA on Friday, and is following through this morning to break above a long-term downtrend channel — 2nd time it has done that since late June, although that attempt failed and succumbed lower. Would Chinese stocks low in potential bases and deep in corrections be good alternatives as a hedge against slow growth in U.S.? economic recovery? I wouldn’t buy anything deeply below a falling 200-day. But if you think the trend has changed it should hold above the 50-day. The biggest threat is the Chinese government. BABA moving up with a gap, what is going on there with all the negative headlines on the energy, real estate crisis, etc live answered Nice New America article on AMBA, looking for an add-on point, thoughts? Yes indeed, Tom; makes sense, Ambarella has found a new growth market in autonomous driving? Seems like solar is making some stand here after several months of weakness. live answered How do you set an alert on a trend line? Right click on it and it brings up the alert box. If you are having trouble getting that box, turn off Pattern Rec. look at two China stocks – BABA and BIDU – after I shorted them they took off….your welcome to all those went long. LOL live answered SI clearing little shelf Hi Leslie, that’s an interesting comment. “Little shelf” is well put, IMHO. But I see only 2 sessions of pullback on the daily chart, so perhaps you see such action on an intraday? Here’s another take on the shelf from Mike Webster — Please repeat follow-thru concept. Thanks. Check out our explainer linked at 🙂 Ed: wondering if your lighting might have something to do with the fade-effect? It might. Still working on it! what ETF most closely matches the Marketsmith Finance – Consumer Loans G6148? What is the easiest way for me to find this out about the other Marketsmith divisions? thanks Take a ticker that you like from the group and go to and type in the symbol. You will get all the ETFs that hold it and the weights. BTBT and MARA exploding this morning. Did Matt mention them last week? I don’t know, but with Bitcoin rising strongly all those plays are moving. if i cant get involved in something like google because the price would be too high (watching risk) is there something cheaper that is related or copies the action Price is only a factor if buying one share would be too large of a position for your portfolio. In that case you might want use a brokerage like Fidelity that lets you buy partial shares. High price shares are not more risky because of the price. morning ally. would you explain how you draw trend line agin please! Hit the CTRL and then left click on your mouse and drag the line where you want it. How can we know the implied volatility before earnings? Specially for financials, if you bought a couple weeks ago there is stiill not a big profit cushion? It would be great to have a discussion about earnings strategies. Most brokerages will tell you the implied volatility. You can also add the premiums for the at the money put and call and that will give you the expected price range. Did Friday officially resent the FTD count/? No. We didn’t undercut recent lows. So the FTD count continues. XOP NH live answered good morning. if earnings week how does it affect XLF? should I wait for after earnings? live answered Are Ali’s polls a thing of the past? With more special features on each day — industry group analysis on Mon, David Ryan’s education segment on Tue — we certainly have been doing fewer polls. But I think we’ll continue them. Do you have a suggestion for tomorrow’s show? Thanks Bob! HatMan DSC SM… Solid gains since the breakout Is there any Oil&Gas ETFs out there? We’ve talked a lot about XLE, XOP in the past. OIH may also be worth a look? You might some more interesting ones here at too — does OIH cover this group? MarketSmith notes OIH covers the oil and gas field services companies listed in the US. So, it’s likely not tracking the exploration plays. 88 RS Rating is pretty good; same as XLE but trailing XOP w/ a 94. so are oil and gas a buy even though market is not ready? Not many are in position, but clearly they have been doing great with oil/gas/energy prices soaring. gm! How do the int’l O & G companies look vs the US-only companies you’re primarily looking at? Good Q! Well, it seems the US e&p stocks we’ve covered are smaller in market cap, making faster moves. Most if not all of the int’l ones trading here are large or mega cap stocks. SBLK – not sure if Charles is presenting this week. But price is at 21 day – Any Thoughts??? It’s certainly holding up better than its peers, ZIM, DAC and EDRY. Okay. I allocated half my capital to the indexes due to the current market being similar to that and am going to trade more alternative buy points like Mr. Harris and more position trade. More risk, but with a chance to make lots of money. Thank you for your thoughtful answer. Sounds good. Cutting losses also very helpful in any type of market. TSLA up, this would be the 8th up week in a row if it can hold! live answered I was up 119% over the last year. Excellent return, congrats Tarun! Davis helpful answer – Go Crimson You got it. I know the Crimson Tide continue to dominate, but wonder about the New England’s Crimson. not all oil stocks are extended. HES is one example. True, but I’m always hesistant to go for the ones that are later to the party. They can do OK but the first ones out are usually the ones with the most power. FCX breaking through a trendline. Thoughts? live answered Thoughts on NOW? live answered CWEB-China x 2 Must watch for sure, Jeff any news on copper? why up ? thx I don’t know. Maybe optimism about China. Copper/metals have been trending down for a while. Gm! The blue bar on charts .. are for entry? or selling points Those are bars where the price was higher than the prior bar. TASK is approaching the 50-day. Would you purchase at this level? live answered my IPI is breaking out. Finally Nice. MARA-good pick along with RIOT and HIVE live answered MARA 28% off its 52 week high? live answered CIN crosing DT line from 294 live answered Justin – check out BTBT – just penetrated 40 week – outperforming both MARA and GBTC live answered Hey can you cover FCX.. Monthly cup with handle live answered That was COIN not ON live answered Please, what about MOS for those that had an early entry? live answered FCX breaking down trend line live answered COIN looks best among all cryto-related stocks live answered Is there a video for teaching how to use Marketsmith on my iPad? Hi there! We have a ton of instructional videos, plus a team ready to help you — contact [email protected] Hi. Where can I find you end of day market wrap up video? Iwas trying Friday and just couldn’t find it on the IBD site or You Tube. The video is embedded in this article. What are your thoughts on TTM versus Ford? TTM is looking great but it’s definitely extended. Ali – I don’t know how to delete the alert lines. Right click on the line and you’ll have a chance to delete. fcx just blew past 50 and 200 day. nice volume today and especially on thursday. live answered ORCL — Extended – Nice action. Such a blast from the past. It was incredible to me that it had a strong move in March when the Nasdaq was on the weaker side. This latest base was just 8% depth. Super tight action. FCX acting well before earnings. Thoughts on this leading US copper producer? live answered Have you all looked at FCX in awhile? live answered If you guys/gal see a move over a trend line but volume is low, would you still take the trade or pass if the volume isn’t there? It seems volume just isn’t there more often than not lately. I usually pass on trades that have interesting price action but no supporting volume. What the heck?! Is Ali in the office today ??? She is! TSLA showing 3WT Yeah, I prefer more of the flat base type of 3wks tight but it’s another entry. TECK also jumping today. live answered FCX looks like a downtrend’ live answered Ed – Looking redder and redder in the face 🙂 .. I’m so embarrassed. At what point above the 50 day on a percentage basis is a stock too extended? My basic rule is 10% if you’re risking no more than 1% to your portfolio. Not seeking investment advice but approach of all of you pros. If you are fully invested and keep finding more opportunities in a confirmed uptrend that may be more compelling if some of your stocks have had a decent run but still look – how do you do include new positions or do you, in your full position? Will greatly appreciate the answer. In strong markets we will continue to add full positions and either go on margin or take partial profits in other stocks. Team, I note your time scales on MS seem more concise than mine (X-axis on the daily). Which means I have lots more days, and the latest action is very small / hard to see. Is there a quick tip on this? Thanks! Ben We zoom in on the charts a bit. Hit CTRL + Any comment re SAIA? Base looks good but no volume when it broke the early-entry downtrend. ASAN-High Tight Flag, > 50% in 3 Weeks, 1) Would youse call that a Bill O’Neil 3 week “Must Hold 8 Weeks” in this market environment. 2) 3 Little Attemptrs to Re-Take 21 MA- could this be a buy with a 5% stop? If the market holds, an entry near the 21 day would be great. 8-week hold rule is not in effect here. It was off the June breakout. Please check BROS moving for the low of the IPO base live answered TASK….I would sell the whole thing if it doesn’t hold the 50 dma Agree. Keep adding until Ed gets positive – LOL That’s probably the way to go on TSLA TSLA live answered SNAP? A breakout three weeks ago fizzled. But it did not undercut the lows of that flat base in a big way. That’s good. Still feels like a base on base is forming. and Coffee drinks for Dutch. It’s good. Nice. I wonder if Dutch will enter NoCal and SoCal markets. One in Rocklin is packed. Drinks are lots of sugar and caffeine live answered There are a few Dutch Bros in my town. I went once when they opened. Seems like very sugary, but at one location there is a very long line. I haven’t tried it enough to determine, but not into the high sugar drinks. Good insight, Shari. Sounds like a formula similar to some of those high-calorie frappuccinos at Starbucks? the young kids love it. me i think it is weak coffee Good to know. So, a Gen Y and Gen Z play? 🙂 Anecdotal evidence on BROS in Santa Rosa Ca – that parking lot and street next to it have been packed for over a year! Near junior college on busy street… That makes sense, thanks for the Peter Lynch perspective, Chris! Also BROS got an upgrade today. Yeah, I think a bunch of analysts initiated today following the IPO. No China for me, communist dictatorship. Totally understand that. Thank you Ed. And where can I watch the end of day market wrap up video live? It’s usually on Twitter and Facebook – IBD’s Facebook account. TTM gaped up ???today Yes, you are right. In their news releases, Tata says it’s reached 10K EV customers, and they debuted a new subcompact SUV, says it’s a first in the country. Good signs for India’s car market never mind. I just checked the news for it. Red face. It’s going around. Does the follow through day have to occur within x amount of trading days? 4 to 7 days is the sweet spot, but we have seen later day FTDs work well. How’s volume today? Slightly down on Nasdaq, up modestly on NYSE. Justin’s alert is not coming thru to me – I reported this to IBD last week I got it on my phone. Neither of them came through? Current Trades page BLANK both on phone and the site, after the alert. Desktop site also say I ‘exceeded refresh limit’ after 2 refreshes. Thanks for this. The trade came up immediately on the phone for me. Has it come up yet? how can I download this I’ll add the link to download after the show! Where can I get the industry spreadsheet? We’ll add a link from near the top of the in a couple of hours. were can we find it? I’ll add a link after the show! where to find the story mentioned about coal pls? thx Why are the groups price-weighted instead of cap-weighted? That’s just how we’ve done it. That’s how the Dow is done as well. ‘@Ed any reason why DEN is not moving? I don’t know! The P/E was higher than a lot of other plays … but I really don’t know.
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