IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 10, 2021

Question Answer(s) how to handle a wash sale when you get stopped out, it reverses, and you want back in? I don’t pay attention to wash sales. You never want to pass on a potential big winner because of a minor tax issue. A wonderful Friday am to the best Investment Team in the world! Glad you can join us this morning! Can we discuss the recent breakout in ESEA? Thanks Breakout looks good. It’s a thin stock with $1.8 million in dollar volume. Our minimum is $20 million, so it could be volatile. observing moment of silence Absolutely. Never Forget How does one consolidate lists into a bin? As I run my screens I copy the stocks and paste them into my Screen Bin stock lists. Just place your cursor anywhere in the list except the stock symbol column and hit Ctrl-V. Dave – Roll Tide… SEC Baby… Happy College Football Weekend Rick! Roll Tide Hat man! Thanks John! What a team! Good morning everyone. Any advice on handling volatility on quad witching weeks? Do you put on hedges, size down positions, or any videos on IBD? Many thanks. Hagw I don’t usually worry about quad witching. It can spike volume as traders exercise options, but it typically doesn’t move price. Hi Matt! My recommendation for everyone and go back and listen to the podcasts with you and Irusha! I will definitely listen to those. tickers! Matt will cover BMBL CHK DEN U and possibly more. Also we will look at ALB BSY DASH cool coffee mug Matt!! We thought so too Marty! Happy Friday Buddy! Yo Dave….is that “A” on your lid for Agilent? Well, it could be! Or ABNB? 🙂 ASO – sold with nice profit before earnings. I never would have held through that! Wow! That would have been very, very hard to stick with. ZS actionable here? It is not in a buy area now. Too extended after move above three-weeks-tight entry two weeks ago. GM IBD Live! HatMan – “They got a name for the winners of the world, I’ve got a name when I lose, they call Alabama the Crimson Tide”. Steely Dan. Let’s roll! Hey Thomas! I know I am drawing controversy w/ today’s hat, oh well. I grew up a Buckeyes fan. Now, I just admire excellence. get better and better in your opening news and reports….kudos…..Jeff newman Thanks Jeff. DSC, Roll Tide!!! Cheers Anthony!! Justin/Irusha : excellant pod cast with Kenny Polcari Nice! O’Neil recommended criteria for picking a stock concerning volume, market cap and others to provide enough liquidity. They surely change over the years. What are your minimum recommendations for volume, dollar volume and the number of share
(in float). Our minimum is typically $20 million in dollar volume. We don’t worry too much about average daily volume in our personal accounts or Leaderboard. But more dollar volume, the better. What do you think of AFRM action on earnings this morning? live answered Roll Tide, Hatman 🙂 Hey Perry! Good luck to ‘Bama! GLBE bounce form the 50-day, actionable? How do you see the price offering digestion here? The weekly chart shows a couple of tests of the 10-week line already. In addition, this does not seem to be an orderly test of the 10-week line. It’s down 12.5% so far this week in very volume. Trading in the bottom half of its weekly range.
Pass for me. RBLX – Down 2.5% from purchase. Can you please discuss? live answered Good morning all, welcome Matt! Happy FriYay Hat Man! btw, UPST is 19.4% > 10dma. 31% 21ema amd 77% > 50dma! Scary It’s getting in the area where a pullback would be warranted. Can we please cover BLD? Too late to still get in? Hi Michael, not at all. Yesterday we highlighted an early trend line near 221, drawn within the handle, and it joined Leaderboard as a quarter-size position (modeling 2.5% in a growth stock portfolio). And now BLD is angling for a potential
breakout past the standard handle entry at 229.99. Michael, since the construction/building stocks act uniformly, it may be a good idea how its compatriots act too — BLDR, IBP, ATKR, CNR, TGLS. Cheers, HatMan Dave — Thoughts related to Lithium stocks live answered LAC, LTHM ALB live answered Please review RH. Is it actionable here? I’m passing on this one but some would argue that a starter 2% position makes sense here. Breakout over trend line Thursday. BILL seems to have stalled since the gap up on earnings. Is it an 8 week hold candidate. Or is it time to reallocate to something doing better. Not an 8-week hold rule situation, but after such a powerful earnings move, makes sense to give this one room to work. If you’ve got a big profit cushion, I’d hold for a while bu would consider trimming if violent break of 10-day line. Not
sure if I’d wait for test of 21-day. That would be another 10% pullback from here. great real world analysis from Matt . Please make him a regualr panelist. Human behaviour insight is very valuable We plan on it. Hi Ken, thoughts on IIPR’s action this week? Thank you. Seems like an orderly pullback in light volume so far. But I’ll trim if the stock goes below the 21-day line. Contrafund likes AFRM Good point DCBO, its an IPO that broke out right after issue and never stoped. It is a canadian company, thats been trading for years on the TSX (CDN stock exchange) for awhile thats up 300% from last year. It just got added to the TSX 100. Is it too
extended to add too? Nice run Eric! It does look extended from a couple handle buy points, 58.05 and 65.10. I’d be watching for a pullback to the 10-week MA as a potential new entry. Very thinly traded. Only $5.7 mil in average dollar volume, so may be very important
to avoid accumulating more than 3% to 5% of the total dollar volume. How id BNPL different from charging to a credit card? BNPL is interest free. What do you guys think about FSLR? It’s been working its way up and it looks like its braking with volume Weekly chart looks solid. But it’s just past the 5% buy zone from 97.58 entry. Agreed Chris. Last stock that I follow that go to 70% + > 50dma was MRNA on 8/9. That didn’t go so well over the next 5 trading days MRNA was looking climactic. You could hedge with puts on UPST if the options are fairly liquid. Where can we find educational material by Matt? His website is and his twitter handle is @trader_mcaruso. TSLA gapping up on the 4th day in a row on the verge of being up 3 weeks in a row! live answered Good moring, GNRC breaking past a short DTL. Also, what is the symbol for the Nasdaq daily market indicators ? ^ixic is not a valid symbol for MS. Thanks This is a legitmate cup base with a 457.10 buy point, but it’s also a later stage base. ASML is so strong live answered CHRIS – SHOULD WE BE ADDING TO figs ON THIS PULL BACK TO $41 Bothers me that it’s pulling back on a strong market day. FSLR? Like the look of the weekly chart but starting to get extended from 97.58 entry No AC today, EC/MC/DC. I’ll go with MC/DC. Will have to find a rap version of Thunderstruck 😉 Too funny! Is U actionable here? No. It was actionable when it broke out over 115.60 buy point. Longs could’ve added when cleared high of 129 on Sept. 2. Strong stock, but too extended now. Check out KLAC Has backed off highs after breakout attempt over 356.81 entry. Early buy signal Thursday. PLTR: Please comment on lack of Select Mutual Fund Ownership Very true but more than a dozen A+ funds. is ETSY finally doing it? after faking so many time. Is this a good time to add? The buy was on Aug. 26. Seems extended now. Good one for watch list though. Could see new entry if stock starts to move sideways. PLTR always nice to have George Soros intial investor in the company which oversees your nations intelligence. Truly some big names in this stock, no doubt, gee BMBL ‘s annual earnings is supposed to collape 84% next year. This mean the stock is a pass ? That would be a major red flag for me, although the company has been spending tons of money to improve market share. That always weighs on profits. ASAN anyone? Getting extended from the 10-day. I got shaken out in July and never got back in. PLTR – “In Cathie Wood We Trust” (?) 😀 Some do, right Larry? 🙂 HZNP? Would love to see this one pull back and bounce with conviction off 10-week line. That would put the stock in an alterate buy zone. Too extended now. DOCU…any opinions ?? Definitely suffered some chart damage this week. We trimmed the position on Leaderboad and will give it a little more room since we still have a gain of around 9%. Why is Nasdaq, S&P and Dow price action different on Marketsmith homepage and Marketsmith charts? The index prices are delayed 20 minutes on the charts. Probably different update interval on the homepage. Air BNB please live answered ABNB live answered AVY what’s your take? Solid RS Rating of 88. Still in a buy zone. Looks fine. What is going on with FTNT, is it still a long term leader? It’s very unusuual but positive action for this stock. It is still on Long-Term Leaders and we will hold it until the monthly RS line breaks down. GNRC is breaking to new highs on volume — would you consider an add at this level? It’s acting well, but it’s also also a later-stage cup base. If it were an earlier stage breakout, the decision to add would be easier. What is the purpose of the “Ready List” pls and thanks Those are stocks that are near buy points or in buy zones. What are the major market tickers on ThinkorSwim? COMP:GIDS for the Nasdaq composite. SPX for the S&P and $DJI for the Dow. Thank you guys..! You’re welcome! Thanks for joining us Raj sbre please Not seeing this ticker. Insight on SQ appreciated. We cut ties with SQ on Leaderboard earlier this week. Disappointing that buyers didnt’ come in and offer support at the 50-day line. Could Matt possibly talk a bit about his buys w/percent starting positions and adds. Thanks! live answered How would you handle DOCU. Our average cost basis on Leadeboard is around 260. We’re holding for now, but the stock has definitely suffered some technical damage this week. Hey IBD, good chemistry with this guy Caruso and the other Panelist today. So far you guys are batting 1000 per cent with all your Special Guests that come on the show. Thanks so much! Hello all, joining from London, UK this week. Nice, Shane. Welcome! Any interest in YETI? It’s looking like it could be building a flat base or several weeks tight? Yes? Would love your comments.. Good eye, yes. Looks like 3rd-stage, flat base will be in place by EOD. Note that we consider a 3rd-stage base later stage. Ed can you mute you sound alerts when you host, thanks Sorry! Will DOCU get cut from your platforms today with a close of > 2% below the 50 day? Will be discussed for sure. We trimmed earlier in the week. Look like snap getting ready to take off. Gets more interesting if it can move with conviction over its 8/31 high. Justin – you’re girls are behind the curve, mine have moved on to TikTok – LOL They are on that a ton as well. But SNAP is still how they communicate with friends. Where’s the trendline buy point on SNAP? You could probably use 76.84 – around Tuesday’s high, as an entry point. Hope to see Matt more often in IBD Live He’s great, I agree. My daughter and her three 7th grade teammates won first place in Ohio in the stock market championship last year! Not too proud, right?! 🙂 Fantastic! Congrats Jeff! ZS announced good numbers yesterday after close, comments on price/volume today? Big sellers in the stock Tuesday. Big sellers in the stock again today. If I had a profit, I would be trimming today. Did Matt say he builds his positions 30% at a time? He builds up to a maximum 20% to 30% of the portfolio in one stock, but buys in layers at 10% of the portfolio size at a time, so a total 2 to 3 buys and he wants to add while making a profit. Thanks Dave, I bought it in my Canadain account where it has more trading histiry. I like that its ging to be added to the TSX 100 index, should provide some CDN institutional support… Got it! Thanks Eric SBLK anyone. Thanks! Holding up well lately; clearly feeling upside resistance near 25. Will it tighten further, see a dry-up in volume? I’d watch for a potential handle to form. Good morning great show. DOCU is currently 5% below 10 week line. I thought if a stock was 2% or more below 10 wk line it should be sold. live answered On DOCU volume big and green on earnings. It has gone down since then but on lower volume so pullback seems reasonable. My opinion. live answered Please comment on RBLX. Down 3% from purchase. live answered Funny Nortel Networks still shows in my account in TDAmeritrade which got transferred from Scott Trade live answered DOCU still weak. I got out yesterday morning when it fell below the close of the day before (already below the 50-day). Clear downtrend, weak. Wait for turnaround. Not a “Leader” yet. I like the cut of your jib. We trimmed LB position this week, currently holding 1/4 position with modest profit. SNOW ⚡️ Keep an eye on it! David – RBLX live answered David- Roll Tide Roll Bill!! TXG will that prior move to the double bottom will be enough to have conviction? Please comment on a good prior uptrend Our yardstick rule is you want a prior uptrend of 30% or more before a base forms. TXG certainly has accomplished this. What’s interesting to me, Francisco, is that the stock has not made any progress for the past 7 months. And yet, just as
you say, a double bottom has formed, and I like that. The more time it spends above the 10-week MA from here on, the more bullish the chart may develop. Cheers! HatMan Quick “hour!” Nice show. Thanks, guys. The longest hour of the day. What is Matt’s top 10 holdings or Watchlist He has a subscription service; you can check it out via twitter, @trader_mcaruso Thanks to IBD Live for putting close caption back. I truely believe you can broden your audiance / subscribers. Good to hear! Thank you Matt. Appreciate your insights! PLEASE COME BACK! Nice to hear! Hat Man, I watch Cathie Woods’ stocks for set-ups. So, I suppose, I don’t always understand what ARK does but I do trust their analysis. Good point; they seek to describe the future, so they won’t be right in all of their picks, IMHO.
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