IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 21, 2021

Question Answer(s) Pls repeat David’s Beta number…above ? = higher volatility; below = average or lower volatility? Thx. 1 is your neutral. Below 1 less volatile than market, above 1 is more volatile. He didn’t mention it, but you can also have a negative beta which goes in the inverse to the market. A terrific Tuesday to the IBD Live International Team, from Minneapolis, MN !!! Scott in the house! Good Tuesday Morning! 1st up this am ??? Yes you are. Like old days? 🙂 Gotta tune in early for the tunes! Thanks for joining us! A new song (usually) every morning at 6:15am PT Goodmorning IBD team! Hi Hunter! Good morning all GM Phil Ticker of the day REBA. Had to shazam this one. OUt fishing yeaterday and could only watch the market drop and could do nothing about it. Today will be interesting Your Shazam is working, Mark GREAT. music selection! Love Reba!! Good morning to all the IBD Live team!! Me too Bob! Thanks! GM to you Good morning. GM Taher. Goood Morning IBD Live! Reba’s that “real” country! Very nice choice. Thanks Shane! Glad Reba didn’t get hurt! Great morning song and story Dave! Thanks much Victor! Good morning! Where’s your hat, David? My hat’s off to Reba McEntire! GM…How do we get our hands on an IBD Live hat? 🙂 Hi there! Let me see what our “inventory situation” is! HatMan Good Morning Chris! Good morning Jeffrey! Hi IBD team, looks like yesterday’s massive break of 50 dma in the major indices will take some time to resolve? Would you wait for a few days to see how this resolves before re-investing? All depends on the action. If the Nasdaq can retake the 50 this may be a brief correction. Top of the morning to one and all! Glad to have you at the helm, hat man Dave! GM Hat Man buddy! Will Brooks Automation go higher after yesterday’s news? live answered Good Morning from Dallas! GM John! Ed-Any group you could be considered the last of is one heck of a group. Thank you! Hi, like to know where everyone’s % invested is after yesterday.. How did David handle SBLK, did he sell some on the reversal, get rid of all next day, did he get rid of all yesterday or was out prior? live answered David R – you are so thoughtful, thank you Great topic today Hi what tickers we’re said? Thanks DEN and WDAY Good morning Team!! Dr Ryan, CLF went from Mr. Choppy to Mr. Droppy. 🙂 Very much so today Larry! GM GM Narender Is Bill down because of the 500M offering / $1B common offering? Is this a sell event, or can I still hold? I am currently up 45%, but am not sure if this portends more damage to come. Depends on how comfortable you are with holding the stock as it makes a trip down to the 21-day. Support at that level would be key in my view. A close below would warrant a trim to me Hi MELI thoughts pls? live answered Was there any issue with Marketsmith yesterday? I could not copy paste IBD ready list, kept pasting in the ticker symbol area on the top. I closed MS and re-launched, still faced the same issue. Not any issue that I’m aware of, Narender — but our MarketSmith coaches would be more than happy to help you! You can email them at [email protected] Where to look on Thinkorswim to see premarket action? On a chart you can click on the gear symbol, then equities and click on extended hours. Also add Mark % Change to your watchlists. That will show you the change from the prior day’s close in after-hours trading. Ed Carson – late news DKNG makes $20bil offer for Entain Thanks for the heads up. Is there a link to the powertrend concept? Also do any of the IBD products keep track of when the powertrend is “on” or “off”? When I type in powertrend in the search box all that comes up is IBD Live Q&A recaps. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. The power trend is gone through in detail in Market School, one of our home studies available. I do a market commentary daily that resides on Leaderboard but is only available to people that have gone through the Market School program. EXPE and travel stocks particularly airlines and cruise and hotel. Thoughts? live answered Best to wait a couple of hours today to confirm any direction?! Keeping an eye on QQQ/SPY intraday for some clues Cris was yesterday considered a vertical violation? Definitely had some elements. At the lows with the Naz and SPY down 3% it definitely had the feel. What was unusual were the two up days last week. Usually you get one that is a minimal gain. Chris: do you have a hedge on …and if you do ,at what point would you take it off? I hedged on Friday and will start taking it off once we get a good reversal and retakes the 50-day. If the correction gets worse I will wait for a follow through. Hi David Ryan, just wondering % invested if you may share. live answered most importantly, where is the hat? Hat will be back Brandon! Cheers! IIPR held up well yesterday, just out of buy zone now, had 100% on O’Neal Checklist, just added to it this AM Looks interesting to me, James! CPE Callon Petroleum looks like a good early entry? And it just went down about 60% in about 2 months, why didn’t I short that and make money on the way down? 🙂 Was there a signal that I missed? Thanks. live answered TASK is moving again. No quit on this stock Wish I would’ve bought on the IPO base breakout after earnings! GM, Draft king is on stage 5. Is that of a concern? Good point, DKNG had a long run last year. May need more time to consolidate? BDRY (ETF) Breakway Dry Bulk Shipping — up 7.02% — URNM (ETF) North Shore Global Uranium up 6.06% BETZ (ETF) Sports Betting +2.91% Nice rebound by BDRY, today! It has been a while since Harold Morris came on IBD Live. He is usually on Thursdays. Can you show an exampe of a previous vertival violation? live answered Do you know of an IBD article describing how to calculate the size of your SQQQ position based on the % invested you are? Hi Fred! Here are two webinars from Chris and Justin regarding ETF/hedging strategies — I’m pretty sure it was addressed in at least one of these: and what is a vertical violation, I’m not familiar? Check out our explainer at meanwhile…. TEAM goes to yet another new high Looks unstoppable since that huge earnings gap, at least so far! Yesterday evening IBD reported that NVDA flashed a sell signal I missed it so went back to check it on the chart. I don’t see it, can you tell me what sell signal I missed? thanks Gap-down to the 50-day in above-average volume meant a round trip from the add on the cup-with-handle breakout on Leaderboard, warranting a trim to the position Are steel stocks broken? If so, why? NUE TX NUE last week round tripped its huge gain from the cup breakout and closed more than 2% below the 10-week line for the week in heavy volume. Now down another 8.5% so far this week. TX closed sharply below its 10-week line last week as well,
big loss this week too. Volume heavy on the downside. Broken indeed. At the very least, need time to build new bases. INMD at new highs, missed it live answered INMD – near all time highs on volume live answered TSLA looking for a vertical ascension to break past yesterday’s high from its gap down I hope not. IMO, TSLA really could use a down week. Make the new handle look better. How do we get the green dash lines? Hi Laurel! By enabling pattern recognition. Click on the orange cup-with-handle button to the left of the print button in the upper right. For more help, please reach out to our MS coaches — [email protected] 🙂 INMD has been holding up like a champ live answered I realize we are in challenging market conditions, but, if we have a positive turn, please note that AMD, is potentially forming a double bottom. Agreed. Would have an early entry off a trend line and above the 50-day line. Question on the zoom feature on Marketsmith. My chart does not have the “+” sign in the upper right corner. That’s from the Chrome browser rather than the MarketSmith platform. I primarily use Safari (Mac user) and there is not a + button in the upper right. But if you use the command (or control on PC) button and + or -, you should be able to zoom
in and out! With the delta peaking should we expect the cyclicals to take off? I think China-related concerns are taking a toll on cyclicals. Would this be a suitable moment to start a position in TQQQ? Not for me. I want to see it retake the 50. INMD up 4%; Ed, your thoughts relative to being able to hold out amid a choppy/downward market? INMD rebounded very strongly from its 12% sell off one week and a half ago. INMD looks great. How about INMD, its flying in a market under pressure, would you add to a winning position? I would not add here. The reversal was the prior area to add. LCID up 5 days in a row Definitely a lot of buzz withe the Lucid Air coming soon, esp. with that massive 520-mile range. Ugh…our company uses workday and we hate it. We use it too. A lot better than Success Factors. That was terrible. Which is more important moving average – 50 day or 10 week? Same number of days but levels sometimes different. Same time period but different number of days (50 vs 10). The different levels are due to the 10-week taking fewer data points (end of week). Hatman – Please ask David to check out SNAP bouncing off 50 day. Thanks live answered chk out TEAM! live answered NVDA has been struggling throughout September – could we discuss? live answered BLD? Still on LB? Yes. Situation seems at a critical point on the QQQ’s and SPY 5 min intraday charts here. Agree. Ther’s a battle going on. ADBE — Nice reversal off of 50-day. Earnings tonight! No doubt ADBE has an exceptional track record of strong growth We did have 10% corrections in Sept 2020 and March 2021 I think. At least in Nasdaq. You’re right. Naz was down more than 12% in both. Where can be find the IBD 250 please, The MarketSmith growth 250 is exclusive to MarketSmith subscribers, while the IBD 50 is exclusive to IBD Digital and Leaderboard subscribers LSPD – SHOPify connection: The integration solution connects your Lightspeed POS hardware ie. the card reader, cash register, etc. at your physical store to the back-end ERP system and your Shopify store and feeds updated information to all
the channels from a centralized data management system. Customer Stories Exclucity Location – 7 Locations in Canada — Powered by Lightspeed since 2013 What started in 2006 with the idea to sell cool clothes to high school kids, has grown
into a network of 7 retail locations across Canada. Over the years, Exclucity has remained successful by staying in touch with real sneakerheads while also helping newcomers find their sneaker identity. Business type – Apparel store Products
used – Lightspeed Retail Great intel. Challenge – With customers trying on sneakers in multiple sizes before making their purchase, Exclucity always had a lot of back and forth between the sales floor and the stockroom. Beyond making sure his staff had access to product info detailed
enough to impress the most devout sneakerheads, founder, Trent Hall needed to track inventory carefully to avoid shrinkage and make sure his multi-location business had access to organized, accurate stock data. Solution With Lightspeed,
Trent has an overview of all his locations and is able to organize, monitor, and optimize stock in real time. Something isn’t selling in Toronto but is a hit in Montreal? He can transfer items across locations and everything is recorded
in the point of sale. Exclucity carries many brands, so Trent knows that when he wants a sales report on a particular brand, Lightspeed will be there. If passion is what brings a business to life, retail technology is what keeps it running.
” Lightspeed is actually like your most important employee becau live answered KemperSports – KemperSports reduces on-site costs with Lightspeed Golf’s cloud-based solution – KemperSports manages more than 100 golf facilities across the United States and Mexico, tasked to efficiently run operations and drive marketing
solutions for owners and operators of all types of facilities. KemperSports is recognized as a leading expert in golf course operations, trusted to develop and enhance golf brands. Business type – Golf management Products used – Lightspeed
Golf Location – Northbrook, IL Keeping an eagle eye on course data Brendan McCarthy is the national director of marketing services at KemperSports. With more than 100 in its managed portfolio, McCarthy needed to know how each facility
was performing at a glance but found himself limited with multiple legacy systems. Since many clients utilize different POS systems, McCarthy knew first hand how challenging it was to aggregate data from various sources. This resulted
in extra on-site visits and time lost with manual tracking. “We were in the p live answered Reducing costs with Lightspeed’s centralized system In order to target his marketing efforts, McCarthy needed a POS that had the information he needed without adding extra work. When KemperSports adopted Lightspeed, he noticed the business
was spending less but getting more. “We were able to reduce costs for a system that allowed us to support our properties from a central location—so in other words, we didn’t have to be on-site,” said McCarthy. “I’m also able to look at
our pricing tools and say, ‘Okay, this is historically some of my highest priced times. What can I do to influence the rate or improve my capture?”‘ Growing the business with a scalable POS McCarthy is looking forward to growing with Lightspeed.
In a complex industry, KemperSports manages facilities that represent not only golf, but restaurants and retail too. The company wants to continue growing with a scalable POS and using modern technology to help connect with its customers.
“Lightspeed provides analytics for us in a forward-looking way. live answered Thoughts on Uber gapping up 7% and announcing road to profitability? Very early to be getting in. Would want to see it form an uptrend from here and a new base. Then would consider it. 50-day could be a resistance level ED ABNB any word It’s held up well – don’t see an entry here. With Covid cases appearing to roll over in the U.S./world, I think the prospects for travel stocks is brighter. LWLG Lightwave Logic looks strong LWLG does look good. No earnings but some good technology Market undercuting the open already! live answered Your comments on ASO please. I barely am +ve on this trade so far. Let’s see if it can find support at top of the base/21-day here PLTR please live answered How do you see PLTR? live answered Dave Ryan: Thank you for the details you shared on SBLK. For rookies it is golden to hear the exact details of the decision making. live answered SAIA? Market Smith is shoing a cup on the daily chart…looks like it has a 5-6 week handle. Is that too long for a handle? Not too long for a handle, given the length of the consolidation. The handle will probably show up as a flat base after this week. Let’s say you sell most of your holding in something like SBLK for a minor loss but keep a little. Is it okay to add back shares as it is going up? If you’re trimming leading stocks that you have profits in to reduce overall market exposure and then the market action shifts in a positive manner, then it could make sense to add back shares in a winning stock that has pulled back to a key
level. But contrast SBLK (downside reversal after breakout, heavy losses, big negative volume, below the 50-day) with that of NVDA – mostly light volume on pullback, support at 50-day, etc. Is that screen David keeps going back to with the candlesticks and watchlist on left from Ameritrade? Yes, thinkorswim from TDAmeritrade Hello, would you please send me a link/video for an understanding of what and how IBDers work with their/our portfolio sizes, etc? In terms of how many stocks to own, sizing positions, or…? I used to receive emails each month announcing special guests for each month. But I do not receive this kind of emails any more. Do you still send out? Hi Jason! I’m not sure why the marketing team didn’t send one out. But we have a list of this month’s guests posted on the FAQ page at I’ve been watching the WON screener in MS and the number of stocks in the screener have been increasing over the last half year. Do you think this is mostly due to earnings improving since the pandemic? That makes sense. Also we have so many cyclicals rallying. Is UBER doing a reversal right now? live answered Chris: Please review FIGS; I am in it ,already reduced ,but stock is not going in the right direction. At what point do you sell? I sold half yesterday and will probably close today if it doesn’t bounce. ED — Is it possible that due to the number of significant data disappointments the FOMC will push back tapering? Perhaps, this is wishful thinking on my part. Jed Graham, our econ reporter, says good chance that taper announcement will happen at early Nov. meeting not this Wed. DJ Transport RED! Good to watch that, Juan, thanks. I try to watch IYT and zero-DJT each day. Cheers Fusion TRader I like that, Juan! Chris, The problem with Leaderboard is that decisions are made based on the entire portfolio. Many of us were not around when those positions were established and don’t have the same portfolio. Leaderboard would be relevant to more subscribers
if it just dealt with individual positions. Let each subscriber determine how to use those positions within their portfolio. The service would appeal to more people that way. The way I look at it, it’s a feature not a bug. Portfolio management is so tricky and there are so many lessons offered by treating it as a portfolio. Because we have the charts marked up and there is an individual write up on each, people
can still use the recent action for individual purchases. The SQQQ position is labeled as a hedge for the portfolio. So if you aren’t interested in the portfolio part, you can skip that one. This gives more for everyone. So, in my day job, I’m a college professor. I never cease to admire how committed and effective the IBD “Professors” are. Thank you, David Ryan. And David SC, I can completely see you in front a large lecture hall one day. Thumbs up for the
teaching evaluations from me! Hi Holly, thank you so much for sharing this! We’re so glad you’re enjoying our show. We certainly have a passion for CAN SLIM! HatMan Dave David, if you know the market is going to gap down are you waiting for the market to open to see what happens or sell in pre-market? He’s discussing now! I just showed my son that ibd has an anonymous button in the Q&A, and he said maybe it was because Warren Buffet was in here asking questions and didn’t want to get caught Ha ha! If he is, Warren is an even smarter man than any of us imagined… I am wondering how David, being 100% cash right now, goes about getting back in when market reverses. Jump in with both feet or gradually work back up to fully invested? We always get back in gradually! Dave Ryan, your insight on on gap downs is so valuable, if you have stop losses that are higher than the gapdown, sell in pre-market? Sell in market open? Wait 15-30 mins to avoid avoid slippage? Limit or market orders? live answered STOCKS UP YESTERDAY BUCKED THE TREND – TASK, LOVE, IT, ASAN, IIPR, INSP Some of those tickers made Monday’s Big Picture, too! yes, that is what I’m look for, Ali 🙂 Great! Check out the “portfolio management” section of our FAQ page at Here’s our in-depth article on calculating position size:
and here’s our postcast episode with Scott discussing the topic: Hi Alissa, I saw the TODAY’S SPOTLIGHT with Charles coming this Friday. But I didn’t see a schedule for the whole month. If the IBDLIVE is the place to look for future guests, that is fine by me too. FAQ page has upcoming guests fairly high up. So what does the 99% mean on OAS? At highs of the day how can we import live ready list into think or swim ? Hi Achal, very easy. Copy the tickers into excel. Copy the list from excel, then create a stock list in TOS, then in the ticker column, right click, and select “Import.” You’ll be able to select import tickers directly. ADDITIONAL ANSWER Hi
Achal! Check out this video or do your own web search for instructions for different features of thinkorswim. “Daily Relative Range” would be a valuable feature to add to MarketSmith ! live answered I thought that a few minutes ago David said he was out of the market. Now he says he is holding stocks. Which is it?? He said his exposure was at 0%. He has some long positions and some short positions which are basically cancelling each other out. thanks all you are all doing a great job in all markets. David Ryan is someone i learn from everytime. Some amazing well thought through and structured discussions. Please pass on what a great tutor and choice it was to make him a regular!
Congrats IBD is just integral to my thought process and decision making! Super to hear! Check out UPST Looks great. Powering to record highs. UPST is powering up live answered great info. Thanks Cheers April! AFRM pullback buy with a 4% stop live answered UPST looking very strong today. live answered GM to all. Can you please look at Lucid. Thanks, live answered Ali – can we get a summary of these great points David R is talking about re down days? Great stuff! Yes, we will cut this clip! PLTR has a beta of 0.77??? how is that possible??? live answered UPST beta is only .97 ?? live answered David Ryan is awesome! The tips that he shares every week is invaluable. Thanks, David. live answered David , any thoughts on PKI ? live answered David R., top notch stuff there! live answered David said the longer you want to keep a stock the more important the fundamental knowledge of the company is. Can he give an example of when his fundamental knowledge of the company overrode his technical decision and he kept the stock even
though it violated the technical analysis? The more you’re up on a stock, the more room you can give it/look at longer-term sell signals. We do not rely on fundamentals/story for a broken stock that we’re down on <bowing and thankful, Ali> Any time, Jerry!! Can you share the link of the premarket routine webbinar please Ali – will you clip out David Ryan’s video segment this morning into FAQ? Yes, will do! Thank you Alissa–this whole show is just amazing! Glad you like it, Nancy! David Ryan’s educational lessons are incredible. I cannot thank you guys enough for this. Even when he hits a basic topic, it is awesome to hear him explain it is easy to understand terms. live answered Justin do you still have or are buying NTLA? I ended up selling on Sept. 7. David, great analysis of how to handle a gap down market – excellent teaching moment! live answered David Ryan really brings additional value to IBDL ! Thanks! 🏆 live answered What do you guys think of PAYC? Thnx! live answered The last part of this presentation from about 10:15 an eastern until the end should be published for all IBD members to watch. yes, we will definitely cut a clip of today’s educational segment! CHris- Why is UBER NOT a Bottom 5 Week Flat Base? Absolutely looks like that. In setting stops should you use a percentage or a support area? Like a moving average or just a percentage like 8 %? Thanks 8% is typically our “absolute” stop, while there are often other support areas in price/MAs you can use before the stock hits the 8% stop. David Ryan addressed this in one of his prior educational segments. Check out this video on the FAQ
page — Sell Rules: How Buying Correctly Allows For Setting Proper Stops What would you recommend on PLTR at this point ? live answered What chart pattern recognitions can I set in TOS that is same as cup and handle? 3 Week tight? Thanks. I would reach out to TDA’s product support team for their help with this spy is about to turn negative live answered PLTR gone below days low…. Thoughts? live answered David Ryan is a WON national treasure! Thank you for your lessons and for being humble. live answered Professor Ryan not only a talented investor but a gifted teacher…Thank You live answered David R, thank you so much for a wonderful session. Learned so much!! live answered Fantastic teaching moments. Thank you to everyone, including behind the scenes! Happy Trading everyone. live answered Whats the pink line on your market smith screen? Hi Victor! We have all the info on the moving averages we use over at Ali, could you see if Rachel or one of the writers could do a story on GENI? Apparently this UK company provides all the raw data to every gambling company and casino. Interesting suggestion! I’ll pass along to our editor team. UBER: Bill has mentioned Bottom Bases. Why isn;t UBER a 5 Week Gap Down Bottom Base? I’m usually waiting for bottoming bases that occur over their 10-week/40-week moving average lines.
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