IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Sept. 3, 2021

In the late 80’s I took my dad’s car to the store. In the cassette deck was How to Sell Stocks by William Oneill featuring David Ryan. Been trading ever since! What a great way to get your start! DOCU please… I’m sure we’ll go there! GM IBD Live from a crisp sunny AM in Muskoka, CA; let’s roll! Good morning. Being a California boy, your use of CA always confuses me. That’s ours! Welcome back Chris! Thanks. Great to be back. Does it look like NOW is breaking an upper channel line, and if so, is this concerning? Thank you. I’d hesitate to draw a trend line this early from its breakout from such a long base. Have full position in NOW. Add or let it ride? If you’re treating it as a Long Term Leader, let it ride. Can we please look at DOCU? live answered Some adult supervision; Chris is in today! LOL Not a good sign when I’m seemingly the most responsible! Good morning. What’s your take on DOCU. live answered What is happening with Shop ? Didn’t like the reversal yesterday but it doesn’t seem broken. What was Chris’ first stock? CSCO in 1995. Had no idea what I had and sold it for a 5% gain. Good morning team. Good morning! just some feedback on Leaderboard. It would be helpful 1) if it listed the date when the text was updated, otherwise I see what you wrote but don’t know how current that is. 2) the exact price of the stock at the time that it was added or changed (like from half to 3/4). for 2) The exact price and time is on the chart. When it was initially added or on its final exit, that will be on the weekly chart. Adds an trim to the position will be on the daily chart. HI guys GM, Christ what do you think with UPST? we need to apply the 8 week rules? and also is making base on base chart pattern? live answered My apologies. I missed the first few minutes. Who is the guest today? Anne-Marie Baiynd. Longtime trader and IBD and MarketSmith user. Can you please remind us why bond yields are expected to rise with the job report that Ed described as weak but up to 5.4 from 5.2? Asking for a friend 😉 Maybe no Fed taper. Chris., thanks for FIGS. Up over 20% now on my latest buy.8 week rule? I have a tough time using the 8 week hold rule on IPOs in this market, expecially when more than 90% of IPO breakouts are failing. welcome back Chris…hope you had a great Vacation – I am heading up to Alaska (going Halibut Fishing) in a week for two weeks. That’s on my bucket list. Have a great time! Thanks for entertaining my persistence on some discussions on shorting with Fahmey and David recently. You are very welcome. You aren’t alone in the question. Any thoughts about Red Violet (RDVT). Decent technicals and a long base – can’t figure out if it just had a handle. Way too thin for us. Less than 40K shares trade on average per day. Ed – After listening to you on IBDLive, Elon just said “No Soup for you!”… LOL heh. I wish Ed Carson would get over his bias against TSLA and let the market give instruction Thanks for the comment. Over the past several months, Ed has actually been impartial in his analysis of the chart action by Tesla. He’s made it clear that he just does not like Musk. Ali – Yesterday, lots of names removed from Ready list – BSY, TSLA,UHAL, to mention a few – Any new develpments decided by your team last night??? I removed them because it seems in this market you need laser-like entries. So if you’re a little extended, it becomes tougher to hold. Chris – Thanks for your prophetic guidance on FIGS – stayed long!!! Don’t know if I was prophetic. Just had a modest position that I could sit with. ASO – Please educate me. I bought ASO at 39.47 and sold 1/3 of my position yesterday at 44.24. My question is, where is the next logical sell area? Thanks! Depends on your conviction and goal. As a swing trade, I would sell on a close below the 10-day and take more profit after it bounces off the 10-day and starts to lose momentum. As a position trade, I would be holding and maybe take off a third when it hits 20%. Then let the rest go until a decisive weekly close below the 10-week moving average. We used to use QQQ & a set of channel lines. Why no channel lines anymore? The standard deviation lines were very helpful last year when the market was so wild. That channel has broken and is no longer relevant. For now, it is the distance from the 50-day that is governing the QQQs and Comp. MDB into the BZ live answered IDXX update Good looking weekly chart, Dennis; currently more than 1% above the 10-week MA. and Chris – what your strategy on DOCU following earnings? reduced into the number – do we add to position??? Thanks I’m treating most of my stocks as swing trades, so I closed DOCU for a small profit. We just added it to SwingTrader, so I have to wait another 20 minutes or so before I could buy. If I had bought it where we added it to Leaderboard, I would have sat with it and would be adding today. may I get a option to see only speckers window not all the penelist?? We’re working Zoom to restore all the viewing options so everyone can customize their view to what works best. UPST, TASK NH Def two of the very best new IPOs right now to Chris – good to see you on the show today! Your perspective brings a lot of experience to the show. Thanks, from Mpls Thanks Scott. It’s good to be back. to Dark Ops – who is on the D.O. team this morning? Looks like it’s Hat man and me. We both had some other morning duties so we’re tag teaming. ZIM – all the drinks are on Ed… LOL Nice week for ZIM! I second that, Doug! Ha ha DOCU weekly chart looks great live answered Chris – Thanks for your DOCU answer – live answered DOCU – Wow! What a great buy for Leaderboard. THat would be one of those 1-2 big gains per year examples. Did you buy it in Leaderboard at the top of the gap up or in the middle? Thanks! It’s currently a half-size position. Large- and megacap techs certainly still leading this market rally. We noted a trend line early buy point and a Shakeout + 3 entry in June near 189. Our initial qtr posn entered on June 4 at 231.39 price. We added another qtr position (2.5% of portfolio) on July 6, 291.81 entry. Can we look at LEN please? Thank you. Hi Karine, this week’s action is mixed. A negative reversal in the making, and yet the base is still intact. Pls notice too how Lennar is still trading above the 10-week MA, a positive note. URNM — nice call Scott !! uranium names up huge this week CCJ URA too and U.UN on Toronto Stock Exchange Huge up week indeed! can Anne Marie explain what she’s talking about doing with options? live answered What about SIG this morning? The action was a little weird yesterday. Not a bad first 5-min bar but that second one was a doozy. Hasn’t really recovered from that yet. Anne Marie too hard too follow. Dont understand what shes talking about live answered What type of trader is Ann Marie? Day trader?? Depends on which account she’s trading. She trades for income as well as long-term gains. Did Anne mean selling a put on MDB? Exactly, selling a put — vs buying a put — is a bullish trade. You sell the put option to receive premium, and you think the stock won’t fall any further. If the stock holds up or rises, then day by day the put option you sold will erode in value (premium). You can later buy the option back and close the trade for a profit. We also call this selling a cash-secured put. Gavin McMaster has written a number of nice articles explaining this trade, Leonard. Cheers, HatMan Dave — Peter Lynch Bingo “Trade what you know” – Peter Lynch live answered Peter Lynch? Exactly Anne-Marie Wow what great insights into trading! live answered MP has largest lithium mine in North Am. Good insight Anne-Marie, sounds like you more of a long term trader and not going for swing trades? Hmm, I wonder about that. She is not detailing that so far in her comments. Pho We knew we could count on our audience for the water etf answer! DE live answered DE – Time to buy?! live answered DE live answered DOCS reached $100, any comments? Woo-hoo! Is anyone “concerned” to see the Nasdaq Adv-Dec line faultering as Nasdaq rises? How much do panelists rely on this data? Thanks! The Nasdaq A/D line has been improving over the past 10 days or so, so that’s positive. Still, it’s pretty weak. Meanwhile, the NYSE A/D line actually hit a new high on Thu. What is the phrase that Anne Marie referred to used by the military pilots? OODA Loop What is the thing that Anne Marie just described?Obeserve, Orient, ??? Observe, Orient, Decide, Act is the OODA Loop. I haven’t heard you guys talk about TASK.. it keeps ripping!! THoughts? It’s been a monster but is too extended now. What time zone is Anne-Marie referring to when she says 9:30am? Eastern What are your thoughts on Shopify after yesterday’s reversal and another pop today take third off? live answered DOCS update please 🙏 how are you handling this in this market? live answered Great instructional segment by Anne-Marie Baiynd – I wish I could have absorbed it all! Will it be highlighted in the FAQ as a separate link from the whole video? Check it out on the archives. That will be up later today. comments on ZS? take some profits here? It’s acting well – but earnings are coming up. I’m thinking about what to do with my shares. Request for Anne-Marie to share more details of her options strategy, thanks Asking Ali to do follow-up Qs right now. Thanks DOCS if this is a true market leader, what will Bill be doing? Buying more instead of selling? Can you go over those conditions thanks Bill had an uncanny knack of finding the big winner of a market run. If he really believed in DOCS, he’d probably be finding ways to funnel more and more into it (carefully). But I don’t know if Bill would say DOCS is that kind of stock – or just something to ride for a while or take quick profits. Great learning today! What’s the best program to follow candlesticks in real-time. My ISP has a bit of a lag on my desktop. I use ThinkOrSwim and as long as you have good speed in your computer and internet connection the ticks will be truly real time. Anne-Marie is great btw Nice! Can we get your thoughts on Shopify please Nice to see it respect that 10-week MA, and that it’s outperforming most indexes this week. Perhaps, after its supercharged rally since 2016, it’s just going to be rising at a slower speed. I think a base on base is forming right now. HatMan Dave — Ann-Maria is excellent !! Bring her back more often. Great to hear! Anne-Marie is fantastic!!! Need to put her candlestick segment on DE & DOCU online as a separate video!!! Good idea! HatMan – thanks so much for the nice surprise! I’ll post a picture on Twitter when I get a few minutes. You’re welcome Doug! Looking forward to it. Thanks for your support of IBD! does Anne-Marie have website service? Hatman – Thanks for the reply regarding DOCS on Leaderboard. Cheers! My pleasure — DOCU and DOCS are A+ names right now! Anne-Marie you are excellent! You captured my attention! I actually stop all my trading and listen to you! Same for us. thoughts on TEAM Strong action. Notice how it never filled in that positive gap following earnings. Extended for now, Devarshi. XP – What price would Chris start a position? I heard waiting for tight area, but missed full analysis. Sorry… I don’t see an entry yet. We’ll keep watching and see what emerges. I’m sure we will be discussing it on IBD Live. SNAP is a good one to continue this conversation…frustration and headfakes. Can you take a look? Hi Jacob, sure, as a megacap this one just seems like it’s going to move a little more slowly. Watch for a potential base on base to form. Bitcon is holding above 50k. ETH has big momentum. Any ideas? I bought ETHE, the ETF that follows Ethereum. Trying to build a long-term position on pullbacks. I used to be able to see close caption when I watch ed the recording until it stopped working about 2-3 weeks ago. CC is a nice feature for those who can’t hear very well and those whose first language is not English. Please enable CC. It helps. Thank you. Checking with the video team on when it will be fixed. RIOT MARA are both bitcoin miners. Not indirect blockchain plays. Good point, I did not know that about Riot. ETSY is has been slowly breaking. Today is moving strong. Is today a good time to buy? Ideas? I look at 8/26 as the entry crossing resistance with higher volume. Thanks, Chris – XP. live answered Thank you for inviting Ann Marie to the show for a new trading perspective. Very refreshing! Irusha first invited her to the podcast. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Great info and classs!! Thank you! Candlesticks in MarketSmith – Any ETA? Q1 next year at the earliest. This is the 1st episode where Justin has not chimmed in…LOL He was paying attention to Anne-Marie. Hi Anne Marie – if we want to learn more about how you trade, where can we look? do you guys ever take a trade where price and pattern look great but there is no volume on that current day? Occasionally, but I really want to see volume, even if it’s only higher than recent days.
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