IBD Live Q&A Recap, Key Stock Lists For Dec. 1, 2021

Question Answer(s) GM IBD Live from a bluebird morning in Dallas, let’s roll as there were some good earnings yesterday post close. Hey Thomas! Hope you’re having a great year in the market, and thank you for joining us each day. DSG looking smart as always Hi Phil, Happy Wednesday! What was the lead in song? Good Q Andy! We just got a few more songs, and according to Chris, Kyndal Inskeep is lead singer in the song Jet Stream, written by Chris’ friend Steve Morton! Good morning. That was a great tune. I love hearing music I don’t know .. Thumbs up Nice to hear April! We just got a few more songs, and according to Chris, Kyndal Inskeep is lead singer in the song Jet Stream, written by Chris’ friend Steve Morton! Apparently it is impossible to change my display name for this recurring meeting from my first name to my full name, Eden Scott. (EDEN, like the Garden). I participate almost every day and for some strange reason I’d really like my full name
in there when I ask a question. Any thoughts…close the account and start again maybe… That’s odd because we can change our names all the time. Dave seems to do it multiple times during the week. I just tried to change your name but couldl not. I will check around. Good morning! This is like a ping pong market here…waiting on a decisive direction either up or down. Me too. My marketsmith annual subscription expired and there is nowhere for me to subscribe again. Every option is for the 3 week trial, which I’ve already used. Do you have a direct link? I do not have a link but please reach out to [email protected] for help with renewing! 🙂 what was the name of that song GM Eric! We just got a few more songs, and according to Chris, Kyndal Inskeep is lead singer in the song Jet Stream, written by Chris’ friend Steve Morton! In my IRA I wanted to hedge my equities positions with SQQQ but be able to take advantage of the volatility, so I bought TQQQ at the same time. The logic was that, if Nasdaq rebounded, I would sell the TQQQ and use SQQQ to protect the equities.
Is this a recognized strategy with a name and does IBD have articles on it? The TQQQ and SQQQ would be offsetting each other if they are similar size postions in dollar value. Therefore you would still be exposed as you were before adding those leveraged ETFs. Looking Sharp HatMan!! Cheers, Patrick, thank you much! AMBA is up big live answered Ken – you in Dark Ops? Today, yes. Will be on show tomorrow. Good Morning, Team! Hey Tom! Hope you’re well. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! FYI, yesterday’s IBDLive replay is not working. Thanks Let us check this out. Thank you Any thoughts on the NASDAQ A/D line making a new low? One of many reasons we put the market uptrend under pressure. Breadth has been weak for a while. Is market in confirmed uptrend or under pressure? Marketsmith indicates under pressure, but IBD Digital indicates confirmed uptrend? Under pressure Good morning! Almost didn’t recognize you in the formal minus the hat, hatman Dave! Nice change though! Ha ha ha! The hats will never go away Hat Man 2; I’m just mixing it up a bit. David Saito-Chung looking very dapper, love it! Always! TSLA on a daily chart RS line above the last time the stock hit the 1200 mark! Hi Ron, that’s a good point, like to see the RS line keep rising and maybe even take out that early November peak too! ZS actionable? Still looks extended after first bounce off 10-week line in October. bless you Haha SNOW earnings after the close, testing 10 week. live answered Hi David, You always mention interesting stories that I haven’t read. Is there an easy way to find new content on IBD Digital as it is published or do I have to navigate around to each of the sections to see if something is there? Thanks. Hi Leo, thanks very much for this nice comment. Admittedly, searching for stories on our website,, is not easy! One reason is that we truly jam-pack it w/ stories, tables, data, other content. So, I like to highlight that a story
such as “Sector Leaders” “Stock Spotlight” or “Inside Big Cap 20” will always be under “Stock Lists” on the main navigation bar on the home page. Stock Market Today stories are always either on the home page, and a scrolling list of 6,
7 stories a day are under “Market Trend.” The search bar on the homepage may also help; I always encourage listeners to remember names of writers whose articles they like, whether it is Nancy Gondo, Michael Larkin, Patrick Seitz (asst
tech editor), Reinhardt Krause (tech), and Aparna Narayanan and Adelia Linecker (news and autos writers). Hope this helps! Cheers, Dave What were the stocks from Irusha and Justin? AMBA, HUT, AAPL Why does David has a tie on??? He’s just a sharp-dressed man. NXPI – We covered this yesterday, but based on yesterday’s tight close, it looks like it received nice accumulation with the highest volume in the base (According to MS). Could we circle back and discuss? HI Jeff! Great action this morning, IMHO. Right now, volume on MarketSmith shows a 135% increase vs its 50-day moving average pace. Check out that RS line, moving in the right direction and clearing the highest levels since the handle formed,
too. I do like the 2021 eps estimates (10.58/shr, up 999%!) and 2022 eps estimate (12.04, up 14%). Contrafund, Janus Henderson Enterprise, Franklin Growth all own shares. Lot of CAN SLIM qualities. $62 bil market cap, impressive. Just
keep in mind the weekly chart does show above-average price swings. ASAN a buy after earning? Market under pressure No worries, Kam! I am glad you mentioned ASAN, though; this could become a short-sale candidate over time. Oops mean AMBA live answered TSLA crossing TL live answered Good morning! Looking forward to insightful comments from IBD professionals. GM (Good morning) Hideo! Thank you so much for joining us. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. HatMan David yori Heard that we hit a record number of options trades last month, can you discuss implications of that? Good point; certainly the year of wallstreetbets! I think for many years the options exchanges and brokers had been working hard at educating the public about these “esoteric” derivatives. I even attended an options introductory seminar at
the Tokyo Stock Exchange back in 1998. But Covid, WFH and SFH in 2020, and amazing technology innovation to me seemed to led to a tipping point for the options market in 2021. Ali – curious, does IBD Digital update the market outlook at a different time than Marketsmith? (Under pressure/Confirmed uptrend.) Where in IBD Digital are you seeing confirmed uptrend? when Market Pulse changes to ‘under pressure’, does the 8 week hold rule trump as long as the stock is acting well (I own Ford). wwWmOd? live answered RIOT up 4% Bitcoin up, Bitcoin-related stocks up. When will we have Charles or Fahmy or Minervini on? They all seem so very helpful. We had Joe Fahmy on 11/12, we def want him back. It’s all about the scheduling. We have a new guest scheduled for Dec, in addition to Evan Medeiros on Friday and Matt Caruso back on Dec 10. AAPL NH live answered What is actionable for Irusha? live answered I am surprized that AAPL is not on Leaderboard. We already have megacap tech exposure with MSFT and GOOGL hi panelis amba acctionable for day trading? live answered Comments on AMBA 5-minute chart please, stellar Q as reported by HatMan Will do! What about stocks that support AAPL such as JAMF, etc.? live answered Review NFLX for a long term buy and hold position. Hi DV, a 3.2% drop for the week is disappointing, but would like to see it get support near/at the 10-week MA by end of week. Would not like to see NFLX return to the 600 level and round trip nice gains. I bought AMBA on the dip….thank you Nice job Phil AMBA happy; as usual, wished that I had more, but what can you do? Nice Job Joanna! What’s driving AMBA? Earnings APPS-thoughts? Really hasn’t acted well since earnings. AMBA – have early position, lots of cushing and reduced 2 times ahead of earnings…Can you add back here? What do you look for to add to existing position? live answered AMBA spnsorship has improved in recent Q Great point Do you ever cover after hour trades. AMBA would have been a great trade after earnings last night But it can go the other way. ZS was up 6%-7% and is now up 3%. NTAP was up 2%-3% and is now down 4%. Hard to know if overnight action will hold. Can we look at MTTR. Endorsed by Josh Brown on CNBC The true breakout was on Nov. 15. Too late to buy now. Good morning, Irusha — you mentioned that 28% of Nasdaq Comp stocks are above their 200-days. I see that StockCharts shows this percentage using $NAA200R, but other sources like BarCharts and TradingView show around 43%, using the NCTH symbol.
I’m not sure what to make of this. Cheers Hi Michael, i just usually check the stockcharts stat. I have found it’s best to stick with one source so you can notice the changes. With all of the crash and grab, need security cameras For sure; better ones too! NXPI at proper trig live answered INMD has dropped hard on heavy volume over the last two weeks & I have taken partial profits. Could we discuss how to handle it if if you have a substantial cushion on the remaining shares ? live answered I see the Market Action listed in the swing trader is stating Market in Sideways Trend. This is different than what you stated in the IBD Live Maket under pressure. My question is which one is correct? They are different because they are looking at different time frames. In SwingTrader, we don’t have a uptrend under pressure. It’s uptrend, sideways, downtrend. NOW down 2%, any news? I don’t see any. I suspect it’s a reaction to CRM guidance and sell-off. NXPI? live answered Can you review F. thanks We just did a few minutes ago. Tsla a wbbie shelf Webby shelves are tighter! Ali – Would you please give a link to the book recommendations? SNOW is getting clobbered, down another 3.5% before earnings tonight live answered Do you have a link to “webby shelf?” Not familiar with this pattern. We have a link to shelf at So with LCID what would we be watching for here? High tight flag MARA looks good Yes – Bitcoin bounce lifting the miners today. Thanks ED, ZS not looking good. Do you know how quick MS post Earnings reports? I have never tried to look at that ? AMBA had a great reoort ZS not so much, not sure when that info is posted? We wrote about ZS last night. I don’t know why the stock is off highs. Obviously it had held up well while a lot of software names tumbled … so maybe the good news is priced in. CRM weakness might be making people nervous about software
generally. But I don’t know! MSFT? Still acting very well. Stands out among big software firms – though MSFT in many ways is a cloud computing play. SNOW selling off, thoughts on what to look for in near term? live answered FTNT is pulling back to it’s 50 again — if it fell thru & closed 2% below it would you recommend taking partial profits? A clear break of the 10-week after such an unusual run for the stock would be a sell signal for me. ABNB @ DT Line and crossing 50D Travel stocks having a good day. Will that hold up? Hard to say. I’m thinking of hitting my profit goal and sell everything today Phil, I like your thinking on that, especially if your strategy is short-term trading. You never talk too much!!! Good to hear! Irusha rocks I enjoyed Irusha’s comment about the 200-day. live answered We love Irusha’s comments!! live answered Irusha – so, you don’t use any sell rules in your retirement account? Buy quality stocks and just keep them up or down? Hi Sara, i always use sell rules regardless of the accounts. Even in the retirement account, if it is down 8% below the 200 day i will cut the loss. Managing your risk is the most important thing. I had to learn that lesson the hard way a
number of times early on. Irusha, you never talk too much with all the wisdom flowing out of you! live answered Irusha… you cannot talk as much as Webby😂 Fight On!✌️ lol. oh I miss Webby. Fight On! We’re back! Irusha is great he can talk as much he wants as far as I am concerned. Nice ASAN insider buy on Nov 23 & Nov 24 was around 15 and 12 Million. Looks now the stock is at 100 $ support . Any comments from the team for a possible entry at this point. If earnings are strong, ASAN could rebound – but it could also break hard. Heading into earnings, I don’t think the chart looks good at all. Irusha’s an old friend of mine. Thanks, man. Been listening to you for about 10 yrs. Thanks for all your good advice ! That’s awesome Lonzel just keep talking Irusha, great comments always thanks Cesar! “Keep talking Irusha! You are a good person and many people in the market are experiencing your results vs others who only speak about their big winners. Being overweight in TSLA has been a fortunate winner but not consistent with the overall IBD strategy.” Thanks Judi. please comment on ZI action yesterday I didn’t see any news. But after finding support at 50-day line, ZI broke hard. Just a tough time for software names. Top of the morning to you all. Love, love, love this show. Please offer insights on SITM which is up 5% this AM. I see that it is thinly traded but it has been performing well since added to the midcap index. Thanks as always for your help. We love that you love the show! A great group, as we’ve talked about group peers AMBA, NVDA, AMD, etc. SITM looks like a hold if you own it, but too extended for a new buy as it’s not forming a proper chart pattern and about 27% above the
50-day which is extended what about RIOT ? I know it exited leaderboard, but it has been rebounding. Thoughts? live answered Could you also look at BITF. live answered “RMBS holding gains after earnings report and semiconductor sector seems to be doing well. good time to start a position? thoughts from IBD team” It’s extended from the 24.99 buy point. I would wait for a pullback to the 21 day before starting a position. Good morning. Do you have one article that describes the research IBD has done on the market’s behavior over the Moving Averages? For example, I’ve heard panelists mention the Qs 7% above the 50 is getting extended. Thank you! I don’t see an article on it but our colleague Prabin Bishoyi created an AI tool that can analyze a stock or index and determine where it is most likely to pull back. 7% is the value for the Nasdaq. 6% for the S&P. Thoughts on ONON please 🙂 I closed my position yesterday because it round-tripped a 40% gain. But the puts made all the difference. I locked in about 80% of my gain near the top. Irusha – follow up question, you sell if the stock breaks 8% below 200 day but keep even if it is 8% below the purchase price in retirement accounts? Hi Sara, regardless of account, I always do my best to manage my risk and not allow any stock to fall below 8%. So if it is in my retirement account and it is down 8%, I am selling it. Is there an ETF for electric vehicles with any volume? DRIV is an EV ETF (but pls look at the components.) LIT is a battery/lithium play. ALB is top holding, but TSLA, BYDDF are major components, along with several China battery makers. Irusha, it’s not so much the pandemic that is causing chip development to be moved to the US; it’s instead the imevitable takeover of Taiwan by China. you’re absolutely right. a national security issue for sure. LSI — Outside Day that actually ingulfs the last 8 trading days. Powerful day. I like it. What was the symbol for the low priced. Stock that Justin and hat man just mentioned UMC. I saw some news on thinkorswim that they have expanded a partnership with MU. Any particular source to get selected good stocks for short-term trading? Check the Ready List each day. We put on stocks that are showing short-term and/or early entries like downtrend breaks and moving-average reversals. Is red vol spike a good sign too? If it closes high in the range or if it barely moved. so how do I get to the “Income Investor” again? Go to the Research link and you’ll find the link in the third column. “Irish’s, I call it the ‘rolling thunder’ round. 😉” Definitely when we have AC & DC on IBD Live. How to get to NEW Q&A’s witout scrolling entire chain? I don’t know. That’s how I get to them. Revisit MTTR? Looks like a hold for those who own! Too extended for a buy thanks so much Irusha for your comments throughout the show,like how NXPI is the last one inthe group to run,or is better to invest in the best area in the market, great to hear. thanks so much. AAPL is on Swingtrader – whats your exit plan? Apple is not on SwingTrader anymore. WILL YOU REPEAT WHAT DAVE SAID TO KEEP AN EYE ON? On IWM, can it rebound after an 11.5% correction? Nice work everyone live answered Good show, keep up the good work and humor! live answered Revvin’ Evan! live answered Good Job today, Team !!! (from Mpls) live answered
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