IBD Live Q&A Recap, Key Stock Lists For Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021

Question Answer(s) A Thrifty Thursday to The bestest business Team in Th’ world! (from The ten Thousand lakes land of MN) G’morning Scott. You guys should start a radio station .. I am forced to listed to Bloomberg all day but their personalities and content just don’t match up to all of you with IBD. Well, as print journalists (mostly), we’ve got a face for radio but a voice for print… welcome back Ken. We’re happy he’s back Dennis. GM, thanks for joining us. Glad to have Ken and Rachel again Good to hear Great to see you Ken! Glad you’re back! We are too, Shari! Keeeeeeeeeeeeeen! Woo hoo!!! I executed my plan yesterday. Thanks Dave. You rock, Phil. Nice job. Rachel – any good option ideas for us? Thx Hope you have been watching her options videos, David. Pls let me and Rachel know your thoughts on them! Cheers Morning. I own some Fidelity Contrafund which is growth oriented. Should I just hold long-term since it is a mutual fund or trade it moe like a QQQ position? It will come under pressure when the market is weak. If you are dollar-cost average keep doing it. Over the long term you will do well. Love it when Ed hosts, always good to see Rachel and Ken welcome back!!! Justin, appreciate all ur insights! Awesome, good to hear! SNOW is my stock today. live answered Good morning everyone! Ken, glad to have you back front and center! Totally agree Ron Love the can slim system , protecting portfolios when market shows weakness. Great comment! Hope everyone listening in focuses on the M in “MAN SLIC” — If we trimmed SNOW, would today be a good day to put some shares back into our portfolio> live answered Can you talk about defensive selling today? Is the IBD stratagy to cut losses in this environnment, even if they are heavy? We always want to make sure our losses aren’t getting out of hand. We try to keep our losses to a maximum of 7-8% but when the market comes under pressure we usually like to keep an even tighter leash on things. We look at percentage declines
in tandem with volume and where a stock is trading in relation to key price levels and its moving averages. I’m sure the team will share even more details about defensive selling today! And you can always check out our resources at
as well 🙂 Would you add SNOW back to LB as it gapped up on earnings today? live answered would you please repeat how exactly to get Mr. David Ryan’s daily routine. I am having lot of trouble getting that information. We haven’t cut a clip of his educational segment from Tuesday yet, but I’ll do that today. In the meantime, you can check out other David Ryan clips at our FAQ page at Most of them are labeled with David Ryan in the
headline. It’s been an year since I started watching live and member of MS, digital, tried LB and ST etc etc and didn’t miss LIVE a day. I was going to take an yearly membership but IBD Live doesn’t have any deals for yearly membership. IBD Live team – come on team 🙁 Email our team at [email protected] about this – our group isn’t in charge of that but maybe a product coach or someone in our customer success dept. can help NXPI taking a hit as an Apple supplier? Perhaps. Definitely seeing some Apple chips get nicked today. But a lot of chips are down today beyond the iPhone ecosystem. ALI – Would it be possible for you to add a list of all the FTD’s on both the NASDAQ Comp and the S&P500 to the Q & A? This would be useful for investors to go back and study charts with MarketSmith using the change date feature. Totally hear you on this. Right now, investors can get info about market direction in each day’s Big Picture column and if you have Leaderboard and Market School there’s a chart we mark up daily. I’m not sure how far it goes back. But we definitely
welcome our audience following along and tracking our market direction calls! Was the song this am played and sung by Jackie Greene? Yes, I think it was “Recession Proof” Good morning, all – love seeing you back, Ken. VRTX was up in a big way. Any thoughts on efficacy of investment here? We prefer buying stocks in established uptrends — this one is just starting to turn around. Would consider it more seriously once it forms a base that has the 50-day crossing back above the 200-day Good morning to all and Happy pre Friday! Hi Peter! In our after-show meeting, Justin commented to me that the Homewood, Ill., pizza rocks! AAPL succumbed to gravity. Newton was right! Ha! Did SNOW get cut off Leaderboard the other day? Yes, we first trimmed to a quarter position on 11/30 at 338, then removed the remaining quarter-size posn on 12/1 at 320. We should have been quick to nail gains on the way up, following its entrance on Leaderboard as a half-size position
(5% of the model portfolio) on 10/14 at 333. You can see the exact entry and exit information on a LB stock’s weekly chart. We need to have an episode with all woman panel, Rachel, Alissa and two other women guests, and send all the dudes to do dark ops for once 😀 Fine with me! BUG etf? Long-term conviction on security doesn’t mean much? Security software really getting hit hard this week GM! Could you comment on CRM. I was stopped out. Have you removed CRM from all your lists? A number of our lists are algorithm-based, only a few are human-picked. But with yesterday’s damage, woudn’t see it being on many lists if any SNOW bk abv 50D live answered Justin mentioned S9 signal on market school. I’ve watched that online training. Are the signals tracked on the IBD site somewhere? I write a market commentary for those that have a subscription to Leaderboard and have purchased Market School. This is for Rachel. You mentioned last week you use a price below the 10DMA as a sell signal. How do you determine this and do you use a percentage below the 10DMA to draw a line in the sand? A close below the 10-day MA along a stock’s advance, especially if it’s been holding that level along its run, is one of IBD’s sell rules (but it’s an optional one — could use the 21-day MA or even the 50-day MA, depends on the stock and how
it’s trading, what kind of market we’re in, your trading style, etc.) could we please spend more time on the advance decline line chart – from a educational stance. Ed discussing now. whats the symbol for the vix in marketsmith? 0VIX (that’s a zero) I got me some SQQQ last Monday. First time ever having a position in something like this. What should I look for as far as taking profits or sell rules? Look for a buy signal on QQQ. is the put/call ratio telling us anything ? Closed at 0.73, so nothing excessive at this point. A spike above 1.15 will often mark at least a short-term market bottom. When is Charles (Mr. Reversal buyer) coming back? Probably in January! which moving averages are you looking at? Hey Jethro! We have all the details on the moving averages we use for various timeframes at 🙂 Nice to see Rachael on the show today! 🙂 Great to be here (: I have six positions, TQQQ, AMD, AMZN, SOXL, ADSK, and BOTZ they all move as one. What is up with that? AMD is part of TQQQ and SOXL. AMZN is in TQQQ and a lot of BOTZ are in TQQQ and/or SOXL (NVDA and UPST) are among the largest postions. Plus all these tickers are growth-oriented, which get hit hard when the market comes under pressure. I know IBD is based on technical analysis, and fundamentals are not mentioned that much, but what specific fundamentals does IBD look at to confirm or guide in stock selections. Primarily earnings and sales growth. IBD is based on BOTH fundamentals and technicals! We discuss the technicals a lot on the show because that guides our timing of buys. But in terms of screening stocks to look at in the first place, fundamentals
are a big component of how we’re screening for stocks. Any idea what caused BILL to start tanking? Software stocks are getting crushed in recent days. Aggression makes money but also loses. lol Aggression timed right is my goal. Are the IBD 50 part of the 250? A lot of them will be but not necessarily. Great analysis, helping me with decisions Great to hear, Tim! SIG down 5% Yeah big sell signal today as it plunges below the 50-day hi morn all.. when might a FTD come into play here. After we declare the market in a correction. We want to see the Nasdaq to close decisively below the 50-day. Can we talk about shorting? This might be that time again. live answered can you guys answer my question? what will market do if every investor started trading based on technicals? That’s an incredibly difficult question to answer! There are many different trading styles out there. And for one, institutional money managers can’t be as nimble as individuals because of the amount of money they are handling. They have longer time horizons for that reason. NXPI goes positive after Ed and Rachel discuss! Nice!! Market movers right there. Ed, do you know to what extend AAPL is making their own chips? Because they are, but I was wondering to what extent because that will impact the suppliers like QCOM. Yes, that’s what I was getting at with modem chips. I bot a new iphone yesterday. The store was packed with people. Good intel! Thanks Can we take a look at Macy’s? Is it officially busted after going below the ascending base entry? It’s holding right around the 50 day. While the volume hasn’t been super heavy alongside the declines, that’s a pretty big haircut the stock took in a short amount of time. Which definitely makes it NOT a gentle/orderly pullback like we like to see. A round trip of a huge gain,
which is a sell signal. But you are right, finding support at the 50-day for now! Can yall take a look at NUE? It’s down about 10% since recommended recently. Great stock , but I’m questioning continued hold w/ dip. You should be selling if you’re down more than 8%. Keep your losses small and live to fight another day. What about shorting indexes? SQQQ or SH? Better to go with SQQQ when the market is extended vs. already taking a hit Hi Rachel, what were you seeing when u compared PFE and RGEN? Where is it that u r seeing more volatility in PFE? Thanks Good question. The point I was making was that PFE, MRNA and BNTX are all more sensitive to any Covid-related news since they’re primary vaccine makers. Good morning, IBD! Any plans to have Kathy Donnelly on again soon? She is quite a busy woman! 🙂 We were able to align our schedules for an appearance from her this spring thanks Ali, it is good information. sometime when i hear thta some fund managers are buying dips in stock and i wonder that do they ever buy at ideal point or not? We have a list of mutual funds that we like to follow. Will Danoff, which has managed Fidelity Contrafund for a long time, credits William O’Neil as one of his big influences. But as a mutual fund, he doesn’t use IBD buy/sell rules. However, he is in many of the same kinds of stocks we’re in. Same thing for Lord Abbott, for example. T. Rowe Price New Horizons is another that’s mentioned a lot by the team. explain contango on sqqq? I’d recommend checking out investopedia for more information on investing definitions like contango 🙂 “SQQQ shows a three weeks tight at “bottom”. Hmmmm….” Because of contango, I do not apply techinical analysis to SQQQ. Look at QQQ to make your decisions. I am having better results with TZA than with SQQQ. The IWM is much weaker than the QQQ. Well done, Steve Is SEDG actionable off the 10-wk and ENPH off the 21-dma? I am not adding or opening any long positions until the market regains its uptrend. Isnt the FED a bigger reason why market is falling ? Definitely a key factor, but the omicron news hit stocks on Friday and Wednesday. For AAPL, when counting the numbers of days after the breakout, should you use the early 153.16 buy point or the traditional 157.26 buy point? Since there was a handle entry at 153.26, 157.36 would not be considered a proper entry — the stock was pretty extended by the time it was crossing that level The hardship IBD Live would have with covering shorting is that you’d need to be discussing a whole different subset of stocks, their fundamental picture, etc. Usually Live covers the story of a stock or industry group on a consistent basis,
so it would detract from time needed while the general market uptrend is still intact. Maybe “IBD Live Short” might be an additional program you guys might want to ponder during a bear market. But in the meantime, those interested in shorting
should acquire and study Bill O’Neill’s equally awesome and neglected (by IBD) book, How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short. Not necessarily. The best shorts are leaders that roll over. I keep a short watchlist and am paying more attention to it. We need some short-term strength to create good entries. Hi Ali, I appreciate the detailed reply on Macy’s. You hit on the action I was noticing myself like the volume and so many down days in a row. Of course! 🙂 Great minds think alike 😉 can anyone explain how the invested percentage on swing trader is applied to new and existing positions? what would a full position at .33 invested percentage mean? Say a full position is 11% of your portfolio. .33 invested percentage would mean three full positions, or six half positions, etc. We have had a lot of sector rotation this year, could this drop be another switch? My TGLS and WIRE have dropped a lot less than my tech stocks Nice job with those Jack, definitely showing relative strength! May we look at NET and DDOG? Both bouncing of 50 DMA. Thank you, NET hitting resistance at the 50-day. DDOG looks better but I think the market risk outweighs the support at these moving averages. what was the symbol shown earlier that shows the A/D line? GMIAB Rachel: I made 28% on M- so thanks for that! Great timing on trade. Great job! Glad to hear it. Please post the guest speakers for December. Really enjoy Done! 🙂 Would you agree that in most cases, when Moving Averages lines (10, 21, 50 day – 10 and 40 wk MAs) are trending downward, to avoid entering a new position? Trying to think of an exception to this… one that comes to mind is DOCU with its game-changing earnings reaction in June. We added it to Leaderboard and had a nice trade with that over the next few months. But there are not many exceptions to that general rule you’re outlining! Alissa is ON IT today …. Amazing job in the dark ops You’re too kind 🙂 Happy to help! Anecdotal: A JC Penny’s employee told me yesterday that they were down 40K in sales below expectations for the Black Friday weekend. Interesting info! Energy should be a long term hold? Thoughts For our style, there isn’t much that we consider long term holds other than long-term leader stocks. And even then, we have sell rules in place. And espeically with commodity related stocks, while there are times they can really outperform,
they can also be at the mercy of swings in the underlying commodity itself is that a double bottom on RBLX? While yesterday’s low is undercutting a recent low, is not a proepr double bottom — most of our traditional “base patterns” take 5, 6, 7, 8 weeks to form, rather than just 1-2 weeks. OILPRICE.COM tracks all energy prices and news I use it Tim JPMorgan predics a $150 barrel for 2023 Really? Thanks for sharing. Goldman Sachs got burned for posting a super-bullish forecast, I think it was $200, 7 or 8 years ago? “BOOT” seems to be holding up quite well. Such a winner! Definitely am jealous of that move. Congrats to those in this one 3x levered funds are very dangerous, in my experience. I agree with Scott St. Clair on that point. YES you have to be super, super careful. just curious about what TSLA looks like and the EV’s like Rivian TSLA falling below its 21-day for now but still around recent levels. RIVN still hitting resistance at 120 I have Founders Club which is all-encompassing I believe. Do I have access? I’m not sure what specific access you are referring to — but you should have access to everything! Email our team at [email protected] for assistance with anything you need access to 🙂 FIVE – Irusha likes it now? I don’t think he’d be a fan of the RS line or RS rating. Below its 10-week and 40-week on the weekly chart despite today’s bounce Any chance the Mike Webster could be an All-Star guest one day? His current gig prevents him from commenting on the market/stocks, but as soon as he’s able to come on we want him to come on! 🙂 0TNX, 0vix, GMIAB etc. these are handy. Is there a list of these somewhere? Yes! In MarketSmith, click on the down arrow box that’s just to the right of the ticker box. Under “Popular Indices” click on “View Market Indices List” 🙂 TSLA getting hit live answered Webby was a big loss-I learned so much from him! yes, a big loss for us all no doubt The RS lines for EXR, LSI, REXR, DRE (Finance Property REIT) are at new highs. G6730 has 197 stocks, which, of course can be segmented to determine specific areas of strength. Wishing I was in LAND! Hi Alissa, I was replying to Justin’s comment on Market School. I found it on the Leaderboard product. All set, thanks very much. Great!! Thanks Dave…I was pleased with yesterday. Cool I would cut TSLA here Phil, what about a follow-on entry possibility at the 10-week MA? Do you make buys in CAN SLIM stocks often on pullbacks, or go w/ other moving averages?
and TSLA — Needs to hold above 1,000. Watching it like a hawk, and for a potential test of the 10-week MA — BLDR holding up through the volatility Most definitely! DIOD Holding at 21 ema Article was very good on this stock. Good eye! Another Tesla flaming crash yesterday. One person died. They sure make the news. i can see circuit breakers soon live answered “Thanks Alissa :)” You bet! surprised that we are not in a Market under pressure with the record on names at levels under the 200Day. its worse then Mar2020? noone catch this? We are in Uptrend Under Pressure. A decisive close below the 50 for the Nasdaq would probably push us into correction. What about the current environment makes REITs do well? REITs tend to do well in inflationary environments. Same for energy. what is vertical violation Check out our FAQ page at for our detailed explainer article 🙂 For dividend yield, you might go to T A strong yield yes, but if you’re losing on the stock more than you’re making in the dividend, breaking even, or even just undeperforming SPY, then it’s not worth holding in our view. Which is why the REITs look somewhat interesting, because
they’re in uptrends AND you’re getting the yield how do you hedge against a stock You can buy a put as I did on ONON. ODFL — Weekly chart looks good. Potentially, forming a 3-wks tight. 6.7% above ten week. Daily, whippy, but, holding 21-day. Yes, looks super strong esp. on the weekly chart I was just thinking, a good type of trailing stop that trading services should offer is to set at a % of a moving average, for example, set your trailing stop @ 3.5% below the 21-day moving average If that’s a strategy that works for you, then go for it! We often talk about finding risk-management rules that work for each person’s own trading style. BLDR doing a nice job holding up so far as well. Indeed it is During times like these it’s nice to fall back on William O’Neil’s bigger picture outlook and look at and observe those weekly charts Too true! That’s exactly what I’m doing with my holdings. Would you consider DHI a type of trend for swing trading? We do like pullbacks to and rebounds/reversals off the 21-day after a move higher. BUT we wouldn’t like that recent red volume spike. Would want to see heavy volume on the rebound (did get heavy volume yesterday but a weak close). Something
else we look for is the stock to clear its recent highs, so for this one just above that 100 level. What about DOW the stock Hey Juan! This one’s been in a downtrend since this summer. Had a nice move in 2020 and in Q1 of this year. We prefer focusing on stocks that are in established uptrends, or at the very least forming bottoming bases. (And just as an aside,
my Dad retired from Dow this summer after being there almost 40 years!) What about COIN? Not great seeing it fall below the 50-day. Ideally that’s an area we’d see support, since our research shows strong stocks will find support at or near their 50-day lines along their advances. “Are you hedging here SQQQ or what do you use” We prefer starting a hedge when the market is extended or just when we’re starting to see weakness. But this news-driven market has made things extra tricky. More hedging tips over at and also our webinar archives! Great article Dave… Nice work Cheers, we have a lot of great stories by the whole team in the Investor’s Corner section…. ARKK taking out lows of May Yikes! Cathie Wood needs a spa day Ha How about AMBA? Hopefully it can hold around 200. We wouldn’t want to see it fill the gap. A disappointing close yesterday after such strength in reaction to earnings early in the day I’m looking to get RBLX near 111 Ah, I see you are eyeing a possible bounce off the 21-day EMA! RBLX, I see P/E 567 is this a long term risk trade? Huge, huge expectations! Jesus, if time allows, pls check out this story in Inside Big Cap 20 — How about DDOG? Would want to see it hold support at the 50-day. Many other software stocks have not been able to do that. Software sector not nearly as strong as it was a number of weeks ago What did David Ryan refer to where AMBA is right now? Was it freefall in space or something like that? No-man’s land maybe? Any comments on the credit card stocks all up 3%+ today – MA, V, AXP? live answered LRCX for 9 months there is no major movement since April, why should I consider it? That’s a good point, Jesus; if you look at the weekly and monthly chart, LRCX has no doubt been an excellent stock. Just a prolonged resting, basing period for sure. I like Justin’s comments about swimming against the tide. Gotta give Ed credit for the original analogy this morning. Amen Rachel! live answered Great advice everyone. Thank You for your expertise. live answered Looks like a large number of the long term leaders are holding up today. Glad you mentioned that. The market is moving pretty fast right now… Still choppy, jittery, Jeff! But for sure, small caps and NYSE stocks are struggling. Pls check out the NYSE Composite, took out its 200-day MA. Zero-NYC on MS. Where on IBD or Marketsmith can one find advance/decline stocks ? GMIAB is where you can find the advance/decline line! Well-said. Thanks Ken. live answered If you already have those million cuts and didn’t sell is it better to go ahead and exit now v. waiting for a bounce? Went deer in headlights even though everything you said made sense. I’m reminded of Mike Webster’s words of wisdom during the coronavirus crash about this. He would say to sell. We don’t know where the market will go for here. Better to cut losses and wait for a better environment for buying. We don’t want
to “hold and hope” while sitting on increasing losses. It’s that much harder to dig yourself out of a deeper hole. The entire IBD daily team and associated products have done, without a doubt the best job with preparing the investing community for not only this recent pullback, but, keeping everyone informed with market conditions. There’s plenty of noise
and what I describe as “bubblegum” discussion, but, IBD is the most substantive media vehicle in North America. Thank you for your expertise! Thanks, Peter! 🙂
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