IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Monday, Aug. 30, 2021

Question Answer(s) Good Morning IBD Live! Let’s rock this Casbah! Oh yeah! I assume you are a fellow Clash fan, Shane. Good morning! HatMan Problems with Marketsmith over the weekend and today. Strange lines on charts and hundreds of alerts showing up. Yes, turn off the Index Line, that should help until we fix the bug. Thanks Good morning. In reviewing my Live notes, it seems the team views anything 10% above 10 wma or 50 dma as extended – is my interpretation correct? Hi Diane! In many cases, yes. There are some exceptions, like if it’s breaking out of a proper base, but knowing where the stock is in relation to the 10-week can help manage risk Good morning Ken. Love Nina Simone! Great choice! Ali’s choice today, Tamara! Good morning from Littleton Colorado Great song to start the day from Michael B Glad you liked Ali’s pick! It’s a nice song. Welcome David. Ticker of the day FELG. Had to shazaam this one Hadn’t heard this one in years! I think 🙂 aloha. Since Covid Began You folks are the first faces I see q day. First happy faces. Is Webster going to have a cameo appearance? Aloha! And you never know, maybe one day! Ali – David was 50% cash on Thursday waiting for better set ups – Interested to learn if he has put funds to work. Thanks He’ll be back on the show tomorrow and he’ll be able to provide an update! How do you guys handle your account while on vacation?? There are a few different ways you can handle, depending on how “out of pocket” you will be and how the market is acting — can set alerts, hard stops, or even go to cash! “Good morning!! How can I see the new additions on “MarketSmith Growth 250″???” subfolder G250-Target Lists Eagle eye important week for Leaderboard name DOCU – up $3 at opening – earnings coming. Thanks live answered what is the significance of the vertical lines on the daily SEMR chart? Try unchecking the box for index line underneath the top wrench and see if that helps! We’re working with our engineers on a fix Saw questions about Marketsmith. Charts not opening for me. Try clearing your cache and restarting your browser. Also try a different browser to see if the issue is browser-specific Yo Scott… are we feeding the AFRM ducks while they quack? if you own it, not sure too many people would have that but I know what I would be doing 🙂 SBLK looking good! This recent rally is good! It’s cooled off this morning; will a potential handle form? Morning gang. Portfolio question. What % of your liquid assets do you dedicate to growth? Do you have a chunk in more boring stuff? I’m retired but don’t love the income options available. Where is 1982 when I need it?Tax free Detroit Edison
bonds 15%. Great Q, Mark! Unfortunately this show since its start has not focused on income stocks. It may be a good idea to devote some time once a week or once a month. That said. IBD Weekly features one top dividend play in The Income Investor column. These companies tend to have very good earnings stability, a yield greater than the S&P 500, and some evidence of capital appreciation. You can access the stories here — GM! MXIM is on Live Ready List, but MarketSmith doesn’t recogonize the symbol. Which stock does the team mean to have here? Maximius? (MMS) Looks like the ADI takeover of MXIM has closed. If possible, request to get a read on QS, thanks Hi Ketan. QS still appears to be posting lower highs, lower lows. So, it’s still in a pronounced downtrend. Not a good idea to buy or add on the way down. Let’s wait for signals of a real bottom and at least a series of higher highs, higher
lows over a minimum several weeks to several months. QS has interesting technology and a lot of smart people from Stanford, but skepticism is clearly high right now. This Investor’s Corner may offer some perspective too. Cheers, HatMan Dave — Shop looks like a diamond top pattern, what do you guys think, if so it is more likely to fall from here Hi Johnathan, that’s interesting. Don’t know that pattern much, but would like to read more that. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, HatMan Dave Hello from Dallas. Back after vacation Welcome back John what is going on with the black lines on some charts? PLTR daily for example. Thank you. Turn of fthe index line, bug that we are working to resolve AMD nice move here Solid gap-up in the a.m. so far Wow is SHOP really in the 9th base? Would that concern you? Hi Jason, it’s a good point. And we’ve addressed this point on SHOP all throughout last year, too. Rare growth stock. Late-stage bases are always risky, no doubt. But I sometimes like to examine the monthly chart too. SHOP looks like it’s coming out of 4 or 5 major bases vis a vis the monthly chart. Only a handful of CAN SLIM names succeed from the 4th or 5th stage base, no doubt. This article on ISRG may offer some perspective too? Hi guys can we discuss ZI Hi Mike, ZI is having a great morning. Like how after the breakout from the new base (multiple buy points, 54.34 in handle and the top of the base near 60), ZI pulled back in orderly fashion, and respected the 21-day EMA all throughout. Kudos
to all who bought this one properly and sat tight. is there any news on GNRC? Must be related to the hurricane Can we look at how DOCU is positioning going into earnings on Thursday please. live answered 2nd question for David if your listening. CRWD and DOCU report earnings soon. Depending on the next 2-4 days I won’t likely have enough cushion to cover all the expected volatility ~8% I think. Assuming I’m LT positive, is writing out of the money calls, maybe 45 days out, Delta 30 a reasonable mini hedge? Seems like it gives some downside protection plus leaves room for upside. When volatility drops after the earnings release, might be able to buy them back cheaper. Hi Mark, thanks for this great Q. On CRWD, I like how the stock is rebounding after a post-breakout shakeout that sent shares below the 50-day MA. Hard to tell if CRWD is going to give back some, or a lot of these recent gains right ahead
of earnings, or move even higher. ZS, PANW had pulled back sharply but rebounded with fury after quarterly results. NET, FTNT (excluding a one-day shakeout) just kept moving on earnings after rising weeks before. So, IMHO, if you write calls 45 days out, you’ll def receive theta premium but I’d try as hard to target an out-of-the-money strike so the covered call gives you further potential upside in the stock. I do not know whether Delta 30 is the right amount, but I can ask our guest columnist on options, Gavin McMaster. Does this help? HatMan Dave any issues with clearing past alerts? I clear all, they go away for a few seconds and come back. thanks. [email protected] I cannot replicate but maybe it is a bug SQ gapping up over DT Line live answered $RBLX Nice shakeout on the China video game news, eh, Phil? Looks like RBLX is trying to hold 80 and stay near its 50-day MA. Listening to their Q2 CC, they clearly want to diversify beyond video games. HatMan U crossing abv DT Line Great start for Unity, a breath of relief for Leaderboard Leslie! Tickers for panelists? Scott: DEN and MPC; Justin: LTHM, which got featured in last week’s podcast. MATX hit pivot Nice eye – we’ll try to cover that soon I think. DEN looks like Double Bottom with buy point at 73.30 but Not noted as such on Marketsmith. ?? live answered What is your trading strategy going into a long holiday weekend? Great Q, Michael. Holiday weekends do, in many years, tend to mark key market junctures — particularly Labor Day Weekend. Yet first things first, we always gauge the health of the market via the daily price-volume action and how the leaders are acting. Sept 2000 is def worth studying. S&P 500 began to sell off in higher volume right after the labor day wknd. But the Naz had already topped in March 2000 as the dot com bubble burst. Two, you want to give yourself a gut check, ask yourself “How are my stocks doing? Should I take some gains in some leaders? In my best stocks, do I have the conviction to hold another day or through the weekend? Or, would I feel a lot better (and enjoy the 3 day weekend
more) if I raised some cash? And am I seeing some new set-ups forming?” Of course, every panelist and attendee has his/her unique psychology and strategy, but going through these questions one by one may help you decide. Just my thoughts. HatMan Dave PLTR breaking out today live answered SHOP shows a 9b base. Isn’t this way to late to buy? Hey Mark! Check out my answer to this in today’s QA SWKS. Can you go over it please? Looks like it’s been setting up for another run? It’s way overdue. Hi Jose. Looks like a new base forming next to two “neighbor bases.” The quarterly numbers look really great, but would like to see improvement in that 68 Relative Strength Rating, a higher Accumulation/Distribution Rating and additional work
on the new base’s right side. DOCS? Yeah, selling again after Friday’s bounce. DOCS may need to consolidate before moving again. Always the risk that a hot IPO will sell off sharply. But we’ll see. Gm everyone, my Market Smith has some issues that some charts like DLO has some solid dash line on the charts. Could I know how to fix it?Thanks Turn off the index line until we resolve issue on our end, thanks OLO giving back gains big time today. Thoughts Not surprising after running up so much – from about 32 to 49 in just a few days. Have to see if OLO forms a high handle of some sort or gives up a lot more. Good morning everyone, can you look at the really weak action in COF this morning, any news on this? It’s down much more than other leading financials. COF got a Baird downgrade to sell. When I started trading I wouldn’t rebuy a stock I took a loss on because it was “tainted”. I subsequently trained myself to look later at these stocks as if I’ve never seen them before to objectively judge them. This has worked well a number
of times. Nice, I would say I “hate” that stock. that was dumb 🙂 The stock didn’t know I owned it. Hi Scott, Are you concerned at all that DLO is based in Uruguay ? I’m concerned with ALL the stocks I won, but I have a stop loss plan to help offset that concern. GLOB and MELI are based in Latin America and have gone up a ton. “PYPL breaking out of recent consolidation Can you add to position now?” I see what you’re saying, rising above a few weeks of sideways trading near bottom of consolidation. I’m personally not a fan of buying a stock below the 50-day line, especially when that 50-day line is just a little higher. when was podcast with Justin and Lithium tech? Check out PLL in lithium PLL is the laggard among lithum plays. It has no revenue yet and I believe it’s had some project delays. So far more speculative than ALB, LTHM. CRWD. EARNINGS TOMORROW??? Yes. Earnings tomorrow. Looking good, but what’s your cushion? Could the team please take a look at S and comment? Looking good. It’s run up a lot. I sold a fraction Thu.-Fri. to lock in some gains. I’ll consider further sales as earnings loom. But great move. I play Scott’s commentaries before I go to bed … I’m fast asleep in 5 minutes. OK thanks TSLA up on higher volume, on the cusp of breaking past an alternative entry! Definitely getting close. How do we access the excel doc that Justin is showing? It’ll be at soon after the show. We’ll also include a link to the excel doc from the IBD Live Recap that will be on a few hours after the show. Can you show on MarketSmith how one would dive down into the stocks in each industry groups? “Hi Dan, here is the webinar on this in MS” You’re a huge key to successful trading insights, Scott. I like how you have your O’Neil HTMMS sitting right on top of your jounal, too. I have the same sitting on my desk! 🙂 thanks. I go to it to check stuff, like a textbook comparing nvda to avgo is a great example of why stock picking matters live answered Both NUE and STLD close to breaking a downward trend line . . . . live answered Why am I getting vertical lines throughout the chart on some stocks – ASO, FIGS for example Me too, I think the RS line is going haywire on daily charts. If it keeps occurring we’ll ask the MS tech team to investigate. CRWD and PANW???? PANW doing great, as you know, Maurice. Investors really seem impressed by its fiscal Q4 results. Too bad it’s not going to be a proper short stroke pattern! Can we look at PKI ? live answered On shipping, don’t forget SBLX. SBLK, right? Def on our radar. What about DAC SBLK live answered DAC? Consolidating around/above edge of buy zone. Could offer an add-on buy point, especially if it pauses for a while. hi folks… any idea and or fix for why lines are showing up vertically all over Daily charts on MarketSmith? thx We’re aware. I know they’re working on it. Scott thanks on how your buying Of course, thanks FND looking great. Breaking overhead trendline today live answered Thanks David, I think delta 30 was the 310 strike so it seemed ok to me from 286 on CRWD. Haven’t looked at DOCU yet, have a few extra days Ah, thanks for that. I will look at the 310 call. And you can roll that call forward and at a higher strike if the stock action gets even more bullish post-earnings. NUE looking very strong live answered Great show, later Ali! Thanks Hat Man 2!! IBD LIVE TEAM — Great show – Thank you for all your expertise! TY Peter! Great show today sweet Great summary at the end. Nice
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