IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021

Question Answer(s) Ticker of the day BRIT The one and only How about a discussion on your short positions? If this turns out to be a more prolonged correction, the team will be on the hunt for short ideas NFLX looks good Nice day! GM Phil Down 5% for the year. It could be worse. You can def make that back. But just as Justin said, over-trading in weak markets could worsen the performance. Good morning all! If we can’t get to NAPA VALLEY to hear IBD Monday- can we attend this course in line? It will be recorded for later viewing. Should be out within a week. Please review CVS. Great looking chart and might be perfect for this crazy market live answered; $115 bil market cap. Maybe a short-term safe haven for now. Hat Man – thoughts on DKS – Dick’s Sporting Goods? Go Jays Go! Hi David! I am counting at least seven tests of the 10-week MA since the breakout past 60 in Jan. Five weeks ago, that big weekly gain was impressive, so this week’s cooling off looks normal. But beware of a true undercut of the 10-week line.
That could signal a change in character. Cheers, HatMan Dave — and Wisdom from Ed: “Even if the market is wrong. the market is bigger than you and can take your lunch money.” I’m going hungry for lunch today. Nice Morning. AN down 2% in pre market. Is it still actionable Looks like it’ll still be in a buy zone – have to see how it reacts to KMX earnings miss. You forgot to say DDOG live answered I usually trade from England and my trading day starts at 14.30pm normally. Really like that trading schedule! In o neil’s book , he suggests holding 5-6 stocks at max, but leaderboard is using a more diverse profolio. If we are going to playing a more concentrated profolio using leaderboard’s idea, what would the strategy be ? Start with 5% position
and then add when the position has 2-3% profit? Thank you so much ! The 5-6 stocks was before the Fair Disclosure rule was implemented. Before that earnings were rarely an issue because more information filtered into the market. After that he rarely had a superconcentrated portfolio. What are tickers – sorry joined late Hi Sara! Harold has CTLT; Justin has AXP DDOG; CTLT, DDOG I mentioned EVH ( asending base – daily chart ) yesterday morning. Later it was a takeover by Walgreens rumor story. Stock spiked. Still closed up nicely. Nice one, John! Is there a reason we are not in market correction with Nasdaq undercutting prior lows? We’ll discuss. Definitely a lot of “pressure” on the market. LCID many planned showroom openings. top of the line is sold out. Looking back I bot TSLA when it was 30 and Cramer was trashing it. LCID sure looks a lot like where TSLA was at one time. LCID won’t have an open playing field like TSLA, but it will be the top of the line EV. Where can one find list of stocks that traded best? Here’s a MarketSmith webinar from our archives that discusses the action of model book stocks:; Oh boy, we have many lists. On MarketSmith, the Growth 250 gives
you a good start, but that’s quite large. On, pls see the Stocks On The Move at Stock Lists to see the day’s biggest risers in heavy volume. And the Market Pulse in the Big Picture gives you a collection of high-quality CAN
SLIM companies that rose significantly in heavy turnover. and Thanks Ken for the reminder about Reddit. Maybe I can retire on my LCID, lol. Nice plan Joanna Harold – do you still have position in BSY – would you consider adding here – or at what price – Thanks I do not. I had an option trade that was closed out INMD What do we expect with the split tomorrow? Do stocks go up or down with splits? We exited a remaining quarter posn in Leaderboard after it flashed climax run signals over the past two weeks. These days, splits are indeed rare. Very few conducted, but the size of the splits can be huge — think AAPL NVDA TSLA. Certainly short term, post-split the stock can fall on the dilution of the shares outstanding; but many top growth stocks have proven they can keep rising as institutional demand sustains the advance. and Would you consider ZIM to be in a downtrend since it peaked around $60? live answered Good morning. Sold out of ASML last week. Time to Nibble again? When a stock has a decisive break of the 10-week line, our research shows that stock needs time to build a base — or it could signal the run is over. It’s too early to tell with ASML. But we wouldn’t be buying at these levels, especially in
light of current market conditions. Pl comment on zim live answered How can we get enrolled into Market School? Hi Victor! All of our online courses can be found here: please explain Market School. Details here: Justin, morning. Can you briefly review the power trend and criteria for when it breaks down. Hey Mark, we have a link to an explainer article on the power trend concept at our FAQ page, Direct link here for your convenience: Good morning, Team! Great panel and dark ops crew! Always great to see Harold on Thursday! Thanks Hi. where can we see the podcast with Mark Minervini? Keep an eye on The episode will drop later today! Yo Justin…. did Mark say 35% of S&P 500 stocks below 50sma? Or Nasdaq stocks? Sorry I missed that… I couldn’t remember what number Mark said exactly so I quoted our data. 35% of stocks above the 50-day and 49% above the 200-day. Should I wait for ASO to bounce at 10kw or should I sell (I am up 3%) ? The decisive close below the 10-week line by the end of the week is our “final” sell signal. You can trim in advance of that if warranted Chris – To follow up on the earlier Leaderboard question, what are the guidelines regarding how many stocks an individual investor should be holding when fully invested? Is that different than the Leaderboard rules? We like to have closer to 10 or 12 stocks. But because of earnings risk and the nature of this year’s market we have ended up with many smaller positions. If we get a real intermediate correction, we will probably go with larger and therefore
fewer positions. Can you confirm if the rotation back today into technology and growth stocks? One quick way to determine day-to-day sector strength/weakness is looking at the sector SPDR ETFs: Curious.. what is going to trigger a correction status for IBD from here? If S&P undercuts 9/20 low, most likely How much (%) above the 50dma is considered extended? in terms of a new buy, typically 10% Can you comment on steel stocks? Many of the leading steel stocks triggered big sell signals the week of 9/17. They have yet to recover why doesn’t Marketsmith have candlestick charts? Bill O’Neil preferred high-low-close charts. But we have a lot of MS chart improvements in the works! when you guys saying it’s wedging, can you please clearly illustrate wedging on a chart. You’ve talked about it, but show the configuration on a chart. Thanks Hi there, we have a link to a video explaining this concept (and many others!) on our FAQ page at 🙂 Here’s the direct link for your convenience: HZNP looking well on many levels live answered HZNP ? live answered GOGO has 30% short interest and very bullish management call today. Any thoughts? Already up 47% for the week — seems like two days ago was the day to strike, when it cleared 14 or even 15 PODD also getting support at key SMA … live answered HZNP live answered That’s what I have really been struggling with, Justin. Remember “Buy right and avoid the fright”? Well, lately I need to work on “Sell right and avoid the fright”! There are a few stocks holding up but the vast majority require quickly selling into strength. AMD attempting a rvs live answered What do you make of SKY ? live answered DDOG live answered SKY – looks pretty tight with Moving Averages converging live answered Big question: Is DVN just right or too extended????? Extended now. Do you have to be on the weekly to get the blue dot? The blue dot can show up on the daily or weekly chart INMD looking well today Off the highs but surprising how it is holding after that vertical run. The break of the upper channel line and then climactic action led us to book the profit on Leaderboard. Your thoughts on APPS. Bought at 70. I sold it on Tuesday morning to preserve a modest profit. Getting support at the 200 day. A close below that line would be my line in the sand. somethings’s wrong. On marketsmith DVN shows a 7% increase, but on CNBC and others it shows down 0.78. Why discrep? It’s currently up about 6.5% for the week. It’s down 1.5% on the day. Could that be it? When the moving averages are getting closer and even cross over is that a positive? A golden cross can be useful. Here’s an explainer article on our site written by Justin: UPST is one of the only stocks still holding its 10dsma. Time to take profits in this tape? Long way to down to 21ema I would be taking at least partial profits, a third or more. Thoughts on FTNT? live answered Ken – MELI ? Is it still on LB ? No. It got dropped on Monday. ARCB has a very nice chart with an early aggressive entry around 70 and great fundamentals. They announced an acquisition of MoLO last night and is popping today breaking out of another “secondary” early entry. Lower volume stock but rated
#1 on IBD Stock Checkup. The early entry near 70 was the way to go. I wouldn’t be chasing now. PWR is acting strong Agreed! Can you develop a screen in Marketsmisth for Stocks with Volume Breaking out and price breaking out at the same time? For help with setting up custom screens, reach out to our MS product coaches: [email protected] harold – are you buying any straight puts on some of these broken stocks? No, I’m doing more spread trading, mostly selling put spreads No need to answer: Ed, maybe add this to your quote: “Even if the market is wrong, the market is bigger than you and can take your lunch money. Don’t let it take your dinner money, too.” Nice one, Fred! should we take a look at NFLX? live answered HOW ARE STOCK GRAPH LINES CREATED VS VOLUME LINES AT THE BOTTOM. SOMETIMES VOLUME IS LESS BUT STOCK GRAPH IS DOUBLE THE SIZE. SOMETIMES GETS CONFUSING DECIDING STOCK STRENGTH We like using log scale for volume. Different stocks have widely different trading volumes, so that’s why we look at where the volume is vs. the 50-day moving average of volume to help determine heavy or light buying Justins comments are a good reason to have IBD Live. Everybody knows what he said but its great to hear it as a reminder in disscusion. live answered CNXC had a nice breakout from cheat area w days ago. How do you think this stock? live answered CVS has hairdresser instore now live answered CVS owns Aetna Health Insurance live answered DEN looking particularly weak compared to other oil stocks – pulled back from trend line breakout Spot on LAC is up on upgrade to overweight from JPMorgan. Thanks Richard. Dow Jones reports it is initiating coverage at overweight, announced a 28 price target. Where can we find information on Chris’s discussion of position sizing using the 10 week Hey Konson! It’s on the FAQ page at Direct link here for your convenience: In the oil space look at CPE, EOG & PXD. live answered PLTR- was trading so tight in the base and after breakout – can we review your views on this now. Was hoping to see support at 50dma/200dma Not looking great. I would be lightening up if not getting out entrirely. ED – ATKR – any news on watch list name??? Thanks live answered Justin: thanks for distinguishing between RS rating and RS line. It is a bit confusing which one the team is talking about. live answered You guys missed SM….I think good breakout? Like MTDR, would be great to see a handle/pullback here vs. buying right at the highs; Certainly has the look of FANG, Ann, surely good for the watchlist. I wonder if a handle may form — even if it recently breached the cup’s left-side high. ABNB It feels like a new handle may emerge.; Nice pullback to the 21-day. Also the 200 day just appeared. If it loses the 21, the 50 day is about 7% below. BLDR looks strong than ATKR Hi Justin, that’s an interesting point. Both have done well over the past 12 months: up 298% for ATKR, up 65% for BLDR. Yet certainly, BLDR is finding support at the 21-day exponential moving average while ATKR may be headed for its 50-day
line. May be useful to count the bases on the weekly too. There are so many Companies in retail and industry that have torrid growth but their 2022 estimates are half or less. What is causing this spike in earnings and then sharp retracement next year. DKS, MRNA, COIN, EBAY, OSTK, etc. so many examples. A surge in business as the economy reopens but likely won’t persist. Makes me nervous. I’m wondering why DLO is on the ready list ? Was testing the 50 day. It will probably be removed today. Good morning everyone, any comments on AAPL today? Over 3% below the 10-week line at this point. If you bought in April 2020, could hold until it breaks the 40-week line. But we wouldn’t want to be holding a recent trade here WIRE seems to be holding well. Any opinions? The time to get in was either the reversal on 9/20 and the follow-up on 9/21 or even the breakout on 9/22. Extended now for a buy. And maybe time to take some profits for those who own? Tesla extended now? Still in the 5% buy zone if using a “handle” at 764.55 The other day Justin explained how the Volume % Change is calculated. Given that, what is the minimum V%C that should be considered worthy of consideration for a BO? We typically say 40% or more is ideal Yesterday Dave “Hatman” brought up an interesting question on the validity of your data. He said the retail auto group ranked 115 does not seem correct. I would expect it to be related to the time period that the data. That being said, could
someone please look into this and let us know on air the findings? It’s just good to know the assumptions behind the data so we can understand as opposed to doubting the accuracy of this information. Thanks for sharing this. Interestingly, following Wed’s good moves within this group, data shows Retail/Wholesale Auto now ranks 92nd out of 197. And it is up from 153rd 3 weeks ago. That’s a nice jump over a 15-day trading period. What is indeed strange, right now on MarketSmith, the group ranks 103rd out of 197. Big difference from what we see on, Stock Lists’ Data Tables section. Unfortunately, both services appear to work on separate computing systems and organize the rankings in different time frame. I hope in the near future we can unify this. For now, rather than focus on the exact ranking, watching the direction of the ranking would be key. Finally, this group has 26 stocks, and 9 show an RS Rtg of 80+. That’s good! Cheers, HatMan Dave (Additional answer from the Live team: It’s come up a little bit to 103 and when something seems weird, I always look at the group components and sort by price (it’s a price weighted index). You do have some high priced issues looking weaker (LAD, CVNA, CRMT) than your leaders. I think those could be dragging it down. I also sort by RS and if I see a lot of the group is below 80, then that could explain it as well. So it makes sense to me.) Most US EV makers are moving up in anticipation of new subsidies whenever the infra bill happens, any good ETFs for EVs? DRIVs component don’t really represent it well Can’t think of any. LIT is a battery/lithium play, with ALB/TSLA/BYDDF among the components. Is there a tab that would show all IPOs for 2021? THX You can create a screen in MarketSmith that filters for 2021 IPOs! Reach out to our team at [email protected] for help 🙂 JEF – Is volume a little high during this little consoldiation? Most of it is blue volume, and the red volume coincided with a bounce off the 50-day. Earnings tonight so we’ll have to see how that impacts the stock before we decide to buy WAL triggered live answered KRE is a good financial ETF to mitigate risk live answered What is meant by “holds the interest rate” related to MA, vs AXP ? live answered I am looking for major companies with new products, the N in CANSLIM. So far, I have come up with only Facebook with its Marketplace and Paypal with its cryto payment services. Do you know a list of top Companies with New product introductions. Check out our New America column! We’re highlighting the “N” in CANSLIM with a company profile each week 🙂 NET – Volume on escalator going up is much lighter than escalator going down. True? live answered WSM is getting rocked, Perhaps related to the KSS analyst downgrade. Thanks Ed, that was like a Professor addressing a class, vs a school mar’m at a pre-school. Good job guys. Nice Could you give a quick thought on the market intraday before signing off? Will do. IBD Live Team — Wonderful job today. Thank you! Wonderful to hear, Peter! Hope Justin Fields has a better outing this Sunday, friend!
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