IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021

Question Answer(s) To the Team – on the final day of November, 2021 – Good Morning to the IBD Live International Team, from Minneapolis, MN!! Happy Tuesday Scott! Please look at Advance Decline line strong up day yesterday on the Nasdaq yet another low on the A/D Line Yes, we’re concerned about the lack of breadth as well! Liked your less-than-sweet fruitcake of response line in the BP David Ha! Thanks so much Dave T; trying to have some fun too. Cheers. Thinking about adding to 1/3 position in BX with cushion of 4.85% Is it extended Looks like it to me, but it’s been trending nicely above its 21-day line. Could you ask the group today about their thoughts on AIP? live answered What happened to Ken? Present and accounted for. I’ll be back on this week. Good one Ali! Looking at NFLX as well — > 676 looks powerful imho Nice! 🙂 David Ryan Rocks!!! Totally! RIOT crossed it’s 3 moving averages yesterday in slightly above average volume live answered GM everyone – INTU is dwon with secondary offering – Buyable now ? live answered Good morning one and all! Welcome back Davids Chung and Ryan and Chris if you’re back from vacation on this last day of the month. I was back from vacation on Friday but my internet connection in New Mexico was a little wobbly, so I was relegated to the dark ops. This is my 1st day using MarketSmith rather than Leaderboard 30% invested now Hope you enjoy it, Eden! Make sure to reach out to our team at [email protected] if you have questions about any of the features 🙂 Good morning, the nicest people I have ever met!!! Aww, so nice of you to say! I’d have to agree with you that this is a really great group 🙂 Lucky to have such awesome colleagues! both HUT and BITF in crypto mining space are acting similar– looking forward to your comments Chris I’ll be sure to look at BITF as well. Question for David Ryan on BRKS. Next quarters earnings projections are .04-.12 (less then prior years quarter) and sales for next quarter projected at $130mm to $140mm. Sales growth would be anemic. Why other then technical pattern would this meet IBD criteria? live answered Does market look ike it is teetering on edge? Action very confusing the last week or two Yes it does. I scaled back quite a bit on Friday and am less than 50% invested. Too much uncertainty. Too much volatility. Tough to have an edge in an environment like this. U is confusing me because I have some conviction in the company/industry yet showing sell signals. Maybe sell last buy portion? Or do you sell all in this situation? live answered GM from Cape Cod Hey Phil Good morning….Would like to know what % is everyone invested ? Hi Jay! I’m glad we went around the horn on this question. Hope it’s helpful. Can Chris talk about what if anything he is doing with options. In past sessions, Chris did a great job in explaining how he would hedge a stock w/ the use of put options that are far out in time and have a negative delta of -0.5. Also, we have a nearly daily options column at Pls see the
Research section. Hey Ken, good to see you back haven’t seen you for awhile… Thanks Eric. Cheers. David Ryan – you mentioned gold last week. Thoughts now? live answered David Ryan I bought DVN in September and I am trying to hold and hoping to add. Regardless of a possibility of an energy crisis would you play defense here or use this time as an opportunity to buy low in DVN or energy? live answered on the omicron variant South African Dr. Angelique Coetzee told the BBC on Sunday that the patients seen so far have had “extremely mild symptoms.” Good to know, thanks Serious A-Team panel and dark ops this morning! Miss Harold’s perspective! When is he coming back? Hi there! We hope in December! Hat Man, you wearing a suit, so formal, maybe we call you Dave Blazer Man Chung?? Ha ha, not yet, Eric! But I’m in the mood to wear more jackets! FB symbol rollover was delayed to 2022 Really? Interesting. Good Morning Gang, I would like get an IPad to help with looking up charts quickly. I think it was David Ryan who said he uses one, will any i-pad work, or is there a specific model? I’m pretty sure any one would work! But maybe the MS team has some tips, you can ask them at [email protected] 🙂 Highlight of my week on Tuesdays with you guys and David R! Much investing wisdom here all! Thanks for all you do! Thank you Richard! Good morning, could ZIM be looked at please? Looks like it’s got a handle now. I’ve been overlooking the dividend, it’s $2.50/sh per the Q3 quaterly report making yield 18.8%. Not a typo. Record date is 12/16. live answered Ken we have missed you and your input hope all is well Thanks so much David. I’ll be on later in the week. David Ryan – Your symbol is BRKS this morning. I’ve been looking at NXPI. Please give us your take on it. Thanks! live answered Ali, thoughts on the Rhett Lashlee hire? I’m a little hurt he left my Univ of Miami.. What I’m hurt about is Sonny being a total traitor haha and leaving us for TCU!! 🙁 BUT clearly we stopped playing well when he lost focus. Excited about Lashlee! LLY was setting up nicely and then dropped precipitously this week – could we discuss it’s action today? This is why the market’s so tough right now. Good setups don’t mean much. Some are working, but plenty of others aren’t. “What is a good way to short S&P? (without options) i.e. something like SQQQ for Nasdaq?” “There are three ProShares ETFS that short the S&P 500: SH (1x), SDS (2x) and SPXU (3x)” Chris are you still trying to hold ONON? live answered Good morning .. I noticed Charles’ precedent with SBLK and GOGL might be taking shape yesterday with both stocks clearing their 50 day MAs in good volume. ZIM also had a nice afternoon. Anyone playing this? live answered Ali is very transparent as to her holdings! 🙂 Ali, what is your line in the sand with ASO? A decisive break of the 10-week line (a close of 2% or more by Friday’s close on a weekly basis) David : Can we say this entire QQQ rally has been wedgy rally. All down days on bigger volume but all up days on less volume ? None of up days volume triumphs down days live answered Could you give me a peek into CHGG Gosh, Richard, for a few months, I’d thought this could be a good short candidate after the stock failed to rebound above the 50-day moving average in Sept. This one could rebound some, but after a big run, CHGG is certainly a broken stock.
We had to remove it from the Long-Term Leaders watchlist a while back. Cheers, Dave Dave, as a longer term investor, I’m 60% cash with 50% of my invested portfolio in QQQ/ SPY & 50% growth / cynical. Should i just consider this short term noise, or should I be rasing more cash? I think having cash here makes a lot of sense! Keeping powder dry to see how the indexes handle all the news and the Fed makes sense. Keep the watchlist updated! NXPI live answered We know General Markets page and GMIAB show breadth at day end, but what does Chris look at to see breadth during the day? (He said thin breadth yesterday kept him from removing some hedge at day end Monday.) A lot of brokers share market stats on breadth. For thinkorswim, he uses the symbols $ADVN, DECN, $ADVN/Q and $DECN/Q. Alissa: Good morning:Around mid of Dec. We should have poll about % portfolio growth since 1/1/21 and how much profit $ for individual user make? I can use this data to improve my performance next year? Thank you Hey RC! Glad you mentioned this, Ed and I will be doing a webinar about lessons from this year’s market and tips for improving performance in 2022 on Friday at 12 ET, if you’re interested you can sign up at 🙂 Is LRCX actionable LRCX is in the buy zone, so yes it qualifies as actionable now. Aloha, and good morning! Also looking at Danaher (DHR). looking to buy if breaks $333.33 pivot. Thoughts please? Thank you. Nice one! Approaching the buy zone quickly, I think the ideal entry would have been a break above the downward trendline as it crossed back above the 50-day last week. Rising in solid volume and shows a strong RS line. in crypto, can we look at RIOT? Rebounding from last week’s sell off. live answered what is a spack…? We have a link to an explainer article at — What Is A SPAC? I believe every S&P 500 sector is down this morning? Currently, technology and consumer discretionary are up slightly. Ali, can you explain why not a fan of NFLX at earlier buy points (520ish or 557.54) when presented? It’s not that I wasn’t a fan… I just didn’t go for it! Partly because I already had GOOGL and MSFT, which were performing great when NFLX was basing What y’all make of gap down move in 10-year? 0TNX? Bond market is nervous about the new covid variant and its impact on the economy. Flight to safety trade alive and well. Viewers may find this helpful. On Marketsmith chart when i buy a stock I mark the buy with a green pointer,on sales red pointer. if I buy the stock I make the back ground green if i sell the background is made red. So when I go thru Markrtsmith charts it helps me in evaluating all buy & sell just by pulling up a chart Thanks for sharing, Henry! Can also make trading notes in the notes section, which I find can be helpful as well 🙂 where does Chris see the number of advancers and decliners in Nasdaq? In Thinkorswim, $ADVN/Q and $DECN/Q Ali – what about MRNA? Is it buyable now? Thx I got in MRNA in mid June on a pullback to the 21-day and held it for about a month. That’s when the stock was in a strong uptrend. The current action is not my cup of tea. Moving on news getting above a declining 50-day line after several
heavy-volume gap downs in recent months, and moving down sharply today. Really interested in your comment about if a name can’t outperform TQQQ (or UPRO), then why own it?– Can you give us some basic rules of when to enter/exit TQQQ. Would that be similar to the IBD ETF strategy? We will have to save this for another show — next time I’m host and Chris is on 🙂 Is there a reason I keep getting signed out of Swingtrader? This is becoming frustrating. It’s happening both on my browser and app. Have there been any updates we should be aware of? I’m having the issue as well. I’m coordinating with our engineering team on a fix. I know they’re working on it and I understand your frustration completely. Thank you so much for your patience! Can ED , Mr. IPO comment on SG? Well, as someone who bemoans the loss of Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes out here, I’d love to see this company do well. I think I’d like see profitability in a restaurant stock. I know it must be expanding rapidly right now, given its big revenue
growth. SG trying to form an IPO base. I noticed RGEN was recently added to Leaderboard list as a sector leader. I’m confused as to why it’s on Leaderboard, but not on Leaderboard. That probably doesn’t make sense, but wondering if it’s a Leaderboard watch stock? or if sector leaders is just a courtesy list on LB? Thanks. We include Sector Leaders, IBD 50 and Stock Spotlight lists from IBD on Leaderboard, in addition to the Leaderboard model portfolio. Link here: Could the poll results be a reverse indicator? Certainly could! Where is Joe Fahmy when we need him?? Ha! KEN — Great pleasure to hear your voice. I hope you and your family are doing great. If you ever comes through Chicago, please let me know and we shall celebrate with some deep dish pizza! Awesome Peter. Thanks so much. Cheers. Hi, why isn’t there a 4th choice to the poll: “We’re here to interpret, not predict.” Bill O’Neil ?;) Good one! Can you explain the advance decline line? It plots the changes each day in the Advance/Decline ratio. A rising line means more stocks are up each day. A declining line tells that more stocks are selling off day to day. Maybe I missed it, but does the poll show how many participants responded to each option? It did. It gave the number for each question, total and percentage. What is Daily Graphs Company Index list? This would have been the stocks in the printed product (back when we had one and it was called Daily Graphs) based on a broader universe. Is there a similar list on Go to the IBD Stock Screener and scroll down the IBD lists to Your Weekly Review. There are more than 200 stocks in this list and they all have an EPS of at least 85 and RS of 85 or higher. Can David show us how to use the ipad like he does or is it archived? We’ve done it on a past show, but I don’t think we have a video clip. Maybe we can have him do it again on an upcoming show! Ed: Any plant based food stocks actionable or interesting to follow? Honestly, not that I know of. All sorts of food giants have plant-based foods, but it’s just a slice of their business. BYND looks terrible. I’m actually not super familiar with plant-based “products” because we mostly buy fresh produce. per your great support, hit apply only, not save Thanks! 🙂 Please explain what this “Daily Graphs Company Index Print product” is. It’s the old screen that populated the print edition of Daily Graphs, the precursor to MarketSmith. Basically looking for strong EPS and RS, but also adding some turnarounds and IPOs. How does David define “Top.” groups Industry group rank combined with the actual chart action for that group Can DR tell us how much time he spends on his weekend routine? Thank you. He mentioned taking 3 hours per weekend, sometimes more. Is there lessons/video on drawing Trend lines that David Ryan was talking about? Here’s a recent Investor’s Corner story on drawing downward trendlines for early entries: i can’t add the industry rank column to the daily graphs company index report in MS either…. Hit apply rather than save! what precisely are you looking for—flat price, decreasng volume? Uptrends, tight bases, strong RS does David Ryan ever take a vacation? He did in October! How often are you creating new personal watch lists or deleting old names from current watchlists? With the goal in mind to keep watchlists from becoming too cluttered.. I keep an ongoing short list of 10-15 stocks and set alerts on those for trendline breaks and breakouts. I’m updating it daily using a similar method to the one David Ryan outlined earlier. David Ryan, “it just takes a second”. Agreed. For what it’s worth, Before, I start the screening process I ask myself what I’m looking for in a chart pattern to put on my watch list. In this environment, I would skip extended stocks from breakouts,
I would also skip those getting ready to breakout. I’m looking for stocks that have pulled back to logical levels of support. Once I know what I’m looking for it makes the process go fairly quickly. But, each person has to decide for themselves
what is a potential buy. Very good point, Victor. The focus certainly helps the process go quicker. But I also try to be open to noticing anything outside of “my focus area” that is repeating to get a sense of shifts. Powell is making some inflation comments and markets are reacting down Powell’s prepared commentary came out Monday after the close (not that far after the close) – so I don’t know if Powell comments are that “new” right-right now. Of course, he could say something about in the Q&A that surprises people –
but I bet he’ll try to stay on script! So is Dr. Ryan saying ZIM is a sell? Or just keep it on a tight leash? Sounded like he was saying it was a “pass” for him ZIM just started this dividend to be paid in Dec 2021 of $2.50, ALSO will pay out 30% to 50% of their profits 2021 profits in April 2022. Yep, before that ZIM gave out special dividends. Since July of 2020, I have made 400% on Bitcoin Impressive! Ali, I have large positions in them as well, but it was a good set up (I went for it)— your comment was GOOGL is the leader. Nice job!! Well done hi all, are you able to see my questions? Hey Ron! Seeing this one. We currently have about 300 unanswered questions in the queue right now. The audience only sees the answered ones. Thank you for your patience! got it, didn’t know we can only see answered lol …thx Lol no worries! 🙂 We wish we could get to all questions! Most days I don’t even have time to read all of the submissions we get! 10 week hold rule still applies on strong stocks? Yes! Selling is not an all-or-nothing proposition. So you can use that as a final sell signal link please for signup and scroll until you see the one with our names in description! Dec. 3 show
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