IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021

Question Answer(s) When did IBD live begin? Nov. 6, 2019, or the first week of November that year A terrific Tuesday on the twelfth day of the tenth month to the IBD Live International Team, from Minneapolis, MN !!! Happy Terrific Tuesday to you too, Scott! Putting upcoming earnings aside, would anyone take a shot at ASML here? Not me. That break of the 10 week was significant. Looks like it needs to consolidate for a while. hello Hi John good morning! 🤑 🤑 🤑 GM Jason! Ticker of the day HNO. Just saw them this summer and I have to say they were not great. Too bad to hear. Hard to replicate the studio version of this song, eh, Mark? Gooood Morning IBD Live! Yacht Rock Legends! Ha ha, Shane, goood morning!!!!! Good Morning! Is AVTR a buy now or wait until FTD? Seeing AVTR down 4% pre-market — we’ll check in on it INMD is up strong pre market after pre release with revenue and earnings exceeding analyst estimates We’ll be sure to analyze this one! Good Morning, DSC! Hey man! Good morning, Chris & Ed! Great to see Hatman back and looking forward to hearing Jason’s analysis of the market. Hey, thank you!! DS-C; Welcome back! Browns/Chargers on Sunday was one of the best NFL games of the year! OSU -best team in college football! Wow, what a game, indeed! Tough loss for the Browns, but they still earn respect! So do the Chargers! David rocks Thank you! NET, PANW more NHs Answered live Great to see Hat Man this morning! Great to be back! Hatman – is it a challenge to be 25% invested looking at IGT and ABNB moving higher. Using your “advanced chart reading skills” what would buy this morning Good point! I have eight positions in total, including my main holding in TSLA; but I am always focusing on new candidates. I write regularly on ABNB, so I won’t be a buyer. For IGT, I might be looking for a bullish pullback. Hi David, How much of your TSLA do you still hold? I have been added to mine. Still own the shares I bought in 2020! I see everyone seems to be looking in hope for a rally. Perhaps I am in the minority in praying for a serious crash that will reset prices and free us from this repetitive cycle of small dips and minor rallies and choppy markets. How does the team feel about my prayers being answered in the short term? I agree with. A two or three month correction would create bountiful opportunities. Show me the $$$$ – Portfolio actually doing well in this rocky market. 3 energy stocks + tesla – GBTC Those have been the places to be, no doubt! What happened to David Ryan on Tuesdays? We mentioned last week, but he’s on vacation right now. He’ll be on this Friday, and then his regular Tuesday schedule will resume next week! 🙂 Welcome back Hat Man David Saito-Chung! Thank you!!!! Nice to be back Shari! When is David Ryan joining IBD Live again? This Friday and then next week his Tuesday schedule will resume 🙂 Good Morning from Dallas!! Hey John! INMD up 11% in the pre-market! New entry as it appears to be coming off the bottom of a channel? We’ll be sure to analyze this one! Jason – Welcome back. What have you done with AFRM 🙂 Before we get a chance to buy it zoomed off 🙁 live answered Really looking forward to your insights Jason! Welcome back! We’re happy too! Welcome back, Hat Man! Thank you Stephen! Good morning! GM IBD Live, let’s harness our inner Bill & have a productive day! 🙂 SIG up 5% live answered Good morning! GM John! Hatman – Welcome back from your long vacation – we missed you ! Hi Sara, thank you so much! Good to be back. Hatman, great introduction to the show… Thanks much, Jimmy! Welcome to today’s episode. G-Day…Can we discuss how to manage a stock like SOFI if you bought on friday. Nice one, Victor! now that it’s above the 200-day, would be good to see it hold above that level. I’m getting some Unity (U) in mid-August vibes from this one — maybe a potential precedent to use? However, market conditions a big differentiating
factor here Welcome back HatMan Thanks much Maruta! Poignant and touching opening, Senor Sombrero…..Jeff Newman Much appreciated Jeff, gracias! Good morning IBD team. Watched a couple of investing strategies yesterday. Great job Ali. Was very interested in ZIP after the interview with the CEO. Is ZIP actionable. Thank you so much for watching, Steven! Definitely watching ZIP. A good watch list stock/breakout candidate for if/when we see a new uptrend. Maybe the upcoming earnings report will be a catalyst? Jason – Do you still like SHOP ? live answered Thank you Ali Any time! Hi guys GM. What do you think of using stop limit to control large losses in the earning seasong We prefer using alerts and assessing the chart before making a selling decision, even with earnings. Stocks can have an initial drop but then shake it off/find support. And even before the report, you should assess how much profit cushion
you have and in general avoid holding stocks in which you have less than a 5% profit. But other factors to consider like implied volatility and we’ll be sure to discuss as earnings season ramps up Dave, love your mexican flag! Mexico has great golf courses! You said it! I played for the first time in Mexico, the Greg Norman course in Vidanta Puerto Vallarta! Hard to hear Chris. Thanks Brian, he’s adjusting Cant hear Chris We got it, thanks John! Do most of you normally add after a 1-2% gain on pilot or smaller positions? If not, because of the current market? Typically we don’t add to pilot positions whenever the market is in a correction. There can always be exceptions, of course! Jason – great to see you on today Totally! Hi Jason – lots of books in your library! Are those all investment books? LOL I want to know too! It’s my lucky day, got a position in RRD! Nice! Logged in late. Please tell me Jason’s picks SNOW What is the feeling in CA toward GNRC and future sales? Great Q; I think users here love it, based on anecdotal evidence. Would you believe, Tom, that Generac has put a full page ad in IBD Weekly practically every week for a long time? They seem to be laser-focused on California. SHOP – Glad I sold at 1602 into strength. Nice job, Jeff! what was JT’s stock? SNOW PANW – holding up well so far. Possible (small) entry off the 3WT or better to wait for a FTD? live answered AMBA, please review and your opinion whether actionable Support at 21-day EMA still in question after two days of weakness. Strong stock but not actionable now IMO. Opinion on GLBE ..Thanks We would have been selling last week with the decisive break of the 10-week line. Not something we would want to be holding here MATX gap up over TL Looking good. INMD gapping up with volume Moving on bullish sales guidance What’s going on with INMD? bullish sales guidance today Ali – good to have you behind the scenes keeping everything straight! Ha, always happy to have supporting role with this awesome team! How about a review of TTM For those who bought the breakout on 10/7, I would consider taking some profits here. Wouldn’t sell it all, but would take something off the table given overall conditions are rocky right now! Welcome back Hatman Dave, TSLA breaking 800 again! Remains to be seen whether it can hold above more than 5 minutes! lol live answered GM, TAN is crossing a trend line that I drew on Marketsmith, do you have any thoughts on TAN? Yes, looks linteresting here ABNB break out On a nice win streak here since bouncing off the 200-day! Any thoughts on SBLK? This is a wide and loose structure so it’s not on my radar. Group peer MATX on the thin side but looks much better. Honest question, here; if early entry trendline buy points work so well, why would we ever go back to traditional buy points, unless we missed the trendline entry? it’s not that breakouts don’t work, it’s just that less of them have worked for growth stocks this year. Breakouts tend to work extremely at the beginning of a new uptrend after a big correction, like after the coronavirus crash. “GM all 🙂 I wish to thank Jason for mentioning AFRM a year (or so) ago. I put it on mt watchlist since, and bought some just before it popped as I saw accumulation (I’ve been adding recently). Still watching SONO and UBER he also mentioned. Thanks a lot Jason!” live answered Good morning. Yesterday a table showing industry group strength by colour was shown. Will that be available again. Hey Rob! We do that every Monday 🙂 You can download the weekly spreadsheet to review on your own at avtr Triggering a sell signal no doubt I don’t see anyone but David Saito Chung. When others are speaking I don’t see them. Just updated the setting. Thanks for letting us know! ‘@Chris you mentioned that he would use a headset last time he was on. I hate to be a pain but can someone send me a place for me to send him one. If it is about his hair, I’ll get one that goes around the back of his head We tried this morning but he couldn’t get it set up properly. Thoughts on TGH, please. Last week’s breakout attempt from a handle stumbled, but overall it’s acting quite well. can you comment on VVV live answered Could you explain why “EPS Growth Rate” and “Earnings Stability” show “N/A” instead of numbers on TSLA’s Marketsmith chart? In 2018, TSLA had negative earnings. It can’t calculate a proper growth rate or stability. can we pls ask Jason for his view on SHOP and DOCU as he was a big holder of both? Thx. live answered Is BTU in the buy zone? Looks like it’s forming a handle/setting up a declining tops trend line entry Good morning, Ken. Just realized you’re in dark ops mode! Yes sir. Good morning Jeff. TSLA will continue to work as long as Ed doesn’t become positive – LOL!!! That will be the sign of the top! to follow on TSLA’s constructive chart = maybe take a look at Lithium names – early entries ? LAC or LTHM Good eye. Like the look of both. ABNB – isn’t the industry group way to low? Especially in this market? Making its way up from a ranking of 176 three months ago Earlier, the speaker screen was floating, which is good as it allows us to see the charts in greater detail. Now, the four speakers are all shown on the side, which makes the charts smaller. Is there any way to bring the floating screen back? Hi there! This is something we are working on with the Zoom team behind the scenes – to restore flexibility in the view options for all users. Those changtes are coming in the coming months, we’re told. Thank you so much for your patience
as we work out the kinks! LPX making a move today above 66 area. live answered Ali – Wouldn’t trendline entries work in any market? Mike Webster did a study in the past of the success rate of different types of bases. It would be interesting to do a similar study with trend line entries. Can Jason talk about SHOP live answered AFRM live answered Does Jason have any interest in AFRM? live answered Is UPST actionable? live answered What do you think of TTM? It is extended… but investible? Options? Way too extended for a buy. Looks like time to lock in profits. You could hedge your position with puts SNOW. Earnings?? With IPO stocks, we’re more focused on strong revenue growth. Plus, annual estimates show the company is moving towards profitability what is jason’s view on shop live answered UPST crossing TL from pb live answered UPST rocks live answered why should I buy SNOW instead of PLTR? Fund sponsorship a differentiator. And SNOW technical action has been stronger lately Wher can I find a list of upcoming guests on IBD Live ? 🙂 Solar?? ENPH, SEDG, FSLR, SPWR We will look at solar stocks shortly! Is Jason still bullish on SHOP live answered TNDM was brought by Matt Caruso a couple of days ago. Looks like signficant institutions buy going on. Price action looks great, but we measure institutional buying by looking at the volume and that’s been below average in this advance L P X — rise above near term swing hi — thx live answered UPST showing strength live answered to the Team – we want to get in on BROS – we are very much interested in their business concept of small footprint, emphasis on employees, etc. Do you think there is an early entry? Thanks! from Mpls Team discussed this on the show yesterday, would review the discussion for our detailed thoughts! Would you consider UPST to be breaking above a short trend line? Volume was trending lower than avg according to MS but seems to have turned up a bit. I agree this is one we should check in on UPST add on buy point ??? live answered upst live answered When does rally attempt end? Is it when it undercuts previous day’s low or day 1’s low? Low of the rally attempt. So looking at 10/4 low for Nasdaq composite and S&P 500. to the Team – we feel GLBE has superb potential – would you consider an early entry around $60?? Thankful in Mpls! That’s not our style to be buying there. A declining-tops trend line would likely coincide with the stock retaking the 50-da line. But we’ve seen heavy volume behind the selling for this one, and relative strength line has weakened. Perhaps Mike Webster can make a guest appearance?! Mike is welcome on the show any time! However his current role prohibits him from making market commentary UPST off that shelf (webby) Looks more like a declining-tops trend line than a shelf. We have our explainer article on the shelf over at 🙂 UPST MOVING live answered CO on MS means Cash Offer (INOV) live answered Edward — Is Grumpy mood a new tech term please sir? Hah. It’s a general mood. I’m more nervous than grumpy about the market right now. nice move on UPST…. live answered Ali, where can a review of Mike Webster’s study of different types of bases be found on IBD website? It’s something that’s been presented in past Level 4 workshops. And I believe it’s something that’s included in our Chart School online course but would need to get confirmation Istn BYD a “Squating” stock? It loves to close on the lows of the day. Is this a corncern? Interesting point. I don’t know how much in the past few weeks reflects BYD-specific weakness or just the market closing at session lows in the past few weeks. Can you please talk about the criteria or method of selecting the Ready List stocks? I will ask Chris and Dave about this on tomorrow’s show, they are both panelists! 🙂 Did Jason discuss AFRM yet? live answered Ali – FYI: The Zoom view without the seeing the 4 hosts appeared to work for about 30 minutes today. then it went back to no choice but to see the main view and the 4 hosts. You mentioned that Zoom was working on a fix for IBDLive. Doesn’t
look like it’s done yet. ..Steve Hi Steve, yes this is something we’re expecting the Zoom team to fix in the coming months. Thank you for your patience as we work through the kinks! UPST up today almost 5% actionable now? live answered Can you explain what is meant by timing rating on Market Smith chart What are the possible scenarios when the Fed starts tapering / announces tapering? I don’t know. It’s not the news, it’s the reaction to the news. If Treasury yields fall on the actual tapering, easy to see stocks rallying. But there’s no question that super-easy policies from the Fed/other central banks have buoyed stocks
for the last several years. So curbing that *somewhat* could be negative for stock and bond prices. Thanks Alissa for quick reply to my query:) very helpful Happy to help! if there are only 4 stocks in a group (Bldg-Wood Prds) as we just spoke about, and 2 of them have strong RS of 90 or above how is it possible that the group as a whole is at the bottom of the group rankings?? The Industry Group Ranking uses 6-month price performance whereas the Relative Strength Rating uses 12-month price performance. The wood stocks are slightly down on the 6-month but looking from 12 months ago, even after the basing period since
May, it’s up considerably. FB on 200 sma With all the headwinds for FB right now, buying it off the 200-day isn’t something I’d be interested in at this time How did hatman get to the comparison screen? Click on the button in the upper right that has four dark squares on it, two to the. left of the printer button But interest rate has no where but up. So does that mean growth stocks are dead for now Well, T-yields could still go down again. Or they could level off or rise at a much-slower pace. Growth *might* do fine in any of those environments. SBLK and thoughts – Is charles on this week. Ken was positive on ZIP yesterday as a name to nibble on – any thoughts today??? I just noted that the stock when it was near highs Mon. and approaching a 29.31 buy point. But the stock weakened with the broad market Monday is extending losses today. Please go back to just one persons photo Hi Larry! The Zoom team is rolling out expanded viewer options in coming months. Thank you so much for your patience while we work out the kinks! Chris rocks AAPS all in 63.5 Glad you still have it. I sold for a modest gain when the market was selling off. Is UPST actionable? live answered Can we look at $NET – are the ducks quacking, or just sit tight? IMO, the ducks are quacking loud. If I owned it, I would trim. Have you checked action on UPST? Seems to be moving ahead of trendline on daily. We have it on the Leaderboard watchlist. Has the look of a high, tight flag. Bullish pattern that forms after explosive breakout. Can you draw regression lines in Marketsmith? Not in the same way as you can with thinkorswim. But MS does have draw tools. For help with this, email [email protected] Jason just mention ocm and oj products. What are they? what is your take on DLO Not pleasant to see the positive gap to be filled; that said, I’d be looking for a new base to form; great EPS estimates, Richard! Ed: Too early for INMD (breaking a downtrend line today but we’ll off it’s high? live answered what social media are you tracking Jason. live answered Hi David, what is the website again on WSB? – there are others out there too! What is the site that gives most popped up stock on reddit swaggy stocks is one is giving me a privacy warning live answered ASAN, AFRM, UPST — 3 stocks showing amazing rel strength and resilience live answered What happened to GOOGL live answered Please don’t forget INMD! live answered Can we please discuss UPST live answered “what is the exact swagttv, not sure of the exact website has to do with redddit” lithium doing well LAC Absolutely, LTHM, ALB, SQM doing well overall too? What was that website for the mime stocks? swaggy stocks Hi, since when has Chris Gessel been hedged with the Nasdaq futures? Thanks! live answered How are you hedging your portfolios? Many of us hedge simply by raising more cash. Can we touch on UPST in the lightning round? live answered Thanks Alissa Of course, happy to help! TAN would be a good swingtrader stock We went with FSLR but TAN would work too. Hatman – do you still have conviction on SNAP? Yes! What Books does Jason recommend? Let’s ask next time. Feedback: Focus the show on your guest’s style, doesn’t make sense to get guest’s feedback on stocks and/or style that’s not theirs We felt we covered his focus stocks, but thanks for this. Great show! Nice conversation covering story, fundamentals, and technicals Super Great Job! Good to have Dave Chung back. Thanks Cheers thanks Jason! YW! Thank you. Great session. Nice Great day everyone, another good show! Yay! “Chris, enjoy your breakfast! And thanks Jason!!!” He did!
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