The 10 best grilling tools in 2021

The best grill pan


The Char-Broil Porcelain Grill Topper creates a large nonstick cooking surface that allows plenty of heat and flame to reach up to your foods and keeps them from falling through the grates.

Pros: Supports fragile and flaky foods, transfers heat quickly and evenly, large surface area, easy to clean

Cons: May bend or buckle in extreme temperatures

Most grills are great for large pieces of meat, but what about more delicate foods like veggies or loose-meat burgers? There’s nothing worse than placing food on the grill, only to see them fall through the grill grates.

Oftentimes, I grill using a Char-Broil Porcelain Grill Topper. I place this 11.6 by 16.5-inch grill pan atop the grill grates and fire up the burners. Within a couple of minutes, the grill pan is as hot as the grill grates themselves, albeit creating a much finer surface perfect for soft, delicate veggie burgers.

On the left half of the grill, I cooked traditional hamburgers for my son and me, while on the right side of the grill I prepared some veggie burgers for my vegetarian wife.

Anyone who has ever had a veggie burger fall to pieces and slip down past their grill’s grates will tell you it’s an experience they never want to repeat. The wasted food is a shame and the cleanup process is enough to cause genuine rage. With this grill pan, even the flakiest fish, the smallest shrimp or scallops, the most delicate veggie burgers, and all those other hard-to-grill foods are so easy to handle you will never again worry about lost eats and the potential need to disassemble a burner to clean out an embedded salmon chunk or potato wedge.

Also, the thing is easy to clean thanks to its nonstick surface. A bit of dish soap and a sponge is all it takes.

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