The best Apple AirPods deals you can get now, including $60 off refurbished AirPods Pro

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  • Apple’s AirPod lineup makes listening to audio on iPhones easy.
  • Right now, a refurbished Airpods Pro pair is only $190 from Best Buy.
  • Check out our best headphones deals for more options.

Apple’s AirPods are popular for a reason: they’re among the most convenient, and best options for wireless earbuds. They automatically pair with your Apple devices the moment you open the case nearby, and you can use your Apple devices to help you pinpoint a misplaced AirPod.

The middle of spring may not feel like a very good season for AirPod deals, but you’d be surprised how many discounts you can find. Though you may not see sales as good as you’d expect during Amazon Prime Day, you can often the AirPods and AirPods Pro for less than the retail price at any time of year. We’ve highlighted the best deals available in May 2021, below. 

If you know which model you’re looking for, you can skip ahead by clicking its name in the table of contents to the left. You can also check out the best headphone deals and the best daily deals happening now for discounts on more than just AirPods. 

airpods pro wireless charging

It’s easy to check what version your AirPods are running.


The original and standard AirPods with Charging Case are the base and cheapest AirPods you can buy. You get the regular AirPods wireless earbuds and a charging case that charges via a Lightning cable, the same cable you use to charge your iPhone.

The AirPods have a five-hour battery life, and the case stores 24 hours of battery charge. A quick 15-minute charge in the case gives them an extra three hours of listening time. These are not sweat- or water-resistant — you’ll have to check out the AirPods Pro below if that’s important to you. You can read the full AirPods review here

Contrary to what MSRP would like you to think, AirPods typically only sell for $129 across online retailers — a good $30 less than listed. During

Black Friday

Cyber Monday
we saw them fall as low as $99, but that kind of promotion is rare. Below are the best deals available right now. 

airpods next to iphone

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

The AirPods with Wireless Charging Case are identical to the 2nd-gen AirPods with Charging Case, except the charging case can be charged wirelessly as well as via a Lightning cable. That means you can charge the wireless charging case on a wireless charging pad that uses the Qi wireless charging standard. Thankfully, that means you can charge the AirPods’ wireless charging case on pretty much any wireless charging pad, including the pad you already use for your iPhone, if you already use one. You can read the full AirPods with Wireless Charging Case review here

Though they’re listed for more, the typical price for the Wireless Charging Case AirPods is considerably lower than suggested, as is the trend with Apple gear. Typical price is more commonly $160 across online retailers. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we saw them fall as low as $140; it’s unlikely they’ll drop that low again outside of short-lived discounts from one or two retailers. Below, we’ve listed the best deals available now.

Airpods BF

Crystal Cox/Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

The AirPods Pro are Apple’s highest-end AirPods, and they’re also our pick for the best wireless earbuds for Apple fans. They have a shorter stem than the original AirPods design, and they have an in-ear design that fits more securely in more ears using tips of three different sizes — if you’ve ever had difficulty keeping Apple’s earbuds in your ear, these are the solution. The wireless charging case is also wider than the non-pro charging cases.

Despite their smaller size, they come with active noise cancellation, and they sound a little better than the regular non-pro AirPods. Battery life with noise cancellation enabled isn’t as long as the regular AirPods, but it’s still pretty good (4.5 hours versus 5 hours). If the AirPods Pro run out of battery, a quick 15-minute charge in the case gives you an extra three hours of listening time. The AirPods Pro come with a wireless charging case that holds a 24-hour total charge for the AirPods.

The AirPods Pro are also sweat and water-resistant, whereas the regular non-pro AirPods are not. You can read the full AirPods Pro review here

A pair is listed for $249, but typical price more commonly hovers around $220 across online retailers like Walmart and Costco. We’ve seen them drop lower during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but if you need a pair now, don’t settle for paying any more than $220. Below, we’ve listed the best deals available now.

AirPods Max being worn

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

The best Apple AirPods deals you can get now, including $60 off refurbished AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Max carry over all the features fans love about the AirPods Pro into a wireless over-ear headphone design. It’s a bit too early for deals to surface for a pair and stock is still extremely limited.

If you’re an Apple aficionado looking for the best audio you can find, the AirPods Max are for you. Audio from the AirPods Max is crisp, clear, and open; their noise-cancellation is powerful. They’re surely pricier than other headphones with similar performance from Sony and Bose, but the AirPods Max are a huge listening upgrade from the AirPods and AirPods Pro for iOS users. You can read our full review of the AirPods Max here

Since they are still fairly new, we haven’t seen any great deals for these headphones. The typical price is still the full $549, but Amazon is offering a small discount on the silver pair. 

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