The best Apple Watch deals happening now: get $80 off the Series 6

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Good smartwatches keep you in the loop when you’re away from your phone, and the Apple Watch is our best overall pick for its ease of use and robust health features. Apple sells it in three different versions, Apple Watch Series 6, SE, and the Series 3, with the oldest model starting at $200.

Apple Watches go on sale frequently and there’s no need to ever pay full price for one. Check out the table of contents to the left to hop to the best deals for any specific model. 

If you’re on the fence about which one to buy, here’s a quick breakdown:

Still wondering which one is right for you? Or how the Apple Watch stacks up to the competition? Here’s our guide for the best Apple Watches and our picks for the best smartwatches overall. 

The best Apple Watch deals available right now

Apple Watch Series 6 deals

The Apple Watch Series 6 is the flagship model that comes loaded with all of Apple’s most advanced health features, its latest processor, a brighter always-on display, and fast charging. 

Shoppers should expect to pay 15% less than retail for this model on a regular basis. Discounts over 20% are a little rarer. 

Apple Watch SE deals

The best Apple Watch deals happening now: get $80 off the Series 6

With a recent Apple processor and many of the same features as the Series 6, the Apple Watch SE is a great budget-friendly option.

The Apple Watch SE comes with many of the features you’d want from the Series 6, but lacks the new blood oxygen sensor, brighter always-on display, and fast charging. However, for most people, the Apple Watch SE may be the best option, since it costs over $100 less but can do almost everything the Series 6 can.

Like the Series 6, shoppers shouldn’t pay retail price for the SE. It sees a discount of 15% regularly.

Apple Watch Series 3 deals

The best Apple Watch deals happening now: get $80 off the Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 3 in aluminum is the perfect blend of style and functionality for an excellent price.

If price is your main concern, the older Apple Watch Series 3 is worth consideration. It is the cheapest option sold by the Apple Store. Even though it lacks more advanced features like an always-on screen and ECG monitoring, it offers the core Apple Watch experience at a much more accessible price.

The Series 3, while listed as $200, rarely leaves its discounted price of $169. Suffice it to say, shoppers should not buy it for more than $169, but should take advantage of any price below $169. 

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