Your ultimate crypto reading list: 27 books that experts say everyone should read to better understand digital currencies and invest in them profitably

  • The sudden rise of cryptocurrencies has dominated markets headlines both this year and last.
  • However, it has caught some investors off guard.
  • We asked 15 crypto experts for their top book recommendations to help you get smarter on crypto.
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The sudden return and rise of cryptocurrencies caught some investors off guard.

Over the course of a year, bitcoin (BTC) has surged 245%, while ether (ETH), the native currency of the ethereum blockchain, has surged 782%.

Even tokens for decentralized finance projects such as Compound (COMP), and protocols for blockchain improvements such as Chainlink (LINK), have seen rapid rises. For example, Compound has increased 127%.

However, trying to read about the recent day-to-day moves in crypto without a solid understanding of cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming.

There’s lots of jargon. And, the philosophies around cryptocurrencies are continually evolving and shaping the space, whether that’s crypto mining energy usage or blockchain speed inefficiencies. 

One example is how over the years, bitcoin has shifted from being viewed as a means of payment to a store of value.

Major events like Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin whitepaper, the Mt. Gox crash, and the crypto winter of 2018 have also shaped the philosophies of crypto developers, investors and evangelists.

So, better understanding this evolving landscape often involves digging deep into many of these key events and blockchains.

To help individuals better understand digital currencies, Insider asked 15 leading crypto experts what their top book recommendations are and compiled the ultimate crypto reading list.

The books touch on topics ranging from bitcoin to the future of cash and decentralized finance. It also features perspectives from the likes of Nic Carter, who is a general partner at Castle Island Ventures and Scott Melker, who is a crypto trader.

Here are the 27 books recommended by our experts, and their commentary on each one:

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