Massachusetts Activists Demand Answers & The Resignation Of The District Attorney In The Alleged Suicide Of 16-Year-Old Mikayla Miller Who’s Body Was Found Tied To A Tree – The Shade Room

#Roommates, for the last few weeks, local activists and the family of 16-year-old Hopkinton, Massachusetts teen Mikayla Miller are still demanding answers as they try to piece together her heartbreaking death that found her tied to a tree—which is being classified as an alleged suicide by officials. However, her family isn’t having it. In response to the allegations by local law enforcement that Mikayla Miller committed suicide, her family is not settling for the belief that she took her life, largely because of how her body was found, which doesn’t coincide with suicide.

@NBC10Boston reports, Calvina Strothers, the mother of Mikayla Miller, rightfully wants answers in the case of her daughter’s death and has recently rejected the local medical examiner’s determination that Mikayla died via suicide—and she is now moving forward with her plans for an independent investigation. Strothers is convinced that Mikayla, who was found hanging from a tree on April 18th, was not a victim of suicide despite the Massachusetts Chief Medical Examiner listing that as the cause on her official death certificate. During a recent press conference alongside attorney Benjamin Crump, Strothers said “I know the truth, and it’s not what they say.”

In response to their objection, Mikayla’s family had a separate autopsy done before Mikayla’s body was ultimately cremated. However, the results have not yet been released. Meanwhile, Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition, David Johns, noted that Mikayla was “found standing, not hanging,” on a tree that couldn’t possibly support her body weight and also with a belt that was not hers, according to a statement from her mother. Johns also added, that “There is no way that Mikayla could have killed herself.”

Additionally, just hours before her body was found, Mikayla was involved in a physical altercation with a group of teenagers, who assaulted her—the details of that incident are possibly being factored into Mikayla’s death.

As local unrest continues over the case, several protests came together outside District Attorney Marian Ryan’s office, due to claims that Ryan has purposely withheld information from Mikayla’s family.  Local activist Monica Cannon-Grant stated “DA Ryan’s lack of professionalism, lack of accountability and this power that she wields as if she does not answer to anybody is unacceptable.”


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