₿ BITCOIN 1D ₿ : 04.DEC.2021 : $BTC for COINBASE:BTCUSD by ArmanShabanTrading

The Bitcoin’s price is currently trading in the range of $ 48,000 after falling today to the range of 42K by activating Buy pending orders (Buy Limit) in these ranges with 15% growth …
We expect market fears to diminish and emotional selling and falling prices decreases by tomorrow .
If the price closes above 49K tonight, it can then grow to 51K in the form of a correction wave . Note that the price was currently reacting positively to the golden ratio of Fibonacci (0.618), which was able to recover with this strength. If this support is lost, it could fall to the most important support range which is 36K to 38K , we will expect that buy pending orders to be activated again in this range, and consequently we will experience another amazing growth contrary to the main direction of the market (which is bearsh now). Pay attention to these price ranges and volume densities that I mention below …

41,000$ , 40 ,400$ , 38,800$ , 37800$ , 36,000$

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⚠️ This Analysis will be updated …

👤 Arman Shaban : @ArmanShabanTrading

📅 04.DEC.2021


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