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Hi, welcome to this video. Most of the people lost hope in stock market as their money tied up there for a long time, or they think that after paying for investment courses they should be able to earn money from the stock market, unfortunately after 3 months, half-year even more than a year they can’t even earn back their learning fees.

So, if you feel that earn money in stock market is hard, your money was tied up there, why you lose so much money in stock market, or you still can’t earn back your learning fees then this video definitely can help to avoid you from investing money to no avail and you know what to do next!

Let’s start with 1st reason.


• As a newbie, you are attracted by marketing wording like Financial Freedom, Secret Trading Strategy, Best Investment Class, Warren Buffett Way.

• Then you thought that the tutor is 100% using the stock investment to become financial freedom. You want to be like him.

• And you never really doubt about the Warren Buffett way could lead to being another Warren Buffett or not.

• You were blinded by the successful testimonial but forget about the words that stay deep inside the loser’s heart.

• Your logical thinking was flying away when you saw a webinar show a system or a video that can help you spot the best entry and exit point in a stock.

Then after the learning, you straight away put your money in the stock market. This lead to 2nd reason call,

Kupamanduka which means Frog in The Well. What you know might just tip of the iceberg.

• You thought that Fundamental Analysis or Technical Analysis can use it independently.

• Best company performance become your beliefs to buy the stock. Whereby there are more than 10 main factors that affect stock prices, company just one of them.

• You are too focus on the Technical Indicators but leave The Way to Trade aside which is the main Key to Win the trade.

• You just follow the top analyst opinion but cannot differentiate what types of analysts there are. Are they Macro analyst, Strategy analyst, Industry analyst, Individual stocks analyst or any other types that you don’t know?

• You have lack of knowledge on macroeconomic factors which play a very important role that move a stock price up and down.

Next will be your mentality of buying a stock, we called it


• You love Bottom Fishing.

• You want to sell at the Top point.

• You wish to accomplish the Dream to get rich overnight in stock market.

• Eventually Stock Market is your casino.

The other one I called it Expectation Fog

• You think that the stock price shouldn’t go down for such a long time.

• You just expect that the stock price will go up again as quick as it went down, so you adding to positions once you saw white candlestick .

• You keep on thinking that your favorite stock will never be disappointed you, so you ignore all the negative signs.

• You simply get a few information to support your prediction of the stock and confidence that the result will become what you expect.

Lastly, the reason that causes most of the people being abandoned by the stock market is

Hidden Risk. You yourself are the biggest risk when you

• Lack of trading discipline,

• break the rules you set,

• calling out your bad behavior while you losing money,

• end up letting the personal feelings and emotions impact your decision-making

Here are the 10 theories. First,


• Observe yourself when you saw the bait, find out what you need, measure the price you really need to pay.


• Always raise questions that make you clear about the coin of two sides and how true of those particular statements. You don’t need other people’s success.


• Check out your level of knowledge in that field whenever you finished a study. The world is big, you are just not enough.


• Keep the frog in mind. Your world is the well.

Follow the game not yours

• You need to follow the game rules not your way.


• Practice to master the market. Gambling is random, stock market is value, supply, and demand.


• Shift your hope or expectation to reality. The result is enough for you to learn.

One-sided love

• Stock doesn’t know you love him/her.

Only you

• Only you can beat yourself. There’s must be another way to do that.

Time Travel

• Using your imagination to travel to your future to see what you gonna do if you win and lose for this buying decision.


• Naïve makes you rely on the sources of learning;

• Rely put you in the well;

• Unrealistic grow your greed;

• Fog come from your imaginary winning and your winning;

• Prepare yourself from yourself;

Powerful learning is your experience, let paper account practice be your partner. Everyone has their own success.

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