AMC – For The Life Of Me I Can’t Understand These Apes for NYSE:AMC by Orcishruler

If you’re in this name, you mostly likely should get your head examined.

A movie theater company that isn’t expected to ever make a profit again is worth 22.4B. If you want to do a “short squeeze”, you need multiple billions of dollars which the apes don’t have. I have been surprised how long these apes have been able to hold up with Ponzi for this long but these Ponzi schemes aren’t long-term investments. If you say to me, it’s a squeeze play, I’m not doing it as an investment, then when is your exit strategy for a stock that is clearly by even many apes considered to be wildly overvalued.

Technically speaking, MACD just gave a sell signal on the daily time frame and volume has dropped since we’ve run up to this 52-53 area. I expect we’ll see sub $30 over next few weeks/months as apes lose interest. This insane game of chicken can’t last forever and these dreams of +$100 or even 500K are a parody of themselves. I implore any ape with those kinds of expectation look up the law of large numbers and understand you need more and more money to push up one of these squeezes which would be absolutely astronomical after a +$50B market cap.

Get out while you still have the shirt on your back or learn the hard way. The choice is yours.

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