BANKNIFTY strikes for short strangle ❗ for NSE:BANKNIFTY by agasthya_d

Hi traders 😊
🛑 Banknifty short strangle strikes

🛑 Selling strikes purely based on India vix volatility index

🛑India Vix closed at 16.92% which means nifty can swing upto +16% upside from previous close or -16% towards downside

🛑If calculate it for day volatility

◽ Here banknifty can go upto max +340 points from previous close 37830

◽ Or can go down by -340 points from previous close 37830

( Caution it doesn’t include any sentiment ie . Global or economical or news)

◽ Now clearly we get one strike from Vix index ie .38200 strike as resistance we can short it

◽ Another one in downside we get one strike ie . 37400 as support

◽we can clearly observe that market can trade with in this range so I will going to do this

Short strangle means selling OTM strikes of PE And CE

◽ sell CALL

➡️ Sell 38200 CE with stop loss of 38150 (simply exist from position after breakout of 38150 with is crucial resistance level I have discussed above it you can checkout by visiting mine profile)

◽Sell PUT

➡️ Sell 37400 PE with Stoploss of 37600 (or in other words : exist from PUT position if breakdown of 37600 which crucial support zone . I have discussed above it clearly u can visit mine profile and Checkout)

➡️ If sold both both strikes (in other words if do short strangle)

Key important you must have to follow

◽ Exist from one position if breakdown/breakout happens and keep it another side for until reach the target level

( if want to know Target level set visit mine profile and watchout BANKNIFTY analysis for expirey day I have clearly mentioned Target levels)

◽ If breakout happens at (38150)exist from Position of CE or buy back CE or close CE selling position

Then keep short side PE to reach Target of 38300 (I clearly explained about it visit mine profile)

◽ If breakdown happens (at 37600 ) then exist from Position PE or buyback PE or Close Position PE

Then keep it selling CALL (CE) until reach Target level 37450

🛑You can also short only side either CALL or PE and follow respective Stoploss points

(Personally I will recommend Sell CALL or CE becaut fear market is higher )

🛑Make sure your capital is 1.6 L rupees to execute this strategy

🛑Any doubts regarding on this comment below I will definitely help you guy’s

And if I’m wrong please let me know in comment section I will definitely correct my mistake

◽ Thanks for reading and do like it and follow for more and give reputation it will boost mine confidence have nice day 😊

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