Bitcoin Analyze (Scenarios)!!!🧐 for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by pejman_zwin

Hi, probably when you are reading this post, you are confused that what will happen for Bitcoin . I tried to specify two scenarios that can happen in the next few days.

Bitcoin Analyze ( BTCUSDT ) Timeframe 12h⏰

Location🌊: about the location of Bitcoin , please read my post with the topic ”Bitcoin Analyze( Road Map🗺️)!!!”.

Bitcoin was able to break the Necking line of the Head and Shoulder Pattern a few days ago. also, the failure volume was sufficient for a valid failure. so scenario 2 is more possible than scenario 1.

🔴 Scenario 1: Bitcoin can break the heavy resistance zone and start a new journey for taping a new ATH == The head and shoulder pattern will fail.

🔴 Scenario 1: Bitcoin is pulling back to its necking line and finally will break the heavy support zone and the support lines == The head and shoulder pattern target will touch.

🔴Resistance zones & Support Zones on Bitcoin’s way :

Heavy Resistance Zone: 51600$ until 53600$

Heavy Support Zone: 48940$ until 47630$

Heavy Support Zone: 44600$ until 43000$

❗️Sign❗️: if you remember that when we were at around 36000$, Bitcoin touched 48168$ on BITCOIN / TETHERUS PERPETUAL FUTURES , and finally price arrived itself to this amount, three days ago we saw the same happens, and Bitcoin dropped down from 53889$ to 40888$, probably Bitcoin will arrive at 42850$ again👇

🔴RSI Analyze: RSI is moving on descending channel + we watched one of the valid bearish signals for RSI === Bearish Failure Swing. In addition, RSI broke its support line and now is pulling back to it.👇

🔴November candlestick pattern: we can find 💫Shooting Star💫Pattern ( Bearish ) = The trigger was activated. 👇

Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position you want to open).

Please follow your strategy, this is just my idea, and I will be glad to see your ideas in this post.

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