BNB-new era starts 30th Nov!EIP-95,overview, fundamentals(no TA) for BINANCE:BNBUSDT by CryptoFan973

Hello everyone,

BNB has strong momentum few last weeks, growing faster than market.

On 30th November, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) upgrade EIP-95 goes live. This BSC protocol (chain) upgrade means all the transaction fees are going to burn.

BSC blockchain has extremely high number of transactions everyday (U can check on, current ATH is around 14.000.000 transactions per day and still growing, its probably the most active and utilised blockchain in crypto.

There are tons of new projects on BSC , Binance are heavy investing in BSC , which makes it extremely utilised.

What this means for BNB:

– scarcity of BNB will grow fast, there is limited fixed BNB supply

– BNB is becoming deflatory asset

– with EIP-95 and fees burning mechanism, daily available circulating BNB supply will go down

– daily BNB burning ratio with these extreme high number of transactions on BSC should be rly high (around 700k-1M USD approx)

– intristic value of BNB will grow

– push on price growth of BNB will be higher

– as Proof of Stake asset, all can still stake BNB for approx. 30% APY on Trustwallet, Binance directly etc.

– BNB already has extreme high utility (used for trading fees on Binance, Lauchpool, Lauchpad, staking, NFT marketplace, Liquidity Earning, Loans etc.), its already extremely well utilised and its fuel of whole Binance ecosystem

EIP-95 is similar to London hard for on ETH, but with faster burning ratio cuz of multiple higher number of transactions on BSC blockchain compared with ETH blockchain.

1yr ago, BNB price was 30 USD, these days around 600 USD – it means 20x y/y return.

With these changes, growth should be even faster.

Please note that EIP-95 is targeting longterm grow with BNB fees burning and from my point of view, BNB is the best longterm investment.

Binance is also biggest cryptoexchange in the world with 50%+ marketshare.

For me, BNB is true love which I am holding 3 years and getting more excited and confident every single day.

Happy trading to everyone!

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