BTC’s 2017 top till now: a brief history for CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D by OD85

2017 BTCUSD ( BITSTAMP ) top compared to TOTAL2 & BTC .D;

1D Chart:

Top was on the 17/12/2021 @ $19,666

On the same day TOTAL2 @ 246 Billion and peaked at 474.5 Billion 19 days later – 92.6% increase in MCAP

On the same day BTC .D @ 60.97% and bottomed at 35.41% 27 days later (13/ 01 /2018) – 41.93% decrease – Alts Blossomed during this time

Peak of BTC .D was at 71.33% 9 days prior to BTC’s top

6th February 2018:

51 days later & 69.89% retrace BTC found a local bottom
TOTAL2 also rallied and topped out 3 days before BTC found its next top

From Start of April until the 1st week of May BTC & Alts flourished together. TOTAL2 increased as btcprice rose and dominance fell.

As of the 6th May 2018 top TOTAL2 dropped as BTC .D rose, alts bleeding as BTC soaked up all of the market cap.

From here on out it was a pretty sad state of affairs until BTC bottomed on the 15/12/2018. This would’ve been the best entry. TOTAL2 also bottomed on this date, beginning a mini altseason, BTC .D fell for the next 3 weeks.

Opportunity between 6/5/2018 – 15/12/2018 would have been sporadic and not worth the risk, a good time to sit out if history were to repeat itself.

BTC then rallied until the 26/06/20219 for an increase of 344.5%. All the while TOTAL2 increased and BTC .D steadily rose. Being in BTC during this phase would be of most benefit with minimal risk.

Mini altseason commence 14/ 05 /2019 – 13/06/2021, 1 month exactly.

Dominance then rose whilst TOTAL2 nose dived for 3 months straight. BTCUSD ranging during this time.

13/02/2020 – COVID CRASH BEGINS – for 1 full and agressive month BTC wiped off over 63% value in a flash crash. TOTAL2 follows BTC’s lead and BTC .D rose steadily ALTS hit HARD!!!

BTC then begins is grind up to approx. $65k (just shy) over the next 397 days (14/04/2021), a 1585% increase. The time to be in BTC was then.

As of 03/ 01 /2021 BTC began losing momentum whilst increasing in price. This is when we saw TOTAL2 rapidly increase and BTC .D inversely decrease. This would be the time to be in ALTS.

14/04/2021 – BTC Printed its top. TOTAL2 and BTC .D were again inversely in unison for the next 4-5 weeks. Alts explode during this 4-5 weeks.

BTC dropped almost 55% for 97 days and printed a much relieved bottom on the 20/07/2021. During which the abovementioned 4-5 weeks occured followed by dominance slowly increasing and TOTAL2 increasing along with BTC .

BTCUSD , TOTAL2 and BTC .D are all now increasing and it looks like we’re going to see the last phase of the cycle in Q4. I think now is the time to be mostly in BTC and prepare for the insane alt season that follows. This only happens once every 4 years.

Will it repeat 2017/18’s top and altseason? I certainly hope so. I’m ready. If it does we’re looking for a parabolic move to the upside for BTC for the next 3 months, keep your eyes on the 17th December 2021. Look for signs that BTC is topping out and begin to rotate into alts.

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