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Hello sweets
Following is a review of the bitcoin trend:
I have been predicting the trend for a long time and it has continued in almost the same way.
Now, for more confirmation of the waves, we examine the harmonic pattern
Given that the price correction has been made to approximately 0.61 in Fibo
Two harmonic patterns may occur:
Gartley pattern
Crab pattern
Both are downward patterns. That is, at point d, the uptrend will end and we will enter the correction.
In Gartley’s model, the target is $ 58,000
In the crab pattern , the target will be around $ 69,000 to $ 71,000.
I think the correction will continue for about $ 38,000 and from there the price increase will happen.
Apologize for English mistakes
for my Persian guy:
salam dustan
khob man nazaram taghiri nakarde faghat khastan az manzare olguye harmunic ham taiidiye bdam harchand yekam barash zude.
agar ma bargashte gheymat az haminja ya kihdjh 37000 dashte bashim mishe goft olguye harmunic dare kamel mishe ke chon noghte b nv pn,n tdf , 0.618 bargash dashte olguye gartli va kharchang mitunan ijad beshan dar gartli hadaf 58000 va dar kharchang hodude 69000 ela 71000 hast
nazaram agar ba taghire jahate bazar hamrah shod mojadadn barasi mikonam
dar panahe hagh
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