Buy It or a lifetime Wouldn’t be enough for it. for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by Gti3993

Ok , So we are way far from Pablo area ,so far everything i posted happen not cause am good which am not , its just cause i stopped listening to anybody anymore .there’s much shi7y charts here and i posted that so many times ,even best Signals people or groups changed thier mind;30 k was expected now all the sudden 54K is next target . ALT COINS 100-300% gains Since 4 weeks and you are still waiting for a drop!! You think its high to buy now ha ? well… its not . Main pump in BTC lately was not fake ,the fake thing was the news and social media you were following just to pull you out from buying or trading so whales and finicial institutions can buy easier with engneered plan aka “AI PLAN”.you didnt buy since the 29 k area cause pablo made it clear its hitting 20k and Dogge Coin is going to be 7 cents so whales acuumilated with ease , we were played nicely and smoothly .The main reason all these whale were buying cause BTC is the future and we all know how messed up banking system is and how easily you can become wealthy if you have the patience and the minmum intelligence.Do you think bankers would let you ?NO slavery is what they want you you belong to them your life every second in your life is for them since the second you were born til the day you day . Think about it .
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