Cryptopocalypse delayed until 2023? for BNC:BLX by shelby3

Correcting the chart for the posited narrative. Also August 2024 is too slow because the rally from the low will be faster than from March 2020 as was the case for the corresponding case in 2012 – 2013 also because people will remember March 2020 and BTFD like crazy. So I am looking for the final top late 2022 or early 2023 and $300 – 500k.

I’m thinking the posited donations attack will come after the said final top because TPTB would want to fleece all those who are buying that massive rise in the price. After the posited attack there won’t be any way for some years hence to easily buy legacy Bitcoin that survives because the exchanges will be wiped out by the attack and confusion will reign. Thus analogous to the top in 2013, a multi-year cryptowinter will ensue as Bitcoin will be universally despised and attacked by nation-states.

This is going to be amazing enriching if true.

Now I can adjust my altcoin analyses based on this narrative.

The narrative that makes the most sense to me is the crash to golden pocket ~$26k incoming by late Oct or early Nov. There’s also a potential H&S pattern forming which projects to that bottom.

As of end of October, Tether’s presumed massive exposure to Evergrande commercial paper will be in default. The legal proceeding gears will commence.

Then a rally into March 2022 to approach ATH will presumably be Tether frantically trying to print their way out before they are forced to audit. Then by March Tether fails, there is a flash crash to $17k into May.

That giganormous flash crash may or may not coincide with the posited ANYONECANSPEND donations attack. Actually it would behoove the perpetrators to maximize the game theory by pushing the price to nosebleed ATHs before the attack so the mining difficulty will be stuck at a much more insanely high level (so that the Core protocol can’t mine any blocks without a hard fork to reset the mining difficulty).

So what would take Bitcoin up from $17k in May to potentially as high as $1.5 million by August 2024 if not being more accelerated in time and thus a lower level for the final high? Would that be due to approval of an ETH and massive mainstream onboarding via banks, Paypal, Twitter , etc?

The great thing is we do not need to be correct about the timing of the posited donations attack. We can simply sell in March and then if there is no such attack we can repurchased at lower prices. Those who will suffer are those unwilling to sell at $58 – 64k before they have tax implications or think they can just hodl for $100k. Remember many W.O. OGs want to cash out $100+k, so presumably there will be something to at least scare the shit out of them before that, and possibly also swipe their BTC .

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