DOGEARMY pushes doge to its new limits for FTX:DOGEUSD by crypt0w1zmt

Just 2Y ago this entry on #doge #dogecoin @dogecoin was $0.002 (Why didn’t I #HODL?) #FUD

Oh that’s right. It’s a joke!

There’s no way my crystal ball would foresee @elonmusk inadvertently using his #dogearmy/followers to usher in a new era for #cryptocurrencies through #Memes: #NFTs.

So going through my morning routine while attempting to spot any trendline breakouts And lo and behold there is a second W top this time on the DOGEUSD for a mid-long position: If you are not patient and looking for a quick short DO not make this entry

I wrote W top accidentally; just ignore it.

I meant W bottom—Hopefully you already knew that as it is common sense and I just posted a signal for the same indicator used to identify the same breakout on a different token #etcusd

  • From the related link published in 2019; more hindsight[/b for you.

Forgive the delay; Also any images that may not Preview the way I see them — Commuting to the city and using iOS and windows 10 interchangeably is really a pain in the ass like living in a country where there are two native languages…

$DOGEUSD Targets for hypothetical mid to long although With the market consolidating today as it is— If you are looking for a short entry I would highly suggest another one but if you are comfortable sitting on the DOGE for a while this could turn out to be a very profitable trade & yield significant $ROI.

Please defer to my Twitter or Linkdeln; or any other post & Read the disclaimer before even considering taking a position. Kind of rushing downtown so not at my PC right now— forgive the sloppiness & I hope you all have a great day.

Thanks everyone. I really don’t know why I did not start publishing these forex chart patterns for I’ve been posting them on FB /Steemit/ Twitter to as far back as September 2016 (Q3) & To be frank I’m a little disappointed in myself for not doing so.

Makes me feel like I am kind of #FOMOing in the tradingview Rep game. Oh well. Better late than never. C’est la vie!

Trade safely everybody !!

Have a great weekend.

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