ES – Monthly Terminations over the past 60 Years for CME_MINI:ES1! by HK_L61

ES ALGOs/BOTs/Traders BUY 1-3-day pullbacks expecting every reversal attempt to fail.

BTD reigns supreme and has for a long, long time.

They aren’t wrong, yet.

The Month of September (at present) is the 8th consecutive monthly BTO BAR

for the SP500 Cash index.

The 7th time when there was a streak of 8 BTO Bars in the Market’s History.

Ove the past 60 years, there has never been 9 back to back Monthly BTO Bars.

We saw the breakaway GAP on the YM’s 28.2K Level never fill… it simply grinds

higher and higher.

The ES – exact same.

September and October should present the opportunity for a 11 to 30% correction.

The largest warning and a clear sign of Distribution is the APEX’s of the most

recent failure to complete – it side-steps it and consolidates in a range waiting

for the next break.

Volatility should pick up markedly in the coming week.

We are carefully watching the VX Curve and anticipating “Something” arrives

from out of nowhere… What this can be? I would be making a wild ass guess

at this point as there are far too many vectors for a correction.

For now, 100% Cash with all trades SELLS into any rallies. We will not hold

any longs, none.

Hooking a reversal can be costly, painful and difficult.

We are patiently waiting for this opportunity and will post trades as they occur.

For now…. SOH.

10Yr Yields… something brewing there again, watching them closely.

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