EverGrande (3333/EGRNF) – a possible Christmas present! for HKEX:3333 by inducto

Evergrande is mostly being discussed only in a relation to the fall of Alibaba, or the rise of or changes in the Chinese economy.
However, somehow it doesn’t ring the bell that when such a Chinese giant falls, and eventually doesn’t seem to go bankrupt, that it’s a possible golden mine for the future.

Currently EGRNF (which is a US equivalent of 3333) is being traded at 0.33$/st., while in the old good times it was reaching in a peak 3.5+$/st. (or 2.73 HKD vs 30 HKD) – meaning x10 times the value of current price.

In other words, if Evergrande will eventually will not go bankrupt, it will recover.

Especially considering the policies of the Chinese government which is very busy with maximizing own sustainablity and financial growth.

Evengrande in a current state seems as a golden mine, which is somehow currently overlooked by the crowds.

There is a challenge though. which I came across, seeing that some European banks are not willing to allow trading this stock.

It is visible in the trading system as active, but there is no way to purchase it.

Quite frustrating, not being able to purchase this stock on such a great opportunity.

Current trend:

It seems quite far at the moment from the 4.50 HKD level, therefore it may yet return to the 2.50 HKD.

The moment it will confidently pass 4.50 HKD, it will most likely be a sign of coming back from dead, and from that moment it may pick up quite rapidly.

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