Final Leg for Bull Run Incoming? Look at the fractal!! for COINBASE:BTCUSD by Justin_Tx

Hey guys JT here just wanted to do a BTC update and go through some of my thoughts on where we might be heading. When looking at the Bitcoin Logarithmic Growth Curve chart on “” we can see we still have a lot of room to grow. This is one of the strongest indicators IMO of where we can realistically see a BTC top relative to past performance. Now that I have this belief that we are going to be setting an ATH and how high we might think it’ll go, I now look to past fractals to see what happened last time BTC flipped a major resistance level . I had three criteria for this fractal , 1-finding a distribution similar to what we have been seeing of late, 2-it has to have flipped a major resistance, 3- It was followed by a speedy rise. A speedy rise because I am expecting a top in December/January due to the 4-year market cycle theory. Now that the criteria was set I found none other than the fractal that started the bull run in the first place. Now this fractal takes us to 170k which would be nice but I still have expectations of 100k-150k. I will be letting go of a majority of my bags during this time. However, this fractal beautifully displays what could happen if we do see the market cycle top by the end of the year out to those logarithmic growth curve tops. It flips resistance into support followed by a steady rise, It even consolidates at the local high of 53k, then it and heads to ATH w/ yet again more consolidation, then a powerful burst through it followed by the back test of the ATH and atlas the blow-off top. This shows exactly how I would expect it to look and only time will tell as always but I will be comparing BTC’s next moves to this fractal to see if history is rhyming. As always this is not financial advice, best of luck!

Let me know what y’all think in the comments and if you found this helpful/insightful then leave a like please!!!

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