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MakiSwap Launches First AMM and Yield Farming on Huobi
  • MakiSwap will launch the first AMM and yield farming platform on Heco.
  • MakiSwap also features lucrative yield farming opportunities.
  • On May 20, 2021, MakiSwap will launch on the Huobi Eco Chain.

MakiSwap will launch the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange and yield farming platform on Huobi Eco Chain (Heco). Notably, Heco is the Ethereum-compatible smart contract blockchain backed by Huobi.

MakiSwap provides users a comprehensive decentralized exchange (DEX) and yield farming platform. Moreover, the AMM design is geared toward professional traders and includes limit orders, advanced charting tools, analytics, and more.

In addition, MakiSwap also features lucrative yield farming opportunities. The platform helps users to jump into both yield farming and the Heco blockchain.

On May 20, 2021, MakiSwap will launch on the Huobi Eco Chain, becoming a pillar of its fledgling Heco DeFi ecosystem. More so, the Huobi-backed blockchain has attracted considerable interest in China and the Asia-Pacific region. The interest is partly due to the high yields and attractive DeFi offerings on blockchains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

For instance, The PancakeSwap exchange on BSC came to rival and surpass Uniswap by key using key metrics like the higher throughput of the Binance-backed blockchain.

Unilayer and MakiSwap Founder Geo said,

“Heco has been a hidden gem for all this time due to its focus on the Asian community, but its adoption statistics easily rival those of or BSC…As BSC starts falling out of favor due to its performance issues, we are confident that MakiSwap and Heco will become the new household names of DeFi elsewhere in the world.”

Leading Investors to Build AMM Platform on Huobi Eco Chain

Furthermore, MakiSwap is backed by a number of prominent investors and projects in the crypto space, including Kenetic Capital, LD Capital, NGC Ventures, Polygon Network, DAO Maker, Momentum 6, AU21 Capital and others. Recently, the project collected $1.4 million in funding from institutional and private investors.

At launch, MakiSwap will begin yield farming incentives for its most valuable liquidity pools. Liquidity providers to HT/MAKI and LAYER/MAKI will be eligible for additional MAKI rewards. Added to this, holders of Unilayer’s LAYER token will receive an airdrop of MAKI proportional to their stake. MakiSwap is currently live on Heco’s testnet, available at

All in all, MakiSwap is the current leading AMM exchange on the Huobi Eco Chain. The platform is developed by Unilayer which is a cross-chain liquidity aggregator and unified interface for DEX. MAKI is MakiSwap’s governance token, which is distributed to all holders of the Unilayer’s LAYER token.

While DAO Maker PancakeSwap, which is a DEX, does not function as CEX, like Limit Order or Stop-loss Order. In contrast, Makiswap contains tools like Limit Orders, Stop Limit Orders, charts, analytics, tutorials, on any feature offered and 24/7 live-chat, etc. In order to give the best experience for professional DeFi traders.

In fact, Makiswap has integrated, as default, features that users can find on a CEX. Furthermore, MakiSwap has the potential of reaching higher heights than PancakeSwap on Huobi Eco Chain.

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