The Manchester music scene is more in Sync with Apple tech

If you have a vision then Manchester-based technology specialists Sync can help you make it a reality – and it is doing just that for renowned music venue Band on the Wall.

Sync, an Apple Authorised Reseller, has been at the forefront of business technology throughout the North West region – and beyond – for more than 30 years.

As technology specialists, the Ardwick-based Apple specialist assists businesses of all shapes and sizes across all sectors in making the upgrade to Apple products, helping them in the deployment of Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Sync also works with organisations to create bespoke solutions which meet the technical, financial and productivity needs of their business.

Transforming the workplace with Mac

Band on the Wall has been a part of Manchester’s thriving music scene for over two centuries, providing a platform for artists from all over the world, pushing for equality and diversity in music every step of the way.

Described as a ‘living music library’, Band on the Wall is a place where anyone can experience and learn music that they love, discovering artists that otherwise might not have had the opportunity to get their names out there.

Head of marketing and communication, Simon Webbon said his relationship with Sync and how they are using Mac has transformed the workplace.

Technology is essential for Band on the Wall, and even more so for Simon, whose job involves developing creative content and projects whilst making sure that everything the company does is indicative of their brand.

He said one of the most challenging parts of his role is ensuring that every public-facing output represents Band on the Wall’s values and what it stands for.

That’s where Mac comes into play. Everything must be done with the utmost care and attention to detail, and Mac allows them to do just that, and more.

“As an Apple-based organisation, it underpins the whole information infrastructure,” said Simon, who added Apple is used for almost everything they do. “It runs everything from file management and the venue diary through to our personal machines”.

He said when working in an environment that utilises the power of Mac, “things run a lot smoother” and “in the most complimentary way, the technology kind of disappears and just enables us to get our job done”.

Simon Webbon, left, head of marketing at Band on the Wall and Tom Crump, head of sales at Sync

Technology that lasts

As a direct result of using technology day-in and day-out, longevity is an issue that many companies encounter.

Simon said that using Mac has relieved that stress for him and the rest of his team. Devices are “used all day, every day, and in certain circumstances, our servers are there literally twenty-four hours a day, and they’ve been running for years.”

When speaking about Mac specifically, he said, “We find that you invest in a quality product and it lasts you a lot longer, and then ultimately, you get better value out of it.”

This is an important part of integrating tech into any business and something that the team at Band on the Wall have been able to avoid thanks to Mac.

“We don’t want to be replacing hardware every two years,” he said.

When an organisation is so reliant on tech, it absolutely needs to be as reliable as the people that use it. Mac is that device for the team at Band on the Wall. Simon said that using Mac enables them to get their work done quicker, and, as a result, the workload is reduced, as workflows are more streamlined.

The right support

Apple Authorised Reseller, Sync, has worked with Band on the Wall since 2009, and has helped the team with everything from consultancy and sales through to tech support and training as well as helping them to pick out the “right product”. Band on the Wall also operate an employee choice programme, helping to ensure that staff members are able to choose technology that best meets their needs.

This is particularly important to Simon as the workforce is quite diverse in their set of skills and experience.

This difference in skill sets ranges from senior team members who are well-versed in how their tech works, all the way to new-starters and apprentices who may not be familiar with using workplace technology at all. Sync helps with training for all staff members at Band on the Wall, no matter their experience.

Sync business specialist, Keith Ransome, has been working with Band on the Wall for over a decade, consulting with Simon, and the rest of their leadership team to create, and continually enhance their corporate IT environment.

Simon noted: “Keith has been really great and helpful in providing the right level of support for different people in the team and it’s been a really enjoyable relationship. Long may it continue.”

Simon Webbon, head of marketing at Band on the Wall says it uses Apple for almost everything it does
Simon Webbon, head of marketing at Band on the Wall says it uses Apple for almost everything it does

Adopting Mac in your business

Making the decision to integrate new tech into your business can be difficult for a lot of workplaces, especially with the knowledge that employees will most likely need to be trained to use their new devices. Companies like Band on the Wall prove that it can be done.

Mac can help to streamline your business into an environment that is cost effective, reliable, and productive. If your business is thinking of adopting Mac, you can arrange a free onsite consultation with a business expert.

To discover more about Sync and discover even more ways in which your business could make the transition to Apple, click here.

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