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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2021 / In the digital era, websites act as the good old physical stores. They represent your brand. They provide a place where your customers can engage. Find comfort and relate to your brand. A rocking website beats any store. What is better than being able to reel-in sales without geographic boundaries?…

Nevertheless, utopic websites are far from reach from most brands due to several reasons. Neglect a few basic must do’s and your website will become like that old forgotten furniture you inherited.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs just hire a designer. The designer will work on the user experience and the user interface, slapping premade sections, banners and components.

A few colours here and there…and boom!

You have your new digital storefront. WRONG!

Yes, user experience and user interface are important BUT…

The biggest mistake is letting the designer deploy their UX/UI craft without even grasping the basic idea of your brand. Your motto. Your mission. Your Niche. Your clientele. WHY YOU EXIST!

Defining your website’s goals and value helps you understand the best way to connect with your prospective audience.

You can begin by answering some of these questions:

1. Why does your brand exist?

2. What are your brand goals?

3. What is your value as a brand?

4. What factors differentiate you from your competition?

The key relies on properly conveying your brand identity. But wait… What is a brand identity?

For some, it’s something so ethereal that they do not know how to describe it. Is it your logo?… The colour palette?… An infographic style?… Well, yes. But not only that. It is that, on top of so much more.

A brand identity is the agglutination of how your brand looks. How it feels. How it speaks to people.

It can be summed up in how you communicate and connect to the world. Yet differentiating yourself from competition.

Do you want your brand to be successful, competitive and strong? You are compelled to have a strong brand identity. To then build long term relationships with your customers.

A professional Brand Identity puts together a comprehensive visual language that will imbue every place your brand is: from your Instagram up to your website and packaging.

A basic Brand Identity must include:

Design System.
Video and Motion.
Web Design.

Every single piece of your brand has to work for everyone. Brand ambassadors, content creators, customers, niche clientele, etc.

Once you have established your brand Identity, you can start working on your website. That is when the UX and UI design process takes part.

Do you want a generic, cookie-cutter website? or a tailored website that stands for brand’s values and what it represents? So, before you put pen to paper, establish your brand identity. It will show customers what makes you.. YOU! Customers will build an emotional connection. It will give your brand a purpose and direction. Branding connects your values to a like-minded audience.

Never underestimate the importance of branding

By Walid Yaya Senior UX/UI Designer at Bune Bear

Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Bune Bear

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