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It’s an essential element of success for every trader. Because traders frequently take a random position size. This may look like them deciding to take a larger position if they feel really confident about a trade, or, alternatively, opting to take a smaller position if they feel a little less confident. However, this may not be the most informed or strategic methodology for determining the size.

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Similarly, a trader should not just elect a pre-determined position size for all trades, regardless of how the trade sets up; this style of trading will likely lead to underperformance in the long run. So, if it’s not in the best interest of an investor to select a random position size, and it’s not a good idea to set a uniform size for all trades, what is the best way to evaluate the optimal position for a trade?

Understanding Position Sizing

Position sizing refers to the size of a position within a particular margin, or the amount that an trader is going to invest. You should use position sizing to help determine how many shares can purchase, which helps them to control risk and maximize returns.

While position sizing is an important concept in most investment type, the term is most closely associated with day trading


  • Position sizing refers to the number of units a trader invests in a particular trade.
  • Determining appropriate position sizing requires a trader to consider the risk tolerance and the size of the account.
  • While position sizing is an important concept in most every investment type, the term is most closely associated with faster-moving investors like day traders and currency traders.
  • Even with correct position sizing, investors may lose more than their specified risk limits if order get executed below the stop-loss order.

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