NIFTY 50 levels for 27th Monday ❗ for NSE:NIFTY by agasthya_d

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🎯 Key levels to watch out intraday levels for day trader

🛑 Major resistance zone for Nifty is at 17930-17960 where at this point nifty tried to breakout level

If market breakout resistance zone then we can see Target of 18060

◽ Stop loss for this level is 17870 here the pivot point control region

◽markett will shown some weakness if it traded below 17870

◽ if huge gap up ( ie . Above 17960)happens the don’t take a trade let the market correct because market Dont like gaps whether it may be huge gap up or gap down so let market get correct for some time then take the trade

🛑 Major support level for Nifty 50

Support level for nifty lies at 17770-17740

◽ Also this level can called as virgin CPR support area means It pivot point region based on yesterday value area where in active trading session market doesn’t touch the that level (those levels or pivot control point are called virgin CPR )

If breakdown happens we can see the Target of 17620 🎯

◽ stop loss ie .17830

If market traded below this level I’m sure market will be weak on intraday basis

🛑 levels for Nifty Futures will be remains same as above

◽ Go long on banknifty Futures if it breakout the resistance

◽ If banknifty traded above 18000 I’m sure that more shorts get covered in nifty Futures

◽ Don’t short the market until below the 17

🛑 Tradeshots

Resistance level for CE buyers /option buyers is at 17790-17830

support zone to buy PUT / PE is at 17570-17530

Nifty will be weaker on intraday basis below the 17830

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