NWCUSDT +40% short-term opportunity and fundamental milestone! for KUCOIN:NWCUSDT by TradingShot

My gem, the Newscrypto Coin hasn’t delivered so far the rally I was expecting as it followed the short-term bearish trade of the crypto market as a whole. I believe this failure is only temporary for NWC as the long-term fundamentals look stronger than ever with the company announcing an important collaboration that I will talk about in the Fundamental Section. From a technical stand-point a sold +40% profit opportunity that I want to share with you is emerging.

** Technical Analysis **

For this short-term opportunity I am using the 4H time-frame, which seems to be repeating a distinct pattern since the July 20 market bottom. As you see, when the LMACD bottoms out and makes a Bullish Cross, so does the price, and a Bull Flag follows. NWCUSDT rises to at least the 2.0 Fibonacci extension from the bottom of the Bull Flag . Right now the 2.0 extension is at 1.21325, which is slightly more than +40% higher than the current market value. Strong buy opportunity for short-term traders.

** Fundamental Analysis **

Fundamentally, the outlook for Newscrypto is even better. The company announced and finalized that they will join forces with Polygon to improve interoperability, as well as connect Polygon to Stellar . This will allow the creation of Wrapped XLM (wXLM) tokens, which will be usable in Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem.

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon, commented:

“Having XLM available on the Polygon PoS Chain means it can be used for lending, decentralized trading and any other important Defi usage. We’re happy to be working with NewsCrypto on this and other exciting new collaborations.”

To note, Polygon gave a grant to NewsCrypto to develop an advanced , low-fee bridge that would connect the two ecosystems. This partnership might show NewsCrypto’s shift from its core business of educating newcomers on crypto. However, this also represents the natural evolution of NewsCrypto, as its NWC token was originally launched on Stellar .

With that, the team at NewsCrypto holds enough experience to build this interoperable platform with Stellar , connecting the XLM ecosystem to the DeFi opportunities on Polygon.

The VP Growth at Polygon, Arjun Kalsy, also said that “NewsCrypto is looking to deploy their learning solution stack and becoming a part of the Polygon network. With the newest Stellar – Polygon bridge designed and developed by NewsCrypto, the Stellar network community can now transfer liquidity and engage with Polygon’s growing ecosystem.”

In detail, the Stellar-Polygon bridge offers instant swaps and almost zero fees — thanks to the high throughput of both blockchains. It is said that this bridge is safe, as it uses decentralized multi-sig schemes and Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve. This ensures a correct balance of the swap wallets. What’s more, the system has also undergone a thorough audit by Proxima.

** Conclusion **

I have never dismissed the fact that I am a huge enthusiast of the NWC token. This time it presents opportunities both to short-term traders and long-term investors. It is not every day that a +40% trading opportunity pops up on the chart or partnerships that solidify a company’s long-term outlook. This is a significant milestone for the NewsCrypto team as they pivot towards infrastructure projects.

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