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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for September 13 th .

This is the movement after the analysis on September 10th

Green -> After breaking out of the sky blue support line

Couldn’t reach the “bottom section” and ended up going downward sideways.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach the desired point.

Trading strategy is in the process of cancellation

On the weekend, there is movement in sideway move.

In the morning at the gap difference return.

More details will be discussed in the analysis section.

4 hour chart

Today’s approximate Top and Bottom prices are displayed.

In ballvan standards

The ascent section is the maximum BB 12 / Daily central line.

Because the support line at the bottom is open

When the sky blue support line is break through,

the bottom section It can be dangerous because it can be opened

based on the purple support line

red top / sky blue bottom

I made today’s trading strategy

30 minute chart neutral strategy

My current location is right in the middle.

It is also a section where resistance is concentrated in an uptrend.

Because the lower part is open as a whole and it is ichimokcu Blue cloud

This is a spot that can be connected with a downtrend.

It is an up and down trend strategy that ignores sideways.

Today, a breakout from the bottom of the green support line could lead to a significant decline.

* When the red arrow moves

Long -> Short Switching Strategy

Because the resistance line is overlapped at the top

Touch and breakout attempts can lead to a vertical rise

$46667 Long position entry section / Stop loss price when the purple support line is broken

The final target from $48022 (12 hours / near the daily peak center line) marked on the right to $48966.5

If the trend dies from this section

You can also switch to a short position.

Because it is a difficult section to break through at once

Stop loss and operate short positions

* When the light blue finger moves

Long -> Short -> Long Switching Strategy

When the purple support line is reached, will it continue to push downward?

Whether or not the rebound will be strong is important.

With a strong rebound in the

When connected with an uptrend along a purple parallel line,

$48022 Final Target (Upward and Lateral Guaranteed)

On a clumsy rebound

$45638.5 short position switching / Stop loss when the green resistance line is broken

Final bottom section $43436.5 Long position switching section / Stop loss when breaking green support line

When you get this far,

Depending on the rebound or damage, you may continue to take an additional short position.

In case of strong rebound, after long position switching

Breaking the red resistance line is important.

Principle trading / Stop loss is essential, I hope that you operate safely.

thank you

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