SHIBA accumulation shown for BINANCE:SHIBUSDT by Zulu_Kilo

As I stated the other day, I am long on SHIBA and this is a generally decent spot to start buying.

IF you’re not trading SHIBA long/short, you can start accumulating even here. For you long term buyers these small dips and such that I’m going to talk about are not going to be a huge deal. BUT you will be able to buy SHIBA cheaper if you’re willing to wait it out.

So here is a better look at the Wyckoff accumulation pattern. If you don’t know about Wyckoff’s work, definitely read up on it. It is an amazing way to look at the market and figure out what an asset is doing.

The close look at the trading range identifies some of the parts of accumulation extremely well and the pattern is extremely clear and exceptionally CLASSIC… This is CLASSIC Wyckoff accumulation. See the first jump out of the trading range on crazy high volume?… Ok, institutions did that so they can gauge buyers and they like what they see.

What they are doing now is artificially dumping the price so they can buy some more at a cheaper rate before the price jumps again for more of a profit.

I fully expect price to go down to around 0.00003200 or even 0.00003000 for the spring in Wyckoff accumulation. This will be an amazing buy opportunity, and if you are trading it, it’s an opportunity to go long there. The spring will likely be the supports of the previous highs.

I would really double down on buying from there, you’re about to be rich… I’m expecting that you will likely at least triple your money because I fully expect to revisit the last ATH around 0.00008900 at the bare minimum. If you’re buying at the lower end of 0.00003, you are looking at a potential almost 300% gain.

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