Smart money moving out of Bitcoin to gold; and inflation fear spreads

Ritesh Jain

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Ritesh Jain, a Dalal Street veteran, trend watcher and Global Macro Investor, captures global macro investment opportunities and economic, business and financial trends with charts and commentaries in this space.

US dollar’s long-term correlation with Budget deficits


If other countries are also printing money, then the US dollar can only fall against tangible assets.

People are seeing ‘inflation‘ in real goods


My worry is that, policy makers might be pushed into ‘pre-emptive’ tightening due to these concerns.

This is the biggest ‘risk on’ currency pair in the world


Dollar breaking down against South African Rand (ZAR) is massively bullish ‘commodities’.

The amount of investments required are just breathtaking


Wood Mack (Reuters) said mining companies would need to invest $1.7 trillion over the next 15 years to meet the demand for a shift to the low carbon world that countries have been signing up to.

Is smart money moving out of Bitcoin to gold?


The world’s largest gold ETF, the SPDR Gold Trust, reported inflows of nearly six tons on Friday, its most pronounced daily inflow since mid-January.

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