SPY: Thoughts for AMEX:SPY by WaverVanir

We really should have a law called Bull Raid at this point. 1> Market rallies at phony news 2> bears get crushed 3> Market goes up with 0 fundamentals.

When shorts take down the market, they blame shorts for every frekin thing. But from my perspective, these bulls fill their pocket from the shorts and blame them for hitting the trade of the lifetime, and the fed, govt and even big funds are playing favorites here.

When will this madness end? Look at the frekin VWAP , how is this price action “balanced” or even reasonable at this point. And why is govt . and media propping the markets like criminals? Maybe we should use constitutional power to put a case here “Bears vs US and SEC and frekin FED” would be funny cuz “we the people” and the market should be free.

Bullshits like AAPL , NFLX , AMZN , COKE, etc gain value not cuz of their profit and future perspective, just because they are people’s fav. I mean look at the BS ROKU, ZOOM, OKTA , TWLO , MTCH , etc. I mean I am speechless at this point but hey, I can make money up or down but I actually try to short this nonsense once in a while LMFAO!

When china markets act logically than our “free market”, we have a problem LMFAO… it’s whatever I mean… Isn’t this market fun?

Just a thought coming out of a humble trader. I am a dumb person but seriously I have some “general ideas” lol.

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