Trendlines of Support and Resistance I am currently looking @ for INDEX:BTCUSD by Sneaker_Wave

This publication is not financial or trading advice :)
Publication for future historical reference …

never invest in a way that would keep you up at night …

I am feeling bullish on the price action

and as the saying goes

“sideways price action is bullish price action ”

Leaning macro bullish especially if the price action can start closing daily candles above the pink resistance lines

in the next month or so … mean reversion to the 8 mcgd “new md”

or a break out of bullish expansion shown on the bollinger bands ? that could rip up to $52k , $55k , and beyond …

or just ranging sideways for another month or so

its interesting how btc price action simply ranging sideways has such a large potential upside and potential downside

the vol is real in btc

on some momentum indicators pretty bullish on the “4D” , “8D” , “16D” , signals / close

fluff post

I do think bullish expansion on bollinger bands = we are still in a bull market …

hard to be bearish above the basis … time will tell

things will be clear if it close >= 50 K

Ends the dead cat bounce narrative

I think we could just see price action go side ways for a while

until traders realize this is still a bull market

Much like price action grinded against the 20K resistance before bullish expansion on and up to 65K

to me this looks like bullish grinding against the 50K sell wall level zone

then on and up …

but it could take 16 to 32 days to get clarity

macro if the bull run is still on i can see 80K easy 120 to 200 K possible with 300 K on the horizon …

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