Warning Signs in Google Price Pattern for NASDAQ:GOOG by Moshkelgosha

1- Closing below 50 EMA for 2 consecutive days after 1 year ..!

2- Lower-High Lower -Low pattern: with higher Volume price in down Swings in comparison to positive days and crossing below an important support level .

3- closing below the Uptrend regression channel after 1 Year:

4- This will become more important when you know Google is the champion between Trillion dollar companies in the market..!

5- A breakaway gap occurs when the price gaps above a support or resistance area , like those established during a trading range. When the price breaks out of a well-established trading range via a gap, that is a breakaway gap. A breakaway gap could also occur out of another type of chart pattern, such as a triangle, wedge , cup and handle rounded bottom or top, or head and shoulders pattern.
A breakaway gap occurs when the price gaps are above resistance or gaps below support.
Support or resistance, in this case, is often associated with a chart pattern, such as a trading range, triangle, wedge , or other patterns.
Breakaway gaps often occur early in a trend and show conviction in the new trend direction.
Other gap types include runaway, exhaustion, and common gaps.

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