XAU/USD expected waves. for FOREXCOM:XAUUSD by ammaralfa

To get in depth a little bit let us understand the main concept of supply/demand , where liquidity stands (stops , orders , limits , profit taken…)
in this case in Gold we noticed sellers formed a very strong supply/ resistance area at around 1830$ and that level was strong enough to sink price down back to 1680$ , but as soon as price reached 1680$ we saw huge buy orders getting triggered , pushing price back up to 1830$ with minimum pullbacks , now lets ask ourselves , is this rally a healthy uptrend ? the answer is surly no , selling ratio to buying ratio is very low , therefor the big market makers at some point will come back to stop this imbalance in the market , ok so when will that happen ? well to start off we should keep an eye on how the price is reacting to key levels , such as 1830$sh ,this level was tested 4 times that points to strong liquidity being crated at that level , but are retails enough to push price back down ? of course not.
what we are anticipating is a second push torwards that 1830$ level (caused by banks) and penetrating it triggering sell stops , and after sell stops are triggered in the market that will also cause a second bullish wave causing price to travel to the next key level where orders are laying , then we will look for weakness at that level and place a safe sell order targeting 1680$ lows and mostly after reaching 1680$ we will see a very similar senario where price will peak down that level causing retail sells ”broken resistance traders” to activate sell orders and only then we might see price shooting back up after cleaning all orders , we have to make ways for the big players right?
as for now trade safe.
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