XYO seems to like triangles, probably due to the icosahedron for COINBASE:XYOUSD by Elijah144

We broke upwards through the first descending triangle on the 0.618 level, then broke downwards through the 0.618 in the second descending triangle ; we are now watching the third, and given that there’s pretty much thin air underneath where we are currently consolidating, I don’t see this thing breaking down too much farther… if anything, then around the $0.028 price range. We are currently testing the 0.786 level, which this crypto seems to have a history with, but similar to the 0.618 we bounced upwards from the 0.786, just not as bullishly—at least right now. I have two separate descending triangles to give some variance and wiggle room for uncertainty. I find the BTC chart for this coin to be quite interesting because it is creating a massive “W” double bottom , and I mean massive. This crypto started right as BTC entered the most recent bear market, and it literally only went down until it had a small spike very early on during BTC’s current bull cycle, then it dropped again when BTC rose from about $10k to $60k. Now we are here after this crazy run and I don’t believe we will be going too substantially low any longer, although anything is possible. In my opinion, I believe this crypto is about to make a new ATH , not only because of the phenomenonal use case here, but because BTC and the whole crypto market are about to take off and any and all viable alt coins will be following. This is a viable alt coin, perhaps the most viable use case alt coin there is. This crypto is creating a geo spatial “mesh” framework around the globe with the goal of providing an oracle , or proof of origin/location. And why is the icosahedron XYO’s logo? Look into Plato and his Platonic solids… it’s mind blowing.
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