Z for Grouth? for NASDAQ:Z by S0rt0

Write all questions and not accuracy in the comments.
1. Until July 2018, we developed the 1st wave
2. Further, until 2020, we developed a correction, I adhere to this form. Since the orange abc is the Expended flat, B= 1.382 A, C=2 of the A wave, when using Trend based, L1=L2. WXY is usually threes. In wave X, there is not quite a triple, but I will close my eyes, you can replace it with ABC , in the composition of C there will be ABC , which I described earlier. THIS IS THE second
3. Next, we have alternatives. We could have developed all this time the 1st as part of a large third – (1) blue or it was the 3rd-alt III red.
4. The depth of correction? Since it is possible to distinguish clearly 9 waves in the growth from the beginning of 2020 to the beginning of 2021, it seems difficult to determine the stretched 5th wave or the 3rd. Therefore, there is a yellow alt numbering.
5. The current correction is ABC , the depth of the wave (c) can be as 1 of the wave (a), also 0.382 of the correction from the entire movement. So is 1.618 from the wave (a), also 0.5 corrections from the entire movement during the year. I.e., this is an 85 or 60 landmark. As a result, this is a certain area of the correction goal, where the price can reach the bottom, in the considered model – $ 85-60.
6. If the bottom is reached at the level of $ 86. You can take it with readiness for further decline, and wait for the price of 100, as a level from which we can start, as some kind of confirmation of the price reversal, there will also be moving averages + a round price at this level.
7. There are green levels of 0.382; 0.5; 0.618 on the chart – these are the values for the option if this entire correction was only part of the 1st part of a large flat correction . But even in this case, at least 25% growth. A flat long consolidation can occur if the company’s revenue growth slows down (it is now reaching profitability, by the way) and will show a small constant profit in the area of a specific value without significant growth. This can happen, just in the case of degenerative changes in the real estate market. This option will perfectly coincide with the FA and will reflect reality.
8. Globally, we can expect an update of the highs of $ 210 and above, up to$300. But this is not one year of movement.
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