12 Crucial Professionals And Tradespeople Businesses In Texas Need On Speed Dial

Running a business successfully takes the combined expertise of a vast range of professionals and experts. As a Texan business leader, it is your job to seek out the knowledge of others to supplement your own. If you have office premises you need to have competent tradespeople to call upon should something need repairing.

You should choose the people you work with carefully. Ensure they are trustworthy, reliable and have an excellent reputation. Read on for some of the expertise you need on speed dial for your business.

Business Mentor

Mentorship from a successful businessperson gives you access to expert advice and networking opportunities. Find a mentor in your industry. Join groups and organizations that can connect you with a mentor. Attend conferences, tradeshows and conventions. A mentor can talk you through challenging decisions.


Choose an accountant in Texas with a stellar reputation. Use their expertise to deepen your understanding of your business finance. Consult them before making major financial decisions.

Your Bank

If your business needs access to funds, you need to get in touch with your bank quickly and easily. Stay in regular contact with your business banker and form a strong working relationship. Ensure they will be onside should you need their help in the application process for credit.

Insurance Company

You should have insurance to cover possible unexpected costs. Discuss your needs with an insurance broker to find the right level of coverage. Know how to contact them ASAP if you need to make a claim.


Use a business lawyer to avoid common mistakes with paperwork and legal documentation. Use specialist lawyers for any additional needs your business faces. Find an expert immigration lawyer if you plan to hire overseas workers. Farmer Law are an excellent example of the high standard of Texan lawyers you should look for.

IT Support

If you don’t have in-house IT support, choose a reputable agency in the Texas area. Ensure they provide all the services you might need, including troubleshooting, computer repair and cybersecurity.

Construction Contractor

If your office premises become damaged, get in touch with a reliable construction contractor. Choose someone with 24/7 emergency availability.


Find someone who can complete odd jobs around the office when needed. Use a handyperson that comes highly recommended, and ask friends, family and other businesses for recommendations.


Flooding can cause severe property damage. Choose a commercial plumber with 24/7 availability. Survey your premises’ pipes and plumbing regularly, watching out for signs of blockage or damage. If you suspect an issue, contact your plumber immediately.


Keep your business electrical work up to code using a competent electrician. Electrical work should not be done by anyone other than a qualified expert. Have electrical issues fixed immediately for safety.

Pest Control

If you notice a pest problem, contact a professional exterminator immediately. The longer a pest problem goes untreated, the worse it will get. Ensure you have contact details for different types of infestations, including animals, insects and protected species.


Running a business can cause significant stress. Talking to a qualified professional can help you work through your feelings, reducing the risk of burnout.

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