Antiques Roadshow expert calls guest’s treasure ‘modern dud’ before high value

An Antiques Roadshow expert likened a guest’s treasure to a ‘modern dud’ before revealing it could be worth a huge £15000, as he shared its true secret value

Antiques Roadshow: Gold Buddha worth roughly £15,000

An Antiques Roadshow expert stunned himself after revealing a piece he’d dismissed as a “modern dud” could be worth £15,000.

He was discussing a buddha brought in by a guest, which he confessed he would have initially passed off as a dud because of the rather unusual ways the lady had decided to clean it when she was younger.

She recalled how when she was 15-years-old, she had decided to use a brillo pad and lemon juice to try and clean the prized possession, not knowing its true value.

However, the buddha wasn’t a dud and was actually worth thousands of pounds.

An Antiques Roadshow guest bought the buddha in to be valued

The expert then turned the piece over and removed the copper plate at the bottom, which revealed it had been stuffed with newspapers dating from the 1960s. Inside, there was also a set of prayers.

The guest was so shocked as its true value was revealed, with the expert saying it could be worth up to £15,000.

The expert turned the statue over to reveal its true significance – and value

It comes after an an Antiques Roadshow expert was left shocked when a guest bought a 48-blade penknife in to be valued, but it was far more valuable than just the family heirloom.

“It’s an exhibition piece,” he explained as the owner looked on in amazement.

“It was primarily made just to show how good the particular manufacturing company was because obviously – this is a 48-blade multi-tool. Now, I say blades because of course, there is a massive variety of different tools on this.

A pen knife was previously bought in to be valued



He continued: “There’s everything from scissors, to bone saws – I mean the sky is the limit with this really.”

“While this item has 48-blades, they actually made them with up to 100-blades at a time. And sometimes even 200-blades. Now I studied it very carefully and I have found a makers mark on it,” the expert added before giving a value to the unique penknife, which dated from the late 19th century, and its true worth was staggering.

He said: “I know it’s very personal to you, and I know it was your father’s, but the market for these is very, very, strong. If this item were to go into auction, I can see this easily making £3000.”

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