Biker caught speeding at more than 100mph celebrates after avoiding driving ban

A biker clocked racing at 111 miles per hour punched the air with joy today after a sheriff refused to ban him from driving.

Andy McKenzie, 51, celebrated on the court steps after being allowed to stay on the road despite admitting speeding away from other motorists.

McKenzie, who had been charged by police with dangerous driving, had just four penalty points imposed on his driving licence by Sheriff Alistair Carmichael.

When he appeared in the dock yesterday, team manager McKenzie, from Chesser Loan, Edinburgh, admitted an amended charge of careless driving.

He admitted driving his motorbike at excessive speed up to 111mph on the M90 Perth to Edinburgh motorway near Gairneybridge on 15 August last year.

Fiscal depute Andrew Harding told the court: “It was dusk, so visibility was reduced. The road surface was dry and there was moderate traffic.

“It was 9.15pm. There were a number of slower moving vehicles on the road.”

Solicitor Joe MacPherson, defending, told the court his client had deliberately put his foot down to get away after other motorists pulled alongside him.

The incident took place on the M90

Mr MacPherson told the court: “On the evening he had been out on his motorcycle. He enjoys riding for pleasure. It is odd someone of his age would be doing this speed.

“Two cars came up quickly behind him and one pulled beside him. They were flashing their lights and one of the drivers was gesturing at him.

“The one which had been beside him accelerated ahead and then braked. It didn’t cause him reason to brake, but he was alarmed and accelerated to get away.

“He reached this speed and then self-corrected. He put distance between him and the cars behind but he wasn’t entitled to do that.”

The solicitor told the court McKenzie was an active father-of-two and he asked the court to take into account his client’s previous “excellent” driving record.

“He is otherwise of very good character,” Mr MacPherson told Perth Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Carmichael said: “I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt.” He imposed four points and fined McKenzie £200.

As he left court, McKenzie broke into a broad smile and double fist-pumped in celebration.

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