Boris Johnson eyes another decade in power and ‘wants to beat Thatcher’s record’

Mr Johnson, who became PM in 2019 reportedly wants to ‘fix the economy’ and use Brexit in the next election, which is expected to take place in 2024

Boris Johnson won a landslide victory in 2019

The Tories are eyeing another decade in power and Boris Johnson wants to beat Margaret Thatcher’s 11-year tenure, say reports.

The Prime Minister is said to want to ‘build a legacy’ with more funding to the NHS and social care, through a planned rise in national insurance.

Mr Johnson, who became PM in 2019 reportedly wants to ‘fix the economy’ and use Brexit in the next election, which is expected to be held in 2024.

His ex-chief adviser Dominic Cummings had claimed that the PM would not last in Downing Street as he wished to make more money.

But now one Cabinet minister has said that the sitting Tory leader wants to stay longer than his predecessor.

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister for 11 years


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The insider told The Times: “Boris will want to go on and on. The stuff Dom (Cummings) was saying about him going off into the sunset was nonsense.

“He’s very competitive. He wants to go on for longer than Thatcher.”

Cummings had claimed Mr Johnson planned to step down to “make money and have fun” within two years after the next election.

The outlet quoted Mr Johnson as saying, in an upcoming book by Financial Times journalist Sebastian Payne: “I do think the risk is if we were to be stopped, if we were to be pushed out, the whole thing will slump back.

“We will be back into half of the things of the European Union before we could say it.”

It comes as polls revealed a slump in support for the party


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Setting out his pitch for the election, set to be held in three years’ time, he said voters could see his “great, great project” of levelling up making progress across Britain.

He said: “It’s going to take a while, it’s going to take ten years.”

According to the report he is set to position the next election around Brexit, claiming that Britain will “slump back” into following EU laws and regulations under Labour.

It comes after an opinion poll revealed Labour were ahead of the Tories for the first time since January.

The YouGov survey saw Keir Starmer’s party on 35 per cent compared to just 33 per cent for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives after ‘don’t know’ were excluded.

It is the worst poll result for the party since their 2019 election landslide victory.

The poll was carried out on Wednesday and Thursday – hours after the PM announced plans to clobber low earners by hiking National Insurance from 12 per cent to 13.25 per cent.

He claimed the manifesto-busting £12bn-a-year rise would fix the crisis in social care.

But with the cash also paying for NHS Covid backlogs, there are warnings it won’t be enough – and Mr Johnson broke his pledge that no care resident would have to sell their home.

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